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THE ADVERTISER SAYS That the Rector of Llandudno, who is now in Palestine, made the journey via Marseilles, and thence by the "Dun- n-otar" Castle, to the Holy Land. That on Wednesday of this week he was due at Jerusalem, and on Thursday a visilt was arranged to Jaffa. That he is expected to reach home at the end of the month. That an official tramway time table has been issued. 7:- 7:- That in addition to the times of starting n and departure of the trams much other information relating to the service is given of a miscellaneous character. < .)10 That the time table may be obtained free upon application to the conductors. That this tram guide will be issued every three months. That the total collections for the month of October in the various churches of the Parish of Llanrhos were:—tSt. Paul's, C31 9s. 9d. All Saints, J316 19s. 9cl. Llanrhos, 25 10s. 7d; St, Andrew's, £:5 lls. 4d. Penrhynside Mission, £:1 16s. Total, C61 7s. 5d. That a sale of work is being orgianised in Llanrhos Parish to clear off a debt of JB500 on St. Paul's Church caused by the erection of new vestries and organ chamber. That the event has been fixed to take plac,e on December 13th and 14th at the St. Paul's Church House. That we note it is proposed by the con- gregation of St. Paul's Church to make a presentation to Mr Greenhalgh in re- cognition of his many valued services. That contributions should be sent to Miss Fawcett, Dulnain. Roumania, Crescent. That the collections during the, month at the various churches of the Parish of Llandudno were as follows —Holy Trinitv, £ 65 Is. 8-Ld. St. George's, £ 18 17s. 7d.; Bodafon, £ 2. 10s. 5 £ d. Total, £869s. 9d. That a Rifle Olub has been mooted by the Committee of the National Service League. That we hope to be able to give fuller de- tails at an early date. That a meeting of the National Service League will be held at the Constitu- tional Cluib shortly,, and That it is hoped Mr Henry Woodall will be induced to take the chair. That a Sea Angling Festival was recently held at Heme Bay. That among the successful competitors we notice the name of a Llandudno Angler. That this gentleman, Mr S. A. Morris, was referred to in this column a week or two ago. That he was then recorded as being a prize-winner in the Southend-on-Sea Angling Festival. That we again extend our congratulations to this gentleman on his successes. That the "Fishing Gazette" states regard- ing Herne Bay Festival That there was a, good attendance ol visi- tors from Hastings. Margate, and other coast towns, and from far distant Llan- dudno. That the tickets for the Angling Hot Pot are going well. That it is to be held at the Royal Hotel on Friday next, November 11th. That it will commence at 7 30 prompt. That Mr E. Ei. Bone, chairman of the Llandudno U.D.C, has consented to take the chair. That the vice-chairman for the evening will be Mr J. E. Hallmark, That all particulars may be obtained from the honorary secretary. That we may expect some good speeches and an excellent musical programme. That the .Secretaries of the many local in- stitutions and societies have been very busy during the past few weeks in arrangno" therir winter programmes. That tickets to aid Churches and Societies of all kinds a,re being offered for sale at the home, place of business or at street corners. That during the opening days of the present month it is very difficult to pre- vent the clashing of dates. That this evening (Friday) the annual meetings of two important local clubs will be held, namely the Great Orme Golf Club and the Llandudno Sea Anglers Association. That a goodly number would have liked to n have been present at both meetings if held on separate dates. That we presume that when the meetings were arranged each society was un- aware of the intentions of the other. That the concert extension season is over much to the regret of many who at- tended these gatherings nightly. That the large attendances have surprised even those who anticipated the success of the series. That the Officials and Committee gener- ally are to be congratulated upon the zn .I gratifying results attending their work. That the Parochial Tea in connection with the Parish of Llanrhos took place on Wednesday night.. That it was held at St. Paul's Church House, the programme consisting of tea,, an organ recital by Mr L. H, Sum- merfield, and a, concert of a. miscel- laneous character. That an excellent programme was pro- vided, and judging from the large at- tendances the debt on the Church House will be considerably reduced. That a meeting of the Llandudno Chess Club will be held at the Welcome Hotel Recreation Room on Friday evening next, November 11th, at 8 o'clock. That all interested in chess are invited to attend. That Mr R,. S. Chamberlain will propose the toast of the evening, that of "The Town and Trade of Llandudno" at the, annual dinner of the Llandudno Guar- dian Society. < That the dinner will be held about the second week in December, at the Im- perial Hotel. That the Craigydon Social and Literary. Club has been re-organised. That its first meeting on Monday night, which took the form of a social evening, was very successful. That a feature of the reformed Society will be the admission of ladies one night a, week. Z, That the members have the use of a new full-sized billiard table. That the Society meets a, want in the Craigydon District is proved by its popularity. That the Llandudno Charity Association will hold its annual meeting in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall on Monday evening, November 7th. That it is hoped there will be a large at- tendance to evince the interest of the townspeople in the good work carried on by this Society. That during the first few days of the present week we had a spell of wintry conditions. That there were occasional hailstorms and the mountains of the Carnarvonshire Riange were covered with snow. That the sea at high tide washed over the Promenade in places. That,, however, judging from the reports j from various parts of the country the weather experienced in this district was less severe than in many localities. That Mr Weeds, the stationmaster at Llandudno, is retiring from the ser- vice, we understand, < That he has filled many important posi tions under the L. and N.W. Railway Company, and will carry with him the best wishes of all.


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