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JMT E JBWINr WELSH CHAPEL^ FANN STREET, ALDERSGATE STREET, E.C. PASTOR REV. J. E. DAVIES, M. A. THE- Annual social TEA AND EVENING CONCERT WILL BE HELD ON THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 16TH, 1908. Chairman VINCENT~°EVANS, £ artistes- Madame ELEANOR JONES-HUDSON. Miss EIRA GWYN. Mr. EMLYN DAVIES. Mr. JOHN ROBERTS. Mr. WALTER HUGHES. Accompanist — ,Tea on the Tables 5. Doors open 7. Concert at 8. Tickets, 3/ 2/ 1/. ORDER OF SERVICES-SATURDAY EVENING, SUNDAY & MONDAY EVENING, JAN. 18, 19 & 20, I90S- Saturday Evening, 7.30, Rev. JOHN WILLIAMS (Brynsiencyn). lunday Morning, 10 30, Dr. MOELWTN fUGHES (Aberteifi). Sunday Afternoon, 2.45, Eev. „ r Dr. MOELWYN HUGHES. Sunday Evening, 6.30, { Rev> JOHN WILLIAMS. r Dr. MOELWYN HUGHES. Monday Evening, 7.0, j Bev JOHN WILLIAMS. H. WILLIHGS & CO., Recognised Agents & Valuers to the ililk Trade, 125. FLEET STREET, E.C. TELEPHONE: 150 HOLBORN. flla-oham near-igi- barns daily 4d. on 2 prams 2 Sop mo weekly; good prernises; rent low; price 2430. Westminster—7 i d^iy at sl\^p £ 14 weekly rent nearly all let, puce 0, m cluding stock, about 240, and book debts, Z7. A PaddHJgtOIl—20 cbarns daily at 4d., and over £ 30 weekly in shop fine premises excellent profits; price 2650. North Select-151 barns daily at 4d. on 2 prams; goods el2 weekly fine shop and house price ±350 S E —Butter, eggs, &c. £ 30 weekly any trial £ 0 Near in—Butter, eggs, &c. £ 35 wk.; any trial £ 20 S.E-—Butter, eggs, &c. £ 45 any trial. VT.C.—600 eggs 5 barns a day all cash City ntar—Profitable trade; £ 18 to £ 20 wk.; barns daily at 4d.; all over counter price £120. Selection. West—33 barns 4d shop £ 20 2 prams £ 1050 E.—26 barns 4d. shop gi2; 12 cows t7bo § E —34 barns 4d.; shop £ 22 3 rounds £ 850 S'-W-—23 barns 4d. shop £ 20; prams £ 590 City-20 barns 4d.; shop 220; praiii iC570 g w _19 barns 4d. shop Cl6; 2 pi-ains 9525 West End-14 barns 4d.; shop £ 12 pram 9400 W.C.-14 barns 4d.; shop jglO pram. £ 390 W.C.-8 barns 4d.; shopJgIC; pram. £230 S.W.-8 barns 4d.; shop 914 pram £ 180 Hackney- 9 barn 4d.: shop 914; pram 2230 Kilburn—Trade 228 weekly good class £ 170 Full details of H. WILLINGS & Co. as above. TRUSCOTT & WILLIAMS, Dairy Agents and Valuers, 11, BOND COURT, WALBROOK, E.G. Telephone No. 12359 Central. Those wishing to buy or sell should call or write to the above address, I. R. THOMAS & CO., Dairy agents & Valuers, 143, STRAND, W.C. 44 gls. dly. 4d., 2 prams, 130 lbs. butter, 1 200 eggs wk. rent £ 3i. £ 620. City (near), old estd., 40 gls. dly. on one pram counter trade 917 wk. 2450. Brixton-31 gls. dly. 4d. on one pram, £ weekly indoors; net rent Z15. 2390. Kensington-28 gls. dly. 4d.; shop trade zclo wk.; good premises long lease. 2300. Subnrb-26 gls. dly. 4d butter and eggs £ 11 wk.; good premises; rent £32. £290. | North WeSt-26 gIs. 4d.; shop trade R,10 wk.; rent jE52 clear. £ 230 or offdr. Selection. West-58 gls. 4d.; little 3d.; prams £ 690 Lewisbam—40 &*■ 4d-; ■ 2 ChlSWICk 24 gls. 4d.; shop £ 40; P^m £ 320 Fulham—25 gls 4d Shop £ 10; rent £ 42. £ 250 Norwood—16 gls. 4d. pram rent £ 38 t 60 Clapham-14 gls. 4d.; pram, churn, &c. £120 TELEPHONE 2078 GERRARD. | WILLIAM DAVIES, Dairy and Transfer Agent to the I ilk Trade, 160, HIGH HOLBORN. Milk, at Brixton; good business.—In West End, | excellent.—In South East, very good, from 2250 to | 22000.-In the East from 2120 to ;24000.-Ili the North, from 950 to P,2500.-Several new businesses just to hand; call and see and secure bargains. Indoors everywhere, from £ 30 to several hundreds some genuine bargains are now ofiertd call. Sellers of Genuine Businesses and Buyers are always pleased. Fy amcan yw rhoddi boddlonrwydd i'r Gwerthwyr a'r Prynwyr. Nadolig llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb o bobl y byd. THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY. | A f REUEF FROM COUGH IN 5 DAV I ES' S MINUTES. MINUTES. U/ri 1 w v FOR COUGHS, FOR COLDS, I FOR ASTHMA, FOR BRONCHITIS, f FOR HOARSENESS, FOR INFLUENZA. I « FOR COUGHS, FOR SORE l; Pn I f-4 I—I THROAT, MOST SOOTHING. I KJ KJ \J1 n WARMS THE CHEST, I DISSOLVES THE PHLEGM. FOR SINGERS, FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS. MI XT IJ R F a VI l/\ I W I l I— 2s 9D. Postage. 3D. I Proprietor. HUGH DAVIES. Chemist, MachynHeth. London Agents: Mr. Morgan, Chemist, Tavistock Place, k W,C.; Mr. Thomas. Chemist, Upper Baker Street, W. r/ Wholesale: Barclays, 95, Farringdon Street. PUBLISHERS' NOTE. The Publishers of "The London Welsh- man and Kelt" will be pleased to hear from any Reader or Newsagent who ex- periences a difficulty in obtaining this paper. To avoid any delay a standing order should be given to a Newsagent, or at the Railway Bookstall, so that they can make the necessary arrangements to obtain a supply punctually each week. WELSH PRINTING WELSHMAN & KELT OFFICES, 211, GRAY'S INN RD. mum N' At I C.It- WELSH pRIRTING r • — TOl,rra PTTRTTSHING CO LTD.. at 211, Gray's Inn Road, London, W.C. "Wholesale City Agents M. SociH^rn, Ivy Lane Paternoster Eev ,E. Printed and Published by THE LONDON WELSH Aeents for the Colonies:-BOBT. A. THOMPSON & Co.. LTD., Melbourne (Victoria), Sydrey (N.S.W.), Adelaide, Brisbane- and GBELLIEB & SON, /U,W?Johannesburg ANA Buluwayo; GOBDON & GOTCH, Cape Town, Durban (S.A.), Melbourne (Victoria) Brisbane, (Queensland), Sydce