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THE 6RE1T WESTER* HP METR0PDLIT1N DIMES. _■ 1 THE LARGEST WHOLESALE MILK CONTRACTORS IN LONDON, Guarantee a supply of Pure Milk to Dairymen. j < Fol" Terms and Particulars Apply- 9, HARROW ROAD, PADDINGTON, LONDON, TELEPHONE 229 PADDINGTON. RIIfGBR?S STLJPISR FIHE ? gö 3: co t 0:1 LLi "J .J w < Z (.7 >-4. lL. W 0 g Q. t- 0 A"" LLIW Yi EDWARDSJRINGER&C? < | 5 MANUFACTURERS* Z c-0 sT K? 60. REDCIJFF STREET, a. BRISTOL. 2 r;+a To be obtained at the Shops of MR. J. NETTEN, Cigar Importer, KING'S CROSS. DELICIOUS COFFEE. RED WHITE ( BLUE For Breakfast & after Dinner. THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY. pv A I rj Q> Q RELIEF FROM COUGH IN 5 V I— KJ KJ p0R CQUGHS'( for COLDS, FOR ASTHMA, FOR BRONCHITIS, FOR HOARSENESS, FOR INFLUENZA, I a a FOR COUGHS, FOR SORE lifll If-iM THROAT, MOST SOOTHING, VUUUI I WARMS THE CHEST, DISSOLVES THE PHLEGM. FOR SINGERS, FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS. MI XT U R E ^«.eri4o I VI iS\ I I l I— 2s 9d p0Stage(3Di Proprietor, HUGH DAVIES, Chemist, Machynlleth. London Agents: Mr. Morgan, Chemist, Tavistock Place, W.C.; Mr. Thomas. Chemist. Upper Baher Street, W. Wholesale: Barclays, 95. Farringdon Street. ALDRIDGE'S HORSE REPOSITORY. Should you require to purchase a HORSE for business on THE MILK ROUND or for pleasure attend Messrs. ALDRIDGE'S Sales on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10.30 a.m., UPPER ST. MARTIN'S LANE, LONDON W.C. Horses of every class sold by Auction each Wednesday and Saturday. On view Mondays and Thursdays. Catalogues forwarded. WILLIAM DAVIES, Dairy and Transfer Agent to the (ilk Trade, 160, HIGH HOLBORN. City-20 barns 4d.; shop 230; excellent; call 2545 W.-21 barns all 4d.; shop £30; splendid 2600 21 barns 4d.; shop 215; 14 cows; 1 round; offers N.—15 barns 4d.; shop £ 15; low rent; asking 2345 N.—18 barns 4d.; shop £ 9 bargain .offers N.—14 barns 4d.; shop 98; pram rent let; call zC325 Eliphaxit-14 barns 4d.; shop 220; illness £ 275 New Cross-12 barns all 4d.; shop 215; pram good 2275 W.—12 barns all 4d.; shop 245; excellent; call E275 E.- 15 barns all 4d.; shop cheapest offered £ 175 E.—barns 4d.; shop 28; very cheap call.. 2120 2 Others in abundance very cheap call quickly. Indoors. Just sold several. Others are coming in weekly to suit all. Close to City. Takings £ 20 nice shop; low rent 980 Takings 215; illness; all at Rio T. R. THOMAS & CO., Dairy Agents & Valuers, 143, STRAND, W.C. Milk: Camberwell-35 barns daily 4d. Dairy produce A;16 wk.; 3 rounds nice shop and house at low rent; long lease. £ 775. Any trial. Milk: Chiswick (near).—Genuine concern; 22 barns daily 4d.; 150 lbs. butter; 900 eggs wk.; 2 prams; splendid premises. 9650. Milk Bow-25 barns daily 4d. splendid inven- tory; one cart round; indoor trade 1;12 iAk.; nice corner shop, stabling, &c. rent £ 30. 9645. Milk (near City):-Old estd.; 26 barns daily on 2 rounds 5 barns sold dly. over counter; good premises, with cowsheds, &c.; P,580, incl. 4 cows. Milk: North-Main Road; 19 barns dy. 4d. I good batter and egg trade; splendid shop and house; rent £ 42; long lease; 2400. Strictly genuine. Fuham-25 barns 4d. goods 216 weekly 9690 Holloway-7 barns 4d. private lioustt £ 140 Tootin-l1 barns 4d.; one pram; shop £ 12.. £ 250 Willtsden-12 barns 4d.; shop 210; pram.. £ 2»o Wandsworth-15 barns 4d. pretty shop. X350 Hackney-Uld estd. 10 bards 4d. sound 2260 Putney—10 barns daily; nice shop j675 TELEPHONE 2078 GERRARD. i UNIVERSITY OF WALES. PRIFYSGOL CYMRU. Guild of Graduates. Literary Section. Gweithiau Morgan Llwyd o Wynedd. Dan olygiaetu y diweddar Thomas E. Ellis, A.s. Vol. i. only ready, 3/6 net; by post 3/10. (Vol. ii. nearly all read y) Llyfr y Tri Aderyn. Ad-argraffiad llythrennol o'r argralriad cyntaf. 1/. net, by post 112. Oil Synwyr Pen Kembero: a collection of proverbs, published by W. Salesbury about 1547. Edited, and with -introduction, by J. (iwenogfryn Evans, M.A., Hon. D.Litt. 2/6 net, by post 2/9. Yny Lhyvyr hwnn: the Welsh Primer of 1546. Edited, and with introduction, by J. H. Davies, M.A. 2/6 net, by post 2/9. "Drych y Prifoesoedd" (Theophilus Evans, 1740). Edited, and with introduction, by S. J. Evans, M.A. 4/6 net, by post 4/11. School edition, with voluminous notes by the Editor, 1/6 net, by post 1/9. Deffynniad Ffydd Eglwys Loegr, 1595 (Maurice Kyflin). Editor: NV. Prichard Williams, .Bangor. (Nearly ready.) Jarvis & Foster, Publishers, Bangor, and all Booksellers. Bydd yn hyfrydwch gan y Golygydd dderbyn Gohebiacthau ac erthyglau i'w hystyried, ond nis gellir ymrwymo i ddychwelyd ysgrifau gwrthodedig. At Celt' WELSH PRINTING Office w PROFESSIONAL COLUMN. PEDR ALPIW, Mus. Bac. Beirniad ac Arweinydd CymanfaoL Cyfeiriad Newydd- "FAIR VIEW." VICTORIA ROAD, ROMFORD, ESSEX. MISS GWLRDYS ROBERTS^ CONTRALTO, 8, Clifton Gardens, Maida Vale, W. Note New Address. MflOOe DRVIES, H.R.e.M., Teacher, L.C.M. Voice Production and Solo Singing. Telephone 8914 CeDtral. NOTE NEW ADDRESS :— 495, OXFORD STREET, W. (Near Marble Arch). DRVID RieHARDS, ORGANIST AND CHOIRMASTER, Welsh Tabernacle, King's Cross. 7H3C0]flP7I]yiS¥ m C0]TCEI^F& c. LE55ON5 ON TJIE ORGAN, PI 53, BATTLEDEAN ROAD, HIGHBURY, LONDON, N. MISS MAGGIE DRVIES, A.R.C.M., receives a limited number of PUPILS FOR SINGING. All communications to be addressed to Miss MAGGIE DAVIES, 50, Chandos Road, Willesden Green, N.W. TOM MORGAN, Solo Violinist, Bronze and Silver Medallist R.A.M. Winner of the Junior and Senior Prizes Royal National Eisteddfod, 1901. FOR CONCERTS, AT HOMES, & PUPILS Please Apply- CRAiG-Y-NOS, Furness Road, Harlesden, N.W. J. Filll MILIUMS (late 14, Golden Square), Now with Messrs. APSEY & BOLLER, Late 14, GOLDEN SQUARE. illf!Í\E:R.S, 230, EDGWARE ROAD, W. West End Cut and finish in Latest Style and of Best Materials, at Moderate Prices. Mr. Williams will be pleased to call with samples on receipt of card. Printed and Published by THE LONDON WELSH PUBLISHING CO., LTD., at 211, Gray's Inn Road, London, W.C. Wholesale Agents-M. SOUTHWELL, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, and Printed by GRELLIER SON, 211, Gray's Inn Road, London, WC.