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THE MIKADO. AMATEJURíS' PE[R[FÜ[RiMANCEiAT THE GRAND THEATRE, For the third year in succession, Miss Lena Thomas and friends, of Colwyn Bay, have presented at the Grand Theatre one of Sullivan's operas, the proceeds as formally being devoted to a local charity. At this last production on Thursday last the services of Mr E. Thornley-Dodge had again been secured as actor-manager, and Mr H, Lyell-Taylor as musical director. Needless to say, both appointments left nothing to be desired, the orchestra as a matter of fact being quite the- best we have heard, at any amateur performance, for some time past. The staging, scenery and costumes were all excellent. The choruses were, if some- what weak at times, well rendered and tuneful throughout. The quartettes, trios, and duetts had been icarefully rehearsed, and were most deservedly encored. A most pronounced success of the pro- duction was Mr A. E. Bird's "Pooh-Bah." It is the first time we have seen him in comic opera, at Llandudno, and we con- gratulate Miss Lena Thomas on having secured such a clever actor to support her company. Mr Wm. Hughes' "Nanki-Poo" struck us as being somewhat tired in his renditions, due no doubt to the fact it was the third successive nights performance of a very exacting role. A light tenor, the efforts to be distnctly heard were evi- dently telling their tale, all the same he acted smartly and entered into the role of a lover with an enthusiasm that thorough- ly delighted the house. Mr G. C. Skelsey, "The Mikado," pos- sesses an excellent voice for the part. His solos were well sung, but he was some- what hurried in his dialogue. We feel confident he is capable of doing greater n justice to this, or any other part that may be entrusted to him. Mr W. O. Roberts as "Pish-Tush" look- ed the part and sang most acceptably. Like Nanki-Poo he is evidently a "J ap," who has long lifved in Wales. Miss May Thomas, "Yum-Yum," who was well supported by Miss Elsie Crowther and Miss Louie Clark in the respective roles, "Pitti-Sing" and "Peep p- Bo," was part perfect, and came through a very exacting part with distinction. Miss Lena Thomas's "Katisha" was another success in a thankless part. The duett with Ko-Ko was one. of the hits of the evening, and no little of the applause at the finale, was apportioned to Miss Lena Thomas in recognition of the great aid to charity, her productions are be- stowing; in Llandudno and Colwyn Bay. Mr Thornely-Dodge as "Ko-Ko" intro- duced no end of local touches into his part, and was throughout polished in his humour. Eincores were showered upon him, and he worked indefatigably to secure what is admittedly the best all round production our Oolwyn Bay friends have given us. At the fall of the curtain the leads were called before the curtain. Mr Thornley- Dodge, who handed on Miss Lena Thomas, waiited for the applause to sub- side, and said "Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Miss Lena Thomas, I thank you most heartily for the warmth of your reception this evening. We wish the Llan- dudno Amateur Operatic Society every possible success in their forthcoming- pro- duction of the "Pirates of Penzance," and personally I shall be most pleased to give them every possible assistance that lies in my power, and further I intend to break through my usual rule, of not attending amateur operatic productions, and shall be present." Mr Thornlev Dodge's remarks were loudly applauded. We append the full caste of the opera The Mikado of Japan, Mr G. C. Skel- sey; Nanki-Po (his son, disguised as a Wandering Minstrel and in love with Yum-Yum), Mr W Hughes; Ko-Ko (Lord High Executioner), Mr E. Thornley- Dodge; Poo-Bah (Lord High Everything Else), Mr A. E. Bird; Pish-Tush (a Noble Lord), Mr Wr, O. Roberts; Yum- Yum, Miss May Thomas; Pitti-Sing, Miss Elsie Crowther; Peep-Bo, Miss Louie Clark (three sisters-wards of Ko-Ko) Kafcsha (an elderly lady, in love, with Nanki-Poo), Miss Lena Thomas; chorus of Schoolgirls, Nobles and Guards: Misses May Clarke, Amy Croker, Dorothy Daviles, Ruth Gregory, Violet Harrison, Jennie Jones, Gladys Lloyd, Clara Miller, Vera Malam, Laura, Morgan, Etlsie Potter, Kate Roberts, Marie Roberts, Nellie Smith, Mary Sager, Jennie Sager, Gladys Tozer, Lilla Tr nn ok. Hilda Wharton, Walker, Mrs Daley. Messrs. A. Bregazzi, Davenport, Daley, Ei. H. Fleet, Gilham, Hulme, Haslem, Hooson, J. Roberts, Taylor, G. Madren, G. Wadge, J. 0. Wil- liams, Ri. EL Williams, H. Warlow.

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