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FOOTBALL NOTES. ANNUAL MEETING OF THE LONDON WELSH R.F.C. The annual meeting of the London Welsh Rugby Football Club was held at the White Horse Hotel, High Holborn, on Saturday evening, Mr. Gom Simon presiding over a large gathering. Mr. W. H. Trick, the hon. secretary, submitted the report of the club in general. He stated that the first XV had not been quite so successful as in past seasons, owing chiefly to several of the players receiving severe accidents, and others had left town, whilst the hospital calls upon men like Lloyd, Richards, and Gabe had been greater than in past years. The first XV had played, "including Glamorgan County and the Three Banks," 34 matches, of which 16 had been won, 16 lost, and 2 drawn they had scored 37 con- verted goals, 4 dropped goals, 2 mark goals, and 40 tries; 327 points against 21 con- verted goals, 3 dropped, 2 penalty, and 42 tries-249 points. The outlook for the future was in every way encouraging. Several promising youngsters had been played during the past year, and the old players were nearly as good as ever. The ground at West Ham had been excellent in every way, except perhaps from the gate R. Lloyd, R.:D. Neagle, J. A. Davies, H. Coppocb, H. Watkins, C. Hawkins, E. G. Jenkins, E. D. Richards, H. T. Maddocks (Yice-Capfe-S J. C. M. Dyke, G. Jones, A. F. Harding, J. F. Williams (Capt..), J. C. Jenkins, T. P. Lloyd, F. H. Clay. W. L. Morgan, R. G. Pritchard, L. M. Dyke. point of view, but he had great hopes that next season the club would get a much larger following there. The principal scores were:—H. T. Maddocks, 17 tries; J. F. Williams, 8; R. F. Rees, 8; J. C. Jenkins, 6; H. C. Coppoch, W. L. Morgan, R. D. Neagle and W. J. Norton 4 each; A. F. Harding and C. F. Rowlands 3 each, and 15 other players I each. Harding kicked 19 goals, J. C. M. Dyke 10 E. Richards 5, J. C. Jenkins 4, H. T. Maddocks 4, and T. P. Lloyd 2. Mr. Trick mentioned with pride that Messrs. Harding, Williams, Dyke, and Morgan were touring in New Zealand with the Anglo- Welsh team, and that the former had been further honoured with the captaincy of the team. The "A" team played 17 matches, of which 8 were won the B team won 11 out of 15, and the 4th XV won 13 out of 15 games played. The report was unani- mously adopted on the proposal of Dr. Pryce Jenkins, seconded by Mr. J. Owen Jones. The Club Chancellor of the Exchequer (Mr. Tim Evans), in giving his report from a sheet of notes, had the usual cry of wanting more than he had received, but he was pleased to say the club finances were satis- factory, and that the balance, although small, was on the right side. He had great ex- pectations that the balance would be further enlarged before many weeks by a grant from the Welsh Rugby Union. Mr. Evans's re- port was unanimously adopted. The meet- ing then proceeded to elect officers for the coming season, and it need hardly be said that each name proposed was accepted with- out a single member opposing. President, J. Milsom Rees, Esq., F.R.C.S., Wimpole Street, W.; hon. secretary, Captain J. C. Jenkins, Stroud Green hon. treasurer, Mr. Tim Evans; assistant hon. treasurer, Mr. Owen Jones assistant hon. secretary, and hon. secretary A" team, Mr. Levi Jones, Hounslow; hon. secretary B," Mr. A. Lewis; captain, Mr. Frank Clay; vice- captain. Mr. H. T. Maddocks; captain "A" team, Mr. W. A. Rees, captain B" team, Mr. A. Lewis. A strong committee of 13 members was elected, and Messrs. Gom Simon and J. Owen Jones were re-elected auditors. Hearty thanks were passed to the past president, Dr. W. E. L. Davies, who was made a patron; Mr. Trick, the ex-hon. secretary, who was elected a vice-president, and to Messrs. J. F. Williams, ex-captain, and Mr. J. C. Morgan, ex assistant hon. secretary. Caps were awarded to Messrs. R. F. Rees, W. J. Norton, Levi Jones, and C. F. Jones. The fixture list for the coming season was given, and it was noted that some interesting matches had been arranged, alt the old clubs being met, and new ones with Coventry, St. Thomas's Hospital, and St. Bartholomew's Hospital. A vote of thanks to Mr. Gom Simon for presiding terminated the gathering.


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