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Notes and News.


Notes and News. Two of the best speeches in favour of the Licensing Bill were delivered by temper- ance men-the Right Hon. D. Lloyd-George and Sir T. Whittaker. MORE petitions have been presented to Parliament against the Licensing Bill than against any other measure of modern times. Yet the House insisted on passing the second reading with a majority of 246. THE new Gwalia Hotel, close to St. Pancras Church, is now approaching com- pletion, and is a handsome structure, elabo- rately furnished, and fitted with all the latest improvements. WHAT has become of the Welsh Temper- rance Societies of London? One would have expected them to organise a large meeting in favour of the present Licensing measure before Parliament, but, up to the present, they have been singularly inactive and silent. GWENOGFRYN EVANS," says the Nationalist, is always delightful, for he invariably writes as if he passed most of his spare time standing on his head." PEMBROKESHIRE Liberals have nominated Mr. Walter F. Roch, of Cardigan, as success- or to Mr. Wynford Philipps, M.P., who is retiring at the next General Election. Mr. Roch is a promising speaker, and is a descendant of Mr. Powell, Maesgwynne, who represented West Carmarthen at West- minster many years ago. IN Cardiff there will be Labour as well as Conservative and Liberal candidates at the next election. Not one of them is a Welsh- man, and none have real sympathy with Welsh national interests. There is a splendid opportunity here for a Welsh nationalist. There is a strong Welsh national vote in the City. Seeing that the Roman Catholics, the Liberal Churchmen, and Labour party have each a candidate, let the Nationalists bring out a candidate, too. THE Welsh Industries Association is doing excellent work, and the exhibition held under its auspices last week at Merthyr was a decided success. The ladies in charge of the stalls were attired in Welsh costume, and there was a capital show of Welsh native products. Whilst a certain class of Welsh nationalists simply talks, this Association does things. Renewed success to it say we. I HEAR," writes our South Wales corres- pondent, "that when Mr. Lloyd-George was at Criccieth Railway Station the other day, after his return from Manchester, there happened to be a children's choir from Pwllheli there, so when they saw Mr. Lloyd- George they sang to him. Mr. Lloyd-George appreciated the compliment and lilted up his little four-year-old daughter in order that she might see the singers. On the follow- ing Sunday Mr. Lloyd-George attended service at the little Baptist chapel at Cric- cieth, and when it was known that the Chancellor of the Exchequer was present the visitors who were spending their Easter holiday in the pretty seaside resort went to the chapel in a body in order to see him. Mr. Lloyd-George's uncle occupied the pulpit and preached a sermon." IN South Wales the Socialist speakers invariably abuse the Liberals much more than they do the Conservatives. Why ? MR. ERNEST BOWEN ROWLANDS is about to come out to champion the Ellis Griffith policy for Wales. We sympathize with Mr. Ellis Griffith THE Aberdare Welsh nationalists are looking out for a thorough-going Welshman, who is prepared to fight Keir Hardie at the next General Election. Surely Wales ought to produce a Nationalist-Labour member worthy of the colliers of Aberdare and Merthyr. THE Welsh Church Commission is now drawing to a close, and although the wit- nesses of late have been somewhat dull, a vast amount of useful information has been