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LOCA 1-- NEvS. WINTElRi RiE,SID,EINT!S.-TI-ie Local Government Board .district auditor, Mr William Griffith, and Mrs Griffith have decided to reside at Llandudno for the winter, and are located at Ruatbon House, Augusta Street. SUNSHINE, RECORD.—The total number of hours of bright sunshine re- corded at Llandudno for week ending October 30th was 1 hour 30 minutes. The rainfall during: same period was 0.080 inches. THE CREATION.—We understand that the Llandudno Choral Society has re- sumed, in Christ Church Schoolroom, practices with a view to the, presentation of "The Creation." The conductor of the Society is Mr R. Eivion Jones, A.R.C.M., and practices are held on Friday even- ings. CHARITY ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING.—The annual meeting of the Charity Association will be held in the Council Chamber on Monday evening next (7th November) at 8 15. Mr .E. E. Bone, J.P., will preside, and all sub- scribers and those interested in the work are urged to attend. BOATMEN REWAR DED .—Among the grants made by the Executive Committee of the Royal National Lifeboat Institu- tion at their last meeting; was one of £,1 5s. Also 21 5s. to five men for promptly putting off in a, boat and, at moderate risk, saving two visitors and a boatman, whose boat was caught in severe squall and was in danger of foundering in Llan- dudno Bay, on the 21st July. PRESENTATION.—A supper wa,s given to Mr J. G. Atkins, a member of the Llandudno Pier Staff, who is shortly to be married, by several of his Mends, at the Parade Hotel, on Wednesday last. After doing] full:' justicei to. a well prepared meal, which Mrs Hughes is to be congratulated upon, the remainder of the evening was spent in harmony. During the evening' the chairman (Mr Cawthorne) presented to Mr Atkins, on behalf of those present, a decanter and stand, suitably engraved, a.nd a, walking; stick sent by Mr Travers. Mr T. W. Stoddart acted as accompanist. WEATHEiR AT LLANDUDNO DUR- ING OCTOBER)—Tlie highest reading of the barometer during the past month was 30.610 on October 5th and the lowest 29.250 on the 31st. In the shade the temperature reached 72.5 on the first, the minimum being 51.5 on the 20th. In the sun the maximum was 125 degrees on the 2nd. The rainfall was 3.570 inches, the greatest fall during any twenty-four hours being 0.830. Over seventy-nine hours of sunshine were recorded, there being ten sunless days during; the month. BAND PARiADEI TO-MOR,ROW.-The Llandudno Silver Band will make its first public appearance under' the new band- master, Mr Fl. Lucio Traversi to-morrow (Saturday). The band will parade the town, commenCiing at Chapel Street at 3 o'ciock, and will march by wa,y of Madoc Street, Augusta, Street, and Vaughan St., to Mostyn Street, where a few selections! will be rendered We are informed the band has already ma.de good progress 1 under Mr T'raversiys tuition, and doubt- less to-morrow's parade will evoke a, deal of interest from the townspeople. A CHILDREN'S OPERETTA.—Those who recollect the performance of .'Golden Haiir and the Three Bears" at the Prince's Theatre two years ago will be pleased to learn that Mr Alec Taylor has again got the children together with a view to per- forming on operetta by Mr Lindsay Mackay, M.A., LL.B., entitled "Cin- derella and the Prince." The first re- hearsal was held at Christ Church last night (Friday) and there are vacancies for a few more children, who are' invited to be at Christ Church Schoolroom on Tues- day evening next, at seven o'clock. (MIT'S TO THEI COTTAGE, HOS- PITAL.—The following, gifts have been received at the Sarah Nicol Memorial Cottage Hospital during the past month, for which the. Board of Management return their best thanks: -Fl.owers (weekly), Mrs Piatt; grapes, Holy Trinity Church Harvest Thanksgiving!; fruit and vege- tables, Christ Church Harvest Thanks- giving!; flowers, Mrs Simcocks; shin of beef, Messrs H. and R. Roberts; illus- trated papers. Mr Bonnalie; books and papers, Mr Hlolden; papers, Mrs Ware- ham papers, Mrs Sibley; The Little Orine Quarry Collection, £ 1 8s. 6d.—A. M. Fulton, secretary. THE PIER BIOSCOPE.—The atten- dance at the Pier Varieties Theatre con- tinues to be excellent nightly, and the pictures show no falling off from the high standard which the management set in the early days of animated photography in Llandudno, all the latest aids to steadiness and clearness being adopted. For the re- mainder of the week the principal dramatic film will be one entitled "A bad man's last deed," and there will also be a special educational film, entitled "Our Darlings." DEATH OF MRS. INGRAM.—The news of the death, which took place somewhat suddenly on Saturday, at Llan- dudno, of Mrs Elthelinda, Favoretta; Ingram, the w'dow of the, late Mr Walter Herbert Ingram, will be received with regret by a large circle of friends and acquaintances in this district. Mrs Ingram. who was 46 years of age, was the youngest daughter of Mr Richard Hem- ming, of Bent7ev Manor, Worcestershire, and Caerhnu Hall. Carnarvonshire, and her late Vmsbqnd, to whom she was mar- ried in lRR7 was the youngest son of the late Mr Ri^bard Ingram, M.P. for Bos- ton, and of the "Illustrated Lon- don News." He travelled extensively, and was H ;.n 1889 while elephant hunting in "st Africa. Mrs, Ingram leaves a "•Titer, Miss F'avoretta Wolteriu" "-ain. and four sisters, in- cluding TVTT-C: nbQape, of Bentley Manor, Redd tcb • --<? Cough, wife of General Gough .I' 1"' ..hun Hall, near Conway; and M" -F rl wife of Mr E. Wood, of Pahn Tr l' T,1 ndudno. The deceased lady had 1 frequent visitor to Llan- dudno f-- vears. PREACHING MEETINGS.—The an- nual preaching" meetings in connection with the Tabernacle Welsh Baptist Chapel have been held this week, large con- gregations being present at the services on Tuesday and Wednesday. The special preacher was the Rev. EL P. Jones, Llanelly. PRINCE'S THE,ATR,E.-This week good audiences are attracted by the animated pictures at the above theatre, the management having secured some extra special pictures, viz. "A Daring Performance with Lions," which deserves special praise,. and a visit to see this picture alone should not be missed; "Vein of Gold" (dramatic), "Stolen Heir" (dramatic). "Princess and Peasant" "Mascot" (comic), etc., etc. POLICE CHANsGE;S.-The changes made by the, Chifef Constable for Carnar- vonshire, during, the past week include the removal of Sergeant, Jones to Penygroes. Durino, the time Sergt. Jones has been in Llandudno he has gained the, esteem of the majority of the residents by his courtesy and unassuming discharge of his duties. The vacancy at Llandudno has been filled by the transfer of Sergt. Richards), who has previously been in the Llandudno force, from Penygroes. OBITUARY.—The death took place on Tuesday last at her residence, Mostyn Street., of Mrs L. S. Laroche, widow of the late Mr Laroche, photographer, in her 58th year. Mrs Laroche had resided in Llandudno for about 40 years, and was much esteemed by all who knew her, more particularly by the older tradesmen and residents. She was a, native of Bir- mingham. and leaves a family of three sons and three daughters to mourn her departure. The funeral took place on Fri- day at the Church of St. Tudno, the ser- vice being taken by the Rev. W. Ei. Jones, senior curate of Llandudno. RiEIHOBOTiB LITERARY SOCIETY. —The subject under discussion at the weekly meeting of the Rehoboth Literary Society on Monday was "Who are the most independent, men or women?" The leader on behalf of the men was Mr Isaac Roberts, Astley Villa, and on behalf of the women Mrs George Daivies, Cecil House, and Miss Rowlands, 25, Mostyn Street. Tfhe debate, contrary to anticipa- tions, proved to be a very animated one, and on a division being taken it was found that there was a large majority in favour of the women. The Rev, H. C. Lewis, B.A., B.D., presided. ST GHOlRCTEI'S LITERARY SOCIETY. —A the Church House, on Thursday, a very interesting" paper was read by Mr Morris Barnett (Brig-y-don), entitled "Heat and Life," before a, good attendance of ladies and gentlemen. Mr Barnett treated his..subject in a most scientific manner, tracing the whole, course of heat from the period when all was nebulous and ether to the time of man, giving the origin of earthquakes and other physdo- graphical matter. A most interesting dis- cussion followed, in which the following took pa.rt: -VDSlS Bamford. Rev, R. C. Jones, Messrs. R,. Dawson. W. R. Brookes. J. EL Hornsby, EL Ffoulkes- Griffiths, R. Roberts, etc. Mr George Evans occupied the chair. Next Thurs- day, social and concert. All members are invited.


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