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The Liandudno Bazaar of 1863.



-<!> MANX CHOIRS TRYING EXPERIENCE. GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION OF A TRIP TO LLANDUDNO. The following report of the journey of the Douglas Male Choristers to sing at the Llandudno Musical Festival is taken from the "Isle of Man Weekly Times," written by their special correspondent, who accompanied the party: — On Saturday Mr Noah Moore took the Male Voice Choristers to Llandudno ot join in the choral competition for male voices at the Llandudno Musical Fes- tival. This is the first festival that has been promoted in Llandudno, and the Committee hope to make it an annual affair, a hope which should be realised, judging1 by the success that attended Saturday's gathering. The Tynwald had been chartered from the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. to take the choir from Douglas, and the, public were invited to join in the trip. Un- fortunately the weather turned out most unpropitious, for though there was a bright sun there was also a, whole easter- ly gale, which prevented many people from venturingr on the sea. The boat was to leave at 8-30, and at that time the wind was billowing very strong, and waves were breaking over the Victoria Pier. Wo were told that once outside the bay it would not be so bad; but, nothwithstand- ing this assurance, many people would not venture on board, including1 some members of the choir. Under the circum- stances no one would have pa.rticula.rly blamed the choir if they had abandoned the trip, hut there was no talk of that, and a to'eg ram coming from Llandudno that it woui d be possible to land, off we went. It speaks well for the pluck of the choir that they sailed on such a day when most of them were almost bound to be sick, to compete againt three of the finest choir in Ehgiancl. To enter at all required great pluck, but to sail on such a day showed that they are made of the right stuff, and that the old Viking blood, notwithstanding the. cry about the decad- ence of the race, issti11 to the fore. We left Douglas at a quarter to nine, and soon after we our break- fast left us. Not all at once, but in one and two's and three's we dropped out and paid that tribute to King Neptume which he demands from mortals who ventures on his dominion when he is in angry mood. Of the 140 people on board, few failed to yield their tribute. The pro- mised better conditions when we got futhe.r out were not realised; indeed the wind increased, and every minute the waves .broke over the boat, so it was im- possible to stop on deck; unless under shelter, and even then an odd wave found its way over the deck houses on to the sheltered side. Some lay, without care or thougjht, where the spray wet them, regardless of earthly things or of the future. Singing was far from their thoughts, and Llandudno a hopeless for- gotten dream. Oh, they were bad! Through it all there was, however, plenty of fun, even the most sick ones brighten- ing on occasions. Mai de mer is a strange thing), and it is strange what delight can be got after you have been bad yourself watching another go under. However, everything comes to an end, even seasick- ness, and soon after noon the Welsh head- lands loomed up through a thick mist. The dinner bell rang. Stewards are a heartless lot. No one, however, respond- ed to the first call, and it was quarter of an hour later when we were getting into shelter that the few lucky ones sat down to the menu provided. When we got to the pier there was a heavy seai, and some doubted whether after an we could land. Capt. Penwell brought his ship up splen- didly, and amid a good deal of shouting from the pier officials we got ropes on board. Disembarking had to be done I quickly, as the boat was bumping heavily against the pier, and as soon as the last man was ashore the Tynwald left the stage- and anchored in the bay. Quarter of an hour on shore put new life in the worst of us. and then the im- portant question of d'nner arose. Our party at least struck it lucky, and had all that man ('üu' d desire, after which we ad- journed to the concert. J