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FOOTBALL NOTES AND NEWS. LONDON WELSH 2 GOALS, 1 TRY. BEDFORD. NIL. THE London Welsh took their strongest available team to Bedford on Saturday last, and gained a very fine vic- tory by 13 points to nil. Saturday was one of the worst days I have ever seen football plaved on. Rain fell in torrents, and a hurricane of wind blew throughout the afternoon. The Welsh played a very fine game under the circumstances, the forwards doing magnificent work with their feet, while the backs defended well. With the wind in their favour during the first ihalf the Welsh scored twice, through Gwilym Jones and J. C. Jenkins, Harding converting both tries, and after a magnificent dribble, taken part in by most of the forwards, in the second half Harding was enabled to Fcore the third try, which he however failed to convert. The Bedford forwards played a very good game but were no match for the Welsh. While their backs had so few chances given them to handle, owing to their forwards being beaten, they had to be content to act on the defensive. Reade, the Bedford back, played a very fine game, and often got out of a tight corner with great success. Evans, the Welsh back, was also in excellent form, and is a very much improved player. Swansea defeated Cardiff on Saturday last by 8 points to 3, at Cardiff. On Saturday next Cardiff will visit West Ham, to play their return with the Welsh, and I see by the South Wales Press that the following wil play for Cardiff H. B. Winfield, J. L. Williams, R. T. Gabe, E. Gwyn Nicholls, Ralph Thomas J. Thomas, R. Davies J. Brown, W. Niell, J. Powell, J. Casey, W. Westacott, G. Northmore, L. George and J. Pugsley. A good game should be witnessed, and with Gwyn Nicholls appearing, I trust a fine crowd will turn up at the Memorial Grounds. Kick- off, 3.30 p.m. » The Welsh, on Wednesday, played their annual game with Cambridge, at West Ham, before about 500 spectators. Both teams fielded short of several of their regular players, Cambridge lacking McCleod, Lely, and a few other blues and the Welsh, Gwilym Jones, David, W. L. Morgan, and Reggie Rees. The Welsh started the game against the wind, and quickly took up a position near the visitors' line. The home forwards got the ball well in the scrummages, and Maddocks and Vivian were only stopped on the line from crossing. Cam- bridge relieved to half-way, where Maddocks obtained from a scrummage, and made a very fine run through a number of the visitors, and scored the first try for the Welsh near the posts, which Harding converted. The Welsh still kept up the attack, and Maddocks again scored, this time under the posts, for Harding to convert. With an advantage of ten points, the Welsh took things more easily, with the result that Cambridge came away with a rush, and one of the centres scored a try for them, which, how- ever, was not converted. The wind dropped during the second half, and rain fell heavily, the ball becoming very difficult to handle, and nothing further was scored. Score London Welsh, 2 goals (10 points) Cambridge University, 1 try (3 points). WELSH FORWARD.