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Notes and News.


Notes and News. THE proclamation of the London Eistedd- fod will be held on June 10th. JUDGING from the results of the elections at Peckham and Manchester, England does not want to be made sober by Act of Parlia- ment. WHO will succeed Mr. Osmond Williams at Merioneth. We must insist on a thorough- going Nationalist to represent Tom Ellis's county in future. MR. CHURCHILL was snowed under in North West Manchester; the political blizzard was at its height there last week. o ACCORDING to Mr. Balfour the Bishops are no politicians, hence their support to the present Government's Licensing Bill. A WELSH punster, and a faithful pupil of Sir Marchant, made an attempt to immorta- lize Winston's defeat, at the Welsh Club the other evening. "Winston," he declared, was done brown at Manchester last week. Will he be Dun dee next week ? MR. ASQUITH cannot hope to hold the Premiership for many years he possesses neither the tact of a C.-B." nor the bril- liancy of a Gladstone. THE Catholic faith is gradually gaining ground in Wales. A new Welsh Hymn Book is about to be published at the in- stance of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Menevia. IN last week's John Bull, under the head- ing of THE PARSON AND THE 'PUB. it states, we give below a further instalment of our list of clerical shareholders in brewery and allied companies." Included in the list is Gwalia Hotel (London) Ltd. and shareholder Rev. P. H. Griffiths, 11. Field- way House, Highbury, 30 Pref. 20 Orel. Evidently John Bull does not know the difference between a Temperance and a Licensed hotel. THE Archdruid Dyfed waxed eloquent, at a meeting recently, over the merits of the Welsh language, and slyly insinuated that it had a magic influence over evildoers. During my visit to South Africa," said Dyfed, the hut in which I slept was one night broken into by a thief. I sat up in bed, and addressed the intruder in the most vigorous Welsh at my command, and the would-be thief fled for his life." One would like to know what the Archdruid said that could have so dramatic a result. But, there —there are no swear words in Welsh. A WEST of England newspaper remarked that Mr. Winston Churchill will probably find a seat in "the Celtic fringe—the last resort of the political failures of England." Complimentary, is it not ? And yet, when we remember how Welshmen in the past have allowed Liberal non successes in England to be' foisted upon them, there is small wonder at the above-quoted sneer. Surely there are plenty of good Welshmen who are well able to represent Merioneth and Pembroke County. With due respect to Winston Churchill—and he is a clever man, no doubt-let him stick to England. These are the opinions of the real Welsh Nationalists. OUR South Wales correspondent writes :— "It is high time that Welsh nationalists should get more independent, and vote for the Parliamentary candidate who is best likely to forward the interests of the Princi- pality, whatever may be his politics. It is a great mistake to think that every Conserva- tive is opposed to Welsh national interests." CAPTAIN PRYCE JONES, for instance, the Conservative candidate for Montgomery Boroughs, is a much better Welsh nation- alist than Mr. Rees, 'of India fame,' whilst the three Conservative journals of South Wales—the Western Mail, South Wales Daily Post, and the Glamorgan Times, are infinitely more loyal advocates of the Welsh language, &c., than the Liberal papers that are pub- lished in the Principality. To the Cymro