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HIPPODROME SKATING RINK. THE: WINTER SESSION. The number of signatures received, of intending season ticket holders, up to the time of going to press is most encourag- ing. and the management have already I made arrangements to re-surface the floor in time for the opening- session, on Wed- nesday next, November 2nd. The skating surface of the Llandudno Rink has always been spoken of by skaters from' all parts of the country who have from time to time tested it, as being without exception, the best laid floor in the country, not, even excepting the famous floor at "Olympia," London. There are still to be found amongst, the non-skaters those who predict rinking is over, not only at Llandudno, but else- where. There can be no doubt that in some towns where rinks sprang" up in a single week, half-a.-dozen at a time, that the "boom" soon fizzled out, but in such towns as Llandudno, where only one rink has been run, and that on the most com- mendable lines, the boom is yet in its infancy. Only the very few enthusiastic inhabitants cnspare. the time, during Llandudno's .season, to go in for rinking extensively, but the management have not forgotten the fact that they were at the outset, and as long as various avocations permitted, most enthusiastic supporters, and it is for that reason they have deter- mined to give them an opportunity of in- dulging; in, what after all is a winter pas- time, at a, nominal charge. As a proof that the boom is by no means over,, many of those who learnt roller skating! in the old days and years ago, are as keen as ever, those who learnt in the first year of the so-called ''boom" are getting further interested in the more advanced stages of the art, and those who learnt last year are bent on obtaining" a better proficiency in the more elementary stages, whilst those people who were con- tent to look on for at least two years, have not been able to hold out any longer, and have been seen putting in good time recently. The, number of inquiries for the winter contract tickets from Colwyn Bay, De- anwy, Conway and Bangor is a further proof of the firm hold that rinking; has obtained amongst, the better class, who cannot only afford to indulge in the pas- time, but bear the additional expense of rail and tramway. The success which has attended rinking all over the country has been'secured dur- ing the winter months. Llandudno at the outset was tried as an experiment as a summer rinking' town, that it succeeded wa,s due to the excellent management of the American Roiler Rink Co., Ltd., at the outset, and latterly the International Rink Company. There are some interesting details that we are in possession of that up to the present time have not been made public. The management being desirous of hold- ing out no specially tempting offer to in- duce the skating; public to join. All they have promised is to provide an orchestra at each afternoon and evening session, Wednesdays and Saturdays, a full fort- night's skatingi at Xmastide, Saturday mornings being! chiefly reserved for be- ginners, arrangements being made for in- struction, the season to extend from Wed- nesday next, November 2nd, until the first Saturday in April, twenty-two weeks in all, and the charge is only one guinea, for a contract ticket available at any ses- sion and to include the use of skates. Amongst the interesting; details hinted at we are able to announce that school- children will be admitted, to the afternoon sessions only, at the. nominal charge of six- pence, including skates, this special privilege wil also be extended to the Boy Scouts. Lady contractors may set their minds at rest that, no rink hockey will be allow- ed, and this for a very good reason, no rinking surface can possibly be kept in perfect condition if hockey is permitted. The Hippodrome will be available, on the remaining days of the week, for whist, private dancing parties, or public meetings,. The floorwitl be specially protected against any possible damage. Staticians who. after reading the above and care to go into details will be able to find out for themselves what the cost per session this contract is going to pan out at. There are twenty-two weeks, five sessions per week, without the fortnight at Xmas, at less than a. shilling a, week, surely this is sufficiently low enough to induce the skating public to give its whole-hearted support, and the general public cannot hejlp but see that it is an attraction for winter visitors on a scale that has not been previously attempted, and one that is bound to induce a con- siderable increase in Xmas holiday visi- tors. The hotel proprietors: have already 4 signified their great pleasure in the pro- posal and promised it their practical sup- port. Naturally they will, when it is au fait accompli, notify their clientele when sending out their winter tariff. It is a scheme that commands success, and we feel certain the management may rest assured that in their laudable en- deavour to extend the season, and en- courage more visitors to -stay amongst us in the short days and long wintry nights, they will be heartily supported by all classes of society quite apart from the rinking fraternity.