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MR. TOM PRICE, the Premier of South Australia, told the Young Wales Society at Liverpool, when dealing with the Welsh Parliamentary party, that if the Welsh movement was to be successful it must have a Welsh policy of its own it must not be a hanger-on of another party. If he were "running the show there should be a dis- tinct Welsh section, all the time looking after the interests of Wales. MR. JOHN ROWLAND, who became private secretary to Mr. Lloyd George when the latter went to the Board of Trade, and who has now gone to the Treasury with his old chief, is-says the Western Mail-a native of Tregaron. Mr. Rowland started making a career in the teaching profession, and was one of the assistant-masters at the Cardiff Municipal Secondary School when Mr. Lloyd-George "discovered" him, a little over two years ago. In that time Mr. Rowland has developed into a diplomat of the most austere and official kind, yet has lost none of the suave geniality which, com- bined with native Cardi shrewdness and wit, enables him to say No in a way that is almost as pleasant as Yes." This, of course, is the pink of diplomatic courtesy. ACCORDING to the annual report of the London City Mission, which was presented at the 2rd Annual Meeting of the Mission on Friday last, the work done under its auspices is very considerable. It employs 409 missionaries, of whom 308 are engaged in house to house visitation. During the past year 599 families have been induced to attend family worship, and 1,417 drunkards have been reclaimed. The missionaries have been the means of restoring 519 people to Church Communion, and they have added 1,483 new Communicants to the Churches. These figures, which rather under-state than over-state the amount of work accomplished, are an eloquent plea for the maintenance and extension of the Mission's valuable operations. Four of the Missionaries employed by this Mission are devoted entirely to look after Welsh people in distress. THE MYSTIC" is continually improving. This interesting and instructive weekly deals with astrological, occult, and theosophical subjects in a most readable manner. In a. recent article, reference was made to the hwyl of the Welsh, who were describe as the most emotional of the races."