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Notes and News.


Notes and News. MR. WINSTON CHURCHILL bad a merry xt welcome home," at Westminster, on Mon- day. IF Peckham was won on beer, it is safe to say that Dundee was secured through marmalade. THE Suffragettes have now adopted the policy of keep the Liberals out at every by- election contest. AT Cardiff, on Monday, a party of Suffragettes were refused a hearing. Some rowdy young men entered their meeting, carrying bells and tin whistles, which they used with remarkable effect. MR. W. F. ROOH, solicitor, of Cardigan, has been finally selected as the Liberal candidate for Pembroke County, at the next General Election. MR. IVOR GUEST is very indignant because a Labour candidate has been appointed for Cardiff for the next election. If Mr. Guest had defended the labouring class more con- sistently in Parliament, perhaps there would have been no demand for a Labour candi- date. THE Labour element is gaining ground in South Wales at a very rapid rate. Many of the old M.P.'s will have to adopt more pro- gressive methods, if they are desirous of retaining their seats at the next election. WHY is it that we have so few Welshmen as leaders of the Labour movement in South Wales. The English leaders are invariably ignorant of our Welsh National needs, and it seems a pity that such men are selected to represent us in Parliament. MR. WILLIAM JONES, M.P., has been very busy, during the present week, addressing meetings in the Shropshire election. Mr. Jones is a fluent speaker, and does yeoman service for the Party at election times. IT is announced that Lord Carrington has succeeded in obtaining from the Treasury the promise of a grant towards paying the salary of a Commissioner for Wales under the Small Holdings Act. There is every reason to believe that the Commissionership will be offered to Mr. John Owen, who recently carried out very successful inquiries on behalf of the Board of Agriculture in North and South Wales. Mr. Owen, who is a London Welshman of many years standing, is a native of Trefriw, Carnarvonshire. WELSH artists are numerously represented at the Academy this year, and many Welsh subjects have received fairly prominent places. Mr. Cristopher Williams has had an excellent painting accepted and hung in a favourable position, whilst the several works of Mr. Goscombe John are very prominent in the sculpture section. REPLYING to a question in Parliament, last week, the Home Secretary announced that drunkenness was more prevalent in Wales than in England. According to the figures, there were in England 60'33 convictions per 10,000, last year, while for Wales the figures were 65 15. Wales has also a larger number of public houses per head than England, the figures being 35'43 per 1,000, against England, 29 69. A CURIOUS story is told in connection with Tegid, to whom a worthy memorial has been set up in Nevern Churchyard. Tegid (who was the Rev. John Jones, vicar of Nevern) died on a Sunday morning, between eleven and 12 o'clock. During the morning service a blackbird flew into the church, perched on the edge of the pulpit, and sang very sweetly for some time. Some of the worshippers noted the time of the occurrence, and when the service was over it was found that the vicar died at the time when the bird occupied the pulpit.