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LLANRHOS PAROCHIAL TEA. The annual parochial tea, organ recital and concert in connection with the parish of Llanrhos was held on Wedesday in the Church House, Craigydon, the proceeds 'being devoted to the fund for the liquida- tion of the debt on the Church House. THE TEA. An excellent tea had been provided, to which a, large number sat down. The fol- lowing ladies gave tables and were assist- ed by a large number of willing helpers Lady Augusta Mostyn, Hon. Mrs Henry Mostyn, Mrs Anderson, Mrs C. H. Bevan. Mrs Blanchett, Mrs Bone, Mrs Broome, Miss Champneys, Mrs Ghantrey, Mrs Childs, Mrs Conolly, the Misses Craig, Mrs Davies (Grange Villa), Mrs Dewe, Miss Dixon, Mrs Downing, Miss Dreyer, Miss Evans, Mr Edminson, Mrs Elphick, Miss Fawcett, Mrs Grose, Mrs Holden, Mrs T. Hughes, Mrs Hawthorn, Mrs Hallmark, Mrs Heward, Mrs Holt, Mrs Kemps-on, Miss Kerr, Miss Klien, Mrs King, Misses Leighton, Mrs Littler, Mrs Norrie, Miss Nuttall, Miss Preston, Mrs Rawstorn, Mrs Robson, Mrs Roskill, Mrs Smith (Ormescliffe), Miss Taylor, Mrs Walker, Miss Wa.llwork, Mrs Winter, Mrs H. Wilson, Mrs Walch, Mrs Wren, Mrs Wright, Mrs Wrigley, the Sunday School Teachers, and Vicar. GRiGAN RECITAL BY MR. L. H. SUM M ERF I E L D. In the interval between the tea and concert an organ recital was given in St. Paul's Church by Mr L. H. Summerfield, assisted by Miss Hilda Jameson and Mr Clement W. Brown as soloists. The following was the programme —Fantasia in E Flat (L. Wely), Prelude, Theme Variations and Finale (A. Guilmant) "Cantilena" (J. Grison); Aria, "O had I Jubal's Lyre"; Handel's "Joshua"), Miss Hilda Jameson; Introduction to Act III. "Lohengrin" (Wagner); "Humoreske" (A. Dvorak); Recit and Aria, "Every valley shall be exalted"; Handel's "Me,s- siah"; "Marche Milita.'fre" (Gounod). EVENING CONCERT. The R ev. F. J. Reece, B.A., presided at the evening concert, when the Church House was well filled with parishioners and friends. The Vicar alluded to the fact that it was the fourth annual tea held since he came to the parish and spoke feelingly of the loss the parish had sus- tained by the death of the late Councillor Henry W31son. The proceeds of the tea, were to be given, he said, towards the funds of the Church House. There still remained a debt of C500 on the Church House, which was a great handicap to the work in the district, and he hoped that ere long it would be found possible to free the building, which was a most valuable aid to Church work, from debt. The following programme wa,s then given, the frequent encores testifying to the appreciation of the, audience: — Pianoforte duet, "Galop des Satyrs," Miss L. Winter and Mr L. H. Summerfield; song, "I know a lovely garden," Miss Sylvia Blakey; songs, "Still as the Night" and "Sincerity" (encored), Mr G. Burrows; violin solo, "Melody," Master Gilbert Fildes; song, "I'll sing thee songs of Araibv," Mr W. J. Clough; song, "II Bacio. Miss Jean Burrow (encored). humorus recitation, Mr S. Hewitt (en- cored) song, "The Maid of Malabar," Mr C. W. Brown (encored); song, "Two dirty little hands," Miss Nellie Sewell (en- cored) song, "Thora," Mr G. Burrows; coon song in costume, "The Tennessee Christening," Mr A. C Axtell, who was on the programme for a song was unable to fulfil his promise owing to a. severe cold. Mr Ernest EL Bone proposed a vote of thanks to all who had so willingjly given their assistance to make the annual gathering such a success, and the motion having been seconded by Mr J. Winter was carried by acclamation. "CONTRASTS." The day's proceedings closed with the performance of a very laughable and well performed comedietta in one act by Annie Loraine, entitled "Contrasts." The char- acters were: "Cecelia" taken by Miss E. Winter and "Cissie" (her great grand niece) taken by Miss Winter.

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