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THE LABOUR MOVEMENT AND THE FUTURE OF WALES. The Labour movement offers the Welsh people a definite democratic faith that is in complete harmony with the best features of their later history and traditions it has a definite practical programme that offers an equality of opportunity to every one of its sons and daughters, and it contains the hope —which is the spiritual side of democracy that will appeal to every Welshman—that personal worth and nobility of character, which is possible for all, shall count for more than the meretricious influence of wealth and riches; which is possible only for the few. This, combined with a deep con- viction that the nation, endowed with the fullest and widest powers of self-expression and self-government, is the sole and final power to adopt and shape this programme to meet her special needs and ideals, holds out to Welsh Nationalism the prospects of a future that is far more inspiring and hopeful than that mean and paltry ideal that has dom- inated our country for so long; the idea that our national salvation lay in the mere getting on of a few of her sons and daughters; and that to win the approval and the admiration of an alien race was the highest goal of our national aspirations. LABORO PRO PATRIA.