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The Liandudno Bazaar of 1863.




WOMAN'S SUFFRAGE. LLANDUDNO SUFFRAGISTS COM- MENCE WINTER WORK. MEETING IN THE CAMBRIDGE RESTAURANT1. A general meeting of the members of the Llandudno Branch of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies was held at the Cambridge Restaurant on Monday evening. Miss Wright, Presfylfa" presid- ing over a. fair attendance. SUMMER WORK. After a few introductory remarks by Miss Wright, the acting1 honorary secre- tary, Dr. Edith Guest, was asked, to give her report of the work during the sum- mer months. Dr. Guest said that the time covered by the report was from March to the end of September. Included among the many items alluded to were the dividing of the Union in Federations and the decision of the North Wales Societies to become asso- ciated with the Liverpool and Cheshire Federation rather than form a federation exclusively for North Wales. The so-called Conciliation Bill wa.s also referred to and the steps taken to get the first and second readings carried detailed, which culminated in a wire to the Society's president (Mr Win. Jones, M.P.) in- structing him on the eve of the debate to "Fight well for the cause to-clay." A CARDIFF LADY'S HOLIDAY. The work of a lady from Cardiff was L next referred to, who devoted her holiday of three weeks to propaganda. work in Llandudno. It was not possible to arrange any meeting, but the lady paid house, to house visits to members and probable members; gained fifteen new subscribers to the journal of the Union "Common Cause," and 61 pamphlets; got three ministers to promise to have suffrage de- bates in the literary societies; induced three newsagents to stock "Common Cause," distributed 2,000 leaflets and had 103 suffrage interviews.—(Applause.) Dr. Guest further read an appeal for support to place the journal, "Common Cause" on a sound financial basis, and concluded with appealing to some member to undertake the secretarial duties of the local branch. Miss Wright stated that Dr. Guest had to the great regiret of the committee resigned the secretarial duties, and on her motion a hearty vote of thanks was accorded the retiring official for her work and a further one accorded the ladv worker from Cardiff. Miss Eakin gave an address on the re- organisation of the Union, and the rea- sons for joining the Liverpool and Cheshire Federation. The subscription payable to the Federation she' said was ten per cent of the annual subscriptions of each branch, and for that amount the North Wales branches got the benefit of the many speakers of the Liverpool Federation. The great difficulty, how- ever, was to get a WTelsh-speaking organ- iser, and the Federation would welcome a man or woman capable of undertaking organisation work in Welsh districts. Mis,s Eskrigige, of Liverpool, gave an address, during which she gave a resume of the reasons why the movement for the extension of the franchise to women had come into existence and dealt with the provisions of so-called Conciliation Bill. There was still a slight hope, she said, that the Bill was not dead, and urged the members of the Llandudno 'Branch to do what they could to influence members of Parliament and the Government in its favour. In conclusion she advocated a system of making. use of the press to further the cause to a much greater ex- tent than had hitherto been done. On the motion of Miss Wright, second- ed by Mrs St. Leger, Miss E:skrigge was heartily thanked for her address. 0 Mr Rogel" Dawson asked why the Con- ciliation Bill proposed to enfranchise women householders and left out the ser- vice voters. Miss Elskrigge said that was done to gain the Conservative support. The Bill was not what the Suffrage Society wanted, but the best they could get. What they want- ed was the removal of the sex disability which was a very different thing- to what was proposed in the Bill. During a short discussion that ensued on the question of the Press, the "Adver- tiser" was referred to by more than one speaker as having been of great assistance to the cause in Llandudno, and arrange- ments were suggested to the, committee for the debates with Literary Societies. It was also decided that the Society should set apart two nights before Christ- mas for discussions on suffrage matters. Monday, November 14th, was fixed for the first and December 12th for the second. LIBRARY SUBSCRIPTIONS.—With regard to the subscriptions which have been received and promised in aid of the furnishing of the Library, instructions have been given to the Clerk to write to the donors expressing regret that, as the appeal for funds has not come, up to ex- pectation, the Library Committee feel that the only fair course is to return the sub- scriptions received and to make other ar- rangements to raise the required funds. HOSPITAL MAINTEINANCE.-The Hospital monthly report was presented and considered at a meeting of the Health Committee. The, Clerk called attention to several large bills for maintenance, and he read Letters from the debtors with refer- ence thereto. Consideration thereof was adjourned until Mr Little's return from his holidays. A letter was also read from the Hospital Matron, suggesting that in- stead of appointing another probationer in I the room of Nurse Green, who is leaving a partly trained Nurse capable of taking charge of a ward should be appointed at a commencing salary of JE20 a year. The Matron stated that apart from other ad- vantages to be derived the cost of a pri- vate nurse could often be avoided.—The recommendation was adopted.