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The Welsh Club.

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MUSICAL SUCCESS.—A remarkably succss- ful operatic debut has been made in Italy by a young Welsh singer, Miss Sara Davies, of Brecon, who sang the part of "Felina" in Ambrose Thomas's opera Mignon at the Municipal Theatre of Ivrea. The young artiste was enthusiastically encored at every performance for her brilliant rendering of Aria To son Titania," and recalled many times by the enthusiastic public. Miss Sara Davies is known to the London public by her very successful concert of last season when the many London critics spoke of her lovely voice, the excellent method she was taught to sing, and predicted a very success- ful future for ber. An engagement to sing at Alessandria (in Italy) has been offered to Miss Davies in consequence of her success in Ivrea. Appended is a translation from a letter which a critic who was present wrote and sent to England on Miss Davies's debut: On Thursday, the 6th February, Miss Sara Davies made her debut with the most happy results. She sang excellently, a beautiful voice, with brilliant execution. Her high notes were remarkable for their beauty of quality and ease up to E flat in Alto. Also the acting of her part she did extremely well, and everybody, including the con- ductor of the orchestra, complimented her most highly on her performance, and fore- tells an excellent career for her."

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