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Notes and News.


Notes and News. SIR HENRY CAMPBELL-BANNERMAN is about to resign the Premiership on account of ill-health. ,I THE Education Bill of Mr. McKenna is as unsatisfactory to the Anglican party as was Mr. Birrell's Bi two sessions ago. IT is not expected that the Government will succeed to pass any measure of the first magnitude this Session. A few minor reforms will be permitted to go through the Upper House, but all Government Bills will be hopelessly mutilated. MR. BIRRELL has been the victim of influenza for the past week, but he is making arrangements to be present at the Welsh National Dinner at the Hotel Cecil, on Monday evening next. IT is now announced that the Welsh Church Commission will be able to resume its sittings on the 10th of March. The Chairman has been relieved from attendance at the Law Courts at a date earlier than he had anticipated. MR. J. D. REES, M.P. has published a work of interest to the Welsh people. "The Real India is the title of the new volume, and as he has shown such great knowledge on the subject in the House of Commons, no doubt the book will have a wide circulation. The question has been debated as to whether toasting" at St. David's Day banquets is not an innovation borrowed from Saxon customs. Historians hold, how- ever, that the custom was known before Saxon times, and that the ancient British copied it from the Romans, so the matter is now narrowed down to the small point whether toasts should be drunk in wine or water. MR. LLEWELYN WILLIAMS, M.P., will toast the immortal memory of St. David at the ] Welsh gathering on Monday next, and it i would be a fitting compliment to Bishop t Owen to ask him to be present to respond to the toast. Like his predecessor of ancient s times, Bishop Owen is an intense nationalist c as well as a Welsh-speaking Bishop. r c DURING the quarter ending December 31st, E 458 tramps were relieved in Aberystwyth. They were made up as follows, according to an Aberystwith paper English 282, Irish 88, Welsh 59, Scotch 23, and foreigners 6. MR. JAMES OWENS, "Cwmbreath," Radnor- shire, has just died. He was aged 84 years, and the oldest tenant on Lord Ormathwaite's estates. Deceased had farmed Cwmbreath for 58 years. He was a well-known and highly esteemed figure in Radnorshire, and, like a great many other Radnorshire farmers, was a conservative in politics. A striking instance of the hold that Dic-Shon-Dafyddism is getting upon Aber- ystwyth is shown by a recent incident. There is a street in the town bearing the Welsh name of Creftwr Road. As the resi- dents think the name "too common and too Welshy," it has just been changed to the penny novelette title of Edge Hill Road The influence of the Birmingham and Wol- verhampton "swell" is becoming great at the Cardiganshire town. MR. DAVID DAVIES, M.P. has brought in two useful Bills, viz., one for the compulsory acquirement of sites for places of worship, and the second for enfranchising the lease- holders of places of worship. The great need of these Bills, particularly the former, is apparent. At Cardiff, for instance, there is a certain High Church landlord who has point blank refused to sell land in the Cathays district of the city to the Oalvinistic Methodists for the purposes of a Forward Movement Hall, although he readily granted land for the erection .of a Conservative Club where intoxicants are sold This fact may seem incredible, but its accuracy was vouched for by the Rev. J. Morgan Jones, at the sittings of the Church Commission, a short time ago. THE Welsh Members of Parliament have been considering the new Education Bill at a meeting held on Tuesday last. After a prolonged conference, Sir Alfred Thomas moved the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted: "This meeting of Welsh members, whilst reserving its judg- ment upon the details of the Education Bill antil it is in their hands, cordially welcomes ;he provisions designed to remedy the griev- tnces of Nonconformists in single school treas in Wales, and believes that the decisive )pinion of the country will regard this neasure as an instalment for the settlement )f the long-standing controversy on the iducation question."