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Notes and News.


Notes and News. PECKHAM has sealed the fate of the Govern- ment. Bung still reigns supreme. FREE Traders will have to find a remedy for the present trade depression. Tariff Reformers have their panacea ready. IF the Government does not hurry on its Education Bill, the whole problem will be solved in the Upper House. The Bishop of St. Asaph's Education Bill is receiving very favourable support. TOM PRICE, the Australian Premier, is an extreme Socialist; and yet his State is one of the most successfully governed within the Commonwealth. Anti-Socialists please note. ACCORDING to Lord Glantawe, our trade with America has increased very much of late. This he considered was due to the fact that Sir S. T. Evans had sought for a wife- a lady from across the pond. THE Welsh members are preparing a Disestablishment Measure, as a guidance for the Government during the coming Session, that is, if there is a session after the decisive verdict of the electors of Peckham. SIR MARCHANT WILLIAMS delivered a characteristic lecture under the auspices of the Brynhyfryd Literary Society, Rhymney, the other evening. SIR MARCHANT said that some people liked Welsh because it was old its ancient character was the charm that appealed to them. They liked Welsh literature because it was old it was not the contents of a book that gave it value to these people, but the date it was published. These people were like the collectors of old clocks and old china. SIR MARCHANT went on to say that there was another class that loved Welsh, that loved to speak it, and loved to read it; loved the music of its accents and the charm of its rhythm. He advised all Welsh people to retain their language. Two languages were better than one, and two literatures were better than one literature. After knowing two languages, it would be easier to acquire a third. It was easier to acquire English through the medium of Welsh.