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PROVINCIAL GRAND LODGE OF NORTH WALES. CELEBRATION AT LLANDUDNO. TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY", On Monday at Llandudno an Emergency Provincial Grand Lodge of Fellow Craft Freemasons was held in the Masonic Hall, the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Colonel H. Platt, C.B., presid- ing over a large attendance of brethren. The temporary Provincial Grand Secre- tary, Worshipful Brother James Porter, formally tendered his resignation, and Brother H. C. Vincent was appointed to the office. Worshipful Brothers W. A. Tuxford, Thomas Norton, Dr. John James Hughes, and E. T. Williams were invested Prov. G. Swd. Br. and Prov. Gr. Stewards respectively. The Right Worshipful Pro- vincial Grand Master, the ex-Provincial Grand Secretary (Worshipful Brother C. E. Breese)—by proxy, Worshipful Brother Tuxford, Provincial Grand Treasurer, Worshipful Brother Porter, Charity Re- presentative, and Worshipful Brother Woodley reviewed the history and work of the Province since its separation from Shropshire in 1885. The Grand Master said a movement in the direction of separation was initiated hy the 8t David's Lodge (384), but fell through. The agitation was subsequently revived, and a separation was ultimately effected in 1885. Since that date under the Grand Masterships of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Lord Harlech, Sir Gren- ville Williams, and, finally, himself, the new Province had progressed satis- f aetorily.-(App,lau,se.) Wor. Bro. Tuxford gave a gratifying account of the financial progress of the Province. When he succeeded to the treasurers-hip 15 years ago the balance in hand was only JB4 odd. In 1902 it was ;C251-(appl,au,se), -and even last year, in spite of adverse circumstances which he detailed, there was a credit balance of 290 carried forwa,rd.(Applause.) One of the adverse circumstances he had re- ferred to was that the price of a, life pre- sentation had risen from JEX500 to JE900. Wor. Bro. Porter said the amount sub- scribed by the Province to the charitable institutions in London during the first year of its existence was JE96. Last year it wa,s JE670 19s.—(Applause.) With re- gard to the "B" Fund, the first year's collection was only JB58. Last year it was £ 179. iSlince the creation of the Province a sum of £2,376 had been received from the Royal Masonic Institutions for annui- ties for old people in the Province. On the other hand, the Province had educated 12 gfirls and 17 boys in the Masonic School and one girl out of school.—(Applause.) From the report of the Benevolent Society generous contributions had been received, the last being a. sum of £ 100 for the widow of the late Bro. J. Prichard, of Portmadoe.(AI)pl,i,us,e.) The Worshipful Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Edward Roberts, re- ferred to the splendid services of the ex- Provincial Grand Secretary, Bro. C. E. Breese, and asked the Grand Master, on behalf of every lodge in the. Province, who have all subscribed to the testimonial, to present to Bro. Breese a handsome silver salver as a mark of the Province's appre- ciation of his services. The, salver was received on-behalf of Wor. Bro. Breese by Bro. Garth Jones, Bro. Breese being unable to attend, on account of family be- reavement. With the approval of Grand Lodge the Grand Master sent a, telegram of sympathy to Bro. Breese. Silver salvers were also presented to Wor. Bro. T'uxford, Prov. Grand Treas urer, and Wor. Bro. James Porter, chair- man of the North Wales Masonic Charit- able Association, in recognition of their long services. In connection with the history of the Province Wor. Bro. Garth-Jones read an interesting statement from Wor. Bro. Breese touching the work of the various lodges. Past secretaries' jewels were presented to W. Bros Aubrey T. Benbow, of Cede- woiai, and R. M. Davies, of St. Idloes. on the completion of five years' service to their respective lodges.


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-------------THE CRICKET CLUB…