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f V" Shirts and | Collars I Beautifully Laundered. Shirts I white as snow. No rough I white as snow. No rough I edges on your collars and cufis. ■ Llandudno Steam I Laundry, "Warehouse Street. 'Phone 160. Or send a postcard. Dyeing and Cleaning Departments of the above Laundry give excellent results. Satisfaction guaranteed. Prices Reasonable. Prorqpt and Efficient Service. %8aam«M im« mmmmm W %8aam«M im« mmmmm W WOODLEY'S CENTRAL LIBRARY. (in üonnedion with MUDIE'S), TBOEiElE DOORS FRiO-M THE. CORNER OF WORTH PARADE! UPPER MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. Reduced Terms of- Subscription from 7s. 6d. per annum. The following are a few of the Books now in Oirculation:- Max .J Uhrlcote Hannen Pols Maurten Maurtens The Spider Fergus Hume Queen Sheba's Ring Rider Haggard Devil and the Deep Sea .Ri. Broughton Peer and the Woman .P. Oppenheim The Stowaway Louis Tracey The White Bride White The Beauty of the Family Warden The Lantern Bearers Mrs Sidgwick In the Balance L. G. Moberly Bianca's Daughter J. Forman Lady Molly of Scotland Yard .Orczy Lying Lips Le Queux Not Guilty W. EJ. Norris Jehannie of Golden Lips W. Foster Hearts in Exile Oxenham Crimson Gale .G. Colmora Week at the Sea H. Avery A Border Scourge B. Mitford Blue Grey Magic .I. S. Cole I Pilgrimage of a Fool Buckrose Het of the Years Hyde Angela St. John Trevor Girl with Red Hair .Max Pemberton Valley of Achor De Crespigrey Doctor's Lass. Booth Law of the Bolo.S.Hyatt Wihat's Wrong with the World Chesterton Two Men and Gwenda M. Grundy The Cross of Honour Ope-nshaw The Affair of the Envelope Wigrain The Way Up Willcocks Capt. Flrasers' Profession .J. S. Winter Prince of the World Hocking Career of F'reda ..Beardmore Peacock Jewels Fergus Hume Red Herrings R. Macdonald Sir Roger Keyne z Maxwell Fool's Errand Hamilton Diana of Dreams Undesirable Governess M. Crawford Maid of Silver Sea Oxenham Freda K. Tynan A F'ai,r Martyr. —Bloundelle Burton A Girl of T'o-Day L. T. Meade Purple Butterfly Tippett Felix Hichens Fame .B. M. Croker Three Judges H'. Maxwell Her Mother's Daughter K. Tynan Motor Maid C. N. Williamson Rose of the Wilderness Crockatt The Prima Donna .Marion, Crawford Miss Clevelands and Companion A. Sergeant. A Man of No Importance Rita Lady Judas F, Barrett Dead Love Has Charms Braddon Queer Lady Judas Rita Rosemary in Search of a Father Williamson Youngest Miss Mowbray Croker Countess of Maybury Maxwell Prisoners M. Cholmondley The Mystics K. C. Thurston Man from America De La Pasture Viper of Milan M. Bowen The Far Horizon .Lucas Malet The Gambler K. Thurston Fenwick's Career Humphrey Ward Running Waters .A. E. Mason Benita Rider Haggard John Chilcote, M.P K. C. Thurston PIANO PIRACTICE" ROOM. PIANOFORTES ON SALE AND HIRE. Woodley's New Map of Llandudno and District. Craigside Hydro, LLANDUDNO CHARMING RESIDENCE. LI XL RIO U S BATHS Turkish, Russian, and Electric). TENNIS. Golf Links near. Evening Entertainments RALPH E. MTJNRO, Manager. EDWARD THORP & SONS, Contractors to H.M. War Department, Builders, Shop Fitters, & Funeral Furnishers, B:ve'to:n.. O:J:8lBt:S LLANDUDNO. Telegrams—Thorp. Tele 0ii9G.

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