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FOOTBALL NOTES AND NEWS. CARDIFF 1 GOAL 3 TRIES LONDON WELSH 1 GOAL. GWYN NICHOLLS'S RETURN. Some 2,000 spectators attended at West Ham on Saturday last to witness the game between the above teams, and a very fine exhibition was given, although the ground appeared very treacherous after the snow of the preceding night. The Welsh were short of Neagle, Morgan, Z;) and Lloyd and Cardiff of Bush and Gibbs, but they were more than compensated by the appearance of Gwyn Nicholls on their side for the first time this season. Nicholls is not so fast as of yore, but he was easily the best back on the field he made some delightful openings during the game, and on numerous occasions he repulsed the Welsh attacks by fine picking up and kicking to touch, and the try he scored was obtained in his very best form, while he practically made the third try, only passing to his wing man after beating the defence. The Welsh had the advantage of the wind during the first half, but they did not make the best use of it, and were often compelled to struggle near their own line. Cardiff quickly forced two minors, and then the Welsh heeled out, and Davies, obtaining from Vivian, completely beat Gabe with a dummy pass, and got through with Jones and Maddocks on his right; and when faced by Winfield, he threw to Jones, but J. L. Williams intercepted splendidly, and with a clear field, he romped over for Cardiff after about 15 minutes' play. Winfield converted, thus when everything looked a score for the homesters, a Cardiff man steps in and com- pletely turns the table. With a five point lead Cardiff returned to the attack, and Nicholls, obtaining near the Welsh twenty- five, scored a very fine try for them. He was, however, badly missed by Jenkins just as he crossed. The Welsh forwards now came away with a strong burst, but Coppoch held on a bit too long when faced by Win- field, and Cardiff again saved the situation. With play back at Winfield, Nicholls again obtained, and breaking through a number of Welshmen, passed to Thomas near the line, and the latter had no difficulty in scoring. Half time shortly after arrived with Cardiff leading by 11 points. With the wind in their favour in the second half, many thought they would in- crease their lead, but the Welsh forwards were now more than holding their own in the scrummages, and forced the Cardiff men to act on the defence. Maddocks, who had had only one pass during the first half, now obtained the ball, and beating man after man, looked all over a scorer, but Thomas got across and grassed him 10 yards out. From a long line out Coppoch obtained, and easily defeating Gabe and Winfield, crossed for the Welsh near the posts. Harding converting, the Welsh kept up the attack, and Harding had very hard lines with a kick at goal from a mark, inches only missing the desired spot. The Welsh for- wards again came away with a burst, and Harding looked all over a scorer, but was overtaken from behind, and Rees failed to take his pass, which meant a certain score. Coppoch, who had been playing the game of his life, again got away but his pass to J. F. Williams was not accepted. Cardiff, who had been very hard pressed, cleared to half way, where their forwards, headed by Pugsley, started passing, with the result that Smith gave a pass (palpably a forward one) to George, who scored for them wide out: Winfield for the third time in succession, failing to goal. Time was shortly afterwards announced, Cardiff winning by 14 points to 5. The Welsh, on the play, did not deserve to be beaten by 9 points, and had proper passes been given by Davies and Coppoch in the first half; and had Rees taken Harding's pass in the second, things might have been very different, as the defence had been beaten in each case; whilst Nicholls would never have been allowed to make the great runs he did in the first half if the Welsh defence had been up to the ordinary standard. Jenkins, I see, was badly at fault on more than one occasion in this respect, which is quite unusual for him. Winfield was not in international form at back. Nicholls was easily head and shoulders above any other back on the field. Thomas and Williams did fairly well, but Gabe was weak, and it has often been a puzzle to me why the Welsh Union continue to select him for high honours. Davies and Thomas were good but are a long way from the David and Bush standard. Pugsley was the best of the Cardiff forwards, but he was closely followed by Smith and Northmore. The Cardiff forwards seem to have the loose head on the brain, aud on Saturday, as against Swansea, they were often out-manor; vred for possession by a higher pack. Evans, at back, for the Welsh, did very well, but his kicking lacked length. Maddocks had very few chances, but the few he had he shewed the spectators that he was a long way ahead of Williams as a wing. Gwilym Jones made some nice runs, but failed to give his passes in time. Davies sound, and beat Gabe cheaply on more than one occasion. Reggie Rees was nippy, and often got out of a high corner with success. He, however, badly missed taking Hardings pass, Vivian and Warburton did very well when one considers it was their first great game against such opponents. Coppoch was the best forward on the ground, and of the others Harding Green and Clay came under the eye very frequently with good play, but the whole eight did excellent work through- out a very fast and pleasant game to witness. Swansea defeated Newport easily at New- port by 9 points to 3. Teddy Morgan dropped a very fine goal for the winners. Swansea now head the Welsh Club championship. « Rosslyn Park will be the visitors to West Ham on Saturday. WELSH FORWARD.


--Notes and News.