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THE GREAT WESTERN AND METROPOLITAN DAIRIES, fWCi|f LIMITED. I 1 THE LARGEST WHOLESALE MILK CONTRACTORS IN LONDON, Guarantee a supply of Pure Milk to Dairymen. f For Terms and Particulars Apply- 9) HARROW ROAD, PADDINGTON, LONDON, ^■'>■^1 __— TELEPHONE: 229 PADDINGTON. W-C- 11 H. WILLINGS & CO., Recognised Agents & Valuers to the milk Trade, 125, FLEET STREET, E.G. TELEPHONE: 150 HOLBORN. Camber well-Trade £ 40 weekly; 2 barns daily at 4d.; fine premises; lease cash trade. No bacon no heavy weight. Same hands 10 years; price 2180. North, near in-"rade 224 weekly; now under management; any trial; owner has another business; price;C95. Xilburn-81 barns daily at 4d. on pram shop 2 17 to £ 20 weekly; good premises; rent low; price 2170. Brixton—Must be sold. 141 barns daily at 4d. on pram; shop £ 12 weekly; illness cause of sale price £ 420. City, near-26 barns daily at 4d., less half at 3d. to large customers; shop 214 weekly 2 prams; fine premises; same hands 11 years; price 2400; genuine. North. Sub.—13 to 14 barns daily at 4d. on cart; shop z012 weekly; convenient premises; must sell; £ 195. Bargain. Cowkeepers, near in-23 barns daily at 4d.; shop 218 weekly 2 rounds 8 cows rent and expenses low; price 2660. Selection. North-261 barns 4d.; shop 235; 2 rounds £ 730 Main Rri, • .-20 barns 4d.; shop 230; prams 9600 sw. —23 barns 4d.; shop £ 20 prams £ 530 West End-24 barns 4d.; shop 216; 2 prams 2675 Putney, near-12 barns 4d.; shop 213 cart 2280 W.C.—15 barns 4d.; shop 210; pram £ 390 W-C.—13 barns 4d; shop 212; pram. £ 250 Peckham—10 barns 4d.; shop £ 15; pram zC220 Clapham-10 barns 4d.; shop 27; pram £ 160 Full details of H. WILLINGS & Co., as above. T. R. THOMAS & CO., Dairy Agents & Valuers, 143, STRAND, W.C. Milk: S.W.-32 barns daily all 4d.; very compact; customers averaging a quart each; rapidly grow- ing district; pretty shop valuable inventory guaranteed genuine. gl,ICO. Milk: West End-17 barns daily 4d., and taking upwards of 230 weekly in butter, eggs, cream, refreshments, &c 1 pram trial; 2650. Milk: S,E.-35 barns daily 4d., less 5 barns Ed.; 3 rounds; shop 212-Eld, wk.; 7 cows rent 240; JB750 Milk: near City-Old estd. 37 barns daily 4d.; 2 pram rounds; shop trade 260 wk.; 19 cows; good premises; long lease; 21,3GO. Milk: N., near in-30 barns dy. 4d., except coffee shops, 3d.; shop trade 228 wk.; 2 prams main road urgent sale necessary 2750. Milk: Ealing—9 barns 4d.; new estate; goods zC16 wk.; 1 pram nice shop good house 2170. Milk: Holloway-13 barns 4d.; 1 pram; shop 214; rent £ 50 let" £ 29 2295. TELEPHONE 2078 GERRARD. THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY. I~\ A /1 C O' O RELIEF FROM COUGH IN 5 DAV I LU O MINUTES. ¥ < W FOR COUGHS, FOR COLDS, FOR ASTHMA, FOR BRONCHITIS, FOR HOARSENESS, FOR INFLUENZA, > ■ F0R COUGHS, FOR SORE PH I I (-4 I—I THROAT, MOST SOOTHING. VJW U U 8 1 WARMS THE CHEST, DISSOLVES THE PHLEGM. FOR SINGERS, FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS. M I XT IJ R E -ERY^STLIO. & IVi l/V I W I I I— 2s 9d Postage, 3d. Proprietor. HUGH DAVIES. Chemist, Machynlleth. .London Agents: Mr. Morgan, Chemist, Tavistock Place, W.C.; Mr. Thomas, Chemist. Upper Baker Street, W. Wholesale: Barclays, 95, Farringdon Street. WILLIAM DAVIES, Dairy and Transfer Agent to the lttilk Trade, 160, HIGH HOLBORN. 50 barns 4d.; 30 cows; excellent spot £ 1500 N.—25 barns 4d.; shop zel8; 2 prams; call £650 S.E.-35 barns 4d.; shop 914; 3 prams very good 9640 N.—23 barns 4d.; shop 214; rent 230; let 920 2525 22 barns 4d.; shop 212; 2 cows 1 round; good t425 W.—14 barns 4d.; shop 211; pram; excellent 1!330 N.—20 barns 4d.; 2 prams; splendid; call 1;325 S.E.—8J barns 4d.; shop 913; pram; inst. sale £ 130 Come to Davies's for genuine, cheap businesses from 2120 to £ 5000. Part purchase can be arranged. Splendid Selections in hand. Indoors.—Elephant—Takings £ 12 all at £40. Poplar-Takings 215; illness; all at 240. W.- Takings 217; excellent spot; all at £ 60. Oxford St.—Light refreshment; takings 215; call. Shore- ditch-Takings 220; very good 980. d. FHANCIS WILLIAMS (late 14, Golden Square), Now with Messrs. APSEY & BULLER, Late 14, GOLDEN SQUARE. § Bi^ee@^es ce^ei^s, 230, EDGWARE ROAD W. -+.+-' West End Cut and finish in Latest Style and of Best Materials, at Moderate Prices. Mr. Williams will be pleased to call with samples on receipt of card. D. COOKSEY & SON, Inexpensive and Modern Funerals. (Price List on application.) 266, UPPER STREET, ISLINGTON, and 52, AMWELL STREET, PENTONVILLE. Carriage Department 97, CHAPEL STREET Telephone Nos. 30 and 601, NORTH CAPEL COFFADWRIAETHOL Y "GOHEBYDD," Barrett's Grove, Stoke Newington. '_r.F-'J-r-f"i'J-J"J,j"f,-r. -r- CYNHELIR CYFARFOD PREGETHU BLYNYDOOL Mai y 9fed, 10fed, a'r lleg, 1908. PREGETHWYR- Prifathraw LEWIS, M.A., B.D. (Brecon). Parch. T. NICHOLSON (Paddington). Parch. MARDY REES (Markham Square). Yr Odfeuon i ddechreu y Saboth am 11,3 a 6.30. Nos Sadwrn a Nos Lun am 7. PROFESSIONAL COLUMN. PEDR HLftW, Mus. Bac. Beirniad ac Arweinydd CymanfaoK Cyfeiriad Newydd- "PAIR VIEW," VICTORIA ROAD, ROMFORD, ESSEX. MISS GWLRDYS ROBERTS, CONTRALTO, 8, Clifton Gardens, Maida Vale, W. Note New Address. MlIDee DftVIES, 1I.R.e.M., Teacher, L.C.M. Voice Production and Solo Singing. Telephone 8914 Central. NOTE NEW ADDRESS:- 495, OXFORD STREET, W. (Near Marble Arch). DlIVID RieHARDS, ORGANIST AND CHOIRMASTER, Welsh Tabernacle, King's Cross. jiccepp^ip* nw C0]TOEI^& c. ITKSSEXS ON WJIK MMNX 53, BATTLEDEAN ROAD, HIGHBURY, LONDON, N. MISS MAGGIE DHYIES, A.R.C.M., receives a limited number of PUPILS FOR SINGING. All communications to be addressed to Miss MAGGIE DAVIES, 50, Chandos Road, Willesden Green, N.W. TOM MORGAN, Solo Violinist Bronze and Silver Medallist R.A.M. Winner of the Junior and Senior Prizes Royal National Eisteddfod, 1901. FOR CONCERTS, AT HOMES, & PUPILS Please Apply- CRAIG-Y-NOS, Furness Road, Harlesdenr N.W. WELSH PRINTING of every description in the most up-to-date styles. WELSHMAN & KELT OFFICES, 211, GRAY'S INN RD.