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LLANDUDNO & DISTRICT FIELD CLUB. EXCURSION TO BODSILIX AND MAES Y-GAEE On Saturday last. October 22nd, the members of the above club, under the leadership of Mr W. Bezant Lowe, of Llanfairfechan, paid a visit to the old hill camp of Maes-y-Gaer near Aber. Arriving at Llanfairfechan Station at 2-7 p.m., the party proceeded at once up Coed-v-Fhnnon Road to Llys Gwynt and thence over Bodsilin. On the way Mr Lowe called attention to the site of the Roman Milestone, which had been found near Rhiwiau Ucha some 27 years ago. It was found with the part contain- ing the inscription buried in the earth, and consequently the inscription was well preserved. From this inscription it was of the date of the Emperor Hadrian (about 119 A.D) and was eight miles from Conovium (Caerhun). This was of especial interest, as this distance almost exactly coincides with the distance of the spot from Caerhun at the pre.sent day. and therefore tends to confirm the existence of the Roman Road, which is now said to run from Caerhun to Aber. The mile- stone was a. very fine example, if not the finest of the 50 Roman milestones that have been found in England and Wales. In addition to this was found not far from this spot, a. portion of another milestone, of the time of the Emperor. Septimus Severus. or about 80 years later than the other. It is possible that there may have been a branch of the Roman Road past Rhiwiau Uchaf to Gorddinog, and so on. skirting the hi: 1 slopes towards Bangor, but this requires confirmation. The sceneiy was especially beautiful on this occasion, and the leaves were of everv tint. and the heavy rains had swollen the small streams that came down from the uplands, making them miniature moun- tain torrents. By the kind permission of the tenant the old house of Bodsilin was viewed, and it was noticed that an inscrip- tion on a stone over the door was as fo1- I o w -T. L. 1745. Though the present house has been modernised, the site is an old one, and here at one time lived a certain Robert Owfii. who married as his second wife, Lowry Coytmor, thus making a con- nection with the house of Cochwillan from which the famous Archbishop Williams was descended. Not far distant was Gorddinog, at present the residence of Col. Platt, C.B., but formerly belonging to Thomas Wynn ap Mores of Gorddinog, who traced his descent from Iorwerth ap Jarddur, and so back to Helig ap Glannog of the "Palace under the Sea" fame. Climbing the hill at the back of Bod- silin, the upland plateau was reached, from which Mr Lowe pointed out most of the mountains that were visible from that spot; the famous Aber Waterfall must have been a sight, as the fall of water even from that distance was observed to be considerable. The junction of the valley in which the waterfall rises and the Afon Anafon Valley was also well seen, and Mr Lowe men- tioned how in times oioiie by glaciers moved slowly down each of these vallevs, leaving now behind them huge moraine mounds and in places ice scratched rocks. The party were now close to M.aes-v- Gaer, which was seen to be a hill. evidently commanding the vallev near Aber. There are very clear remains of a vallum and fosse of considerable dimen- sions. The party now proceeded down the mountain slopes to the road leading to Pont N ewYCld. which was reached about 5 o'clock, where tea was provided, and after a rest it was an easy walk to Aber Sta- tion, which was left at 6 20, Llandudno being reached about 7 p.m. The next excursion will be on Saturday. October 8th, to Deganwy Castle, under the leadership of Mr G. A. Hump lire vs. F.R.I.B.A. It is proposed to hold the annual Con- versazione on November 23rd, in the Town Hall, and Council Chamber. Llan- dudno, and in conjunction with this a Loan Exhibition extending over four clavs from November 22nd to November' 25th. Mem biers and others are asked to let either of the secretaries, Mr L. S. Underwood, of Brinkburn, Lloyd Street, Llandudno. or Mr W. Bezant Lowe, of Cae Carw, Llanfairfechan, of any objects of interest which they may have to exhibit. A special feature will be a display of coloured photographs by Dr. Elliot, Ches- ter, illustrating the Chester Pageant; there will also be a short lecture on the Roman discoveries at Holt, with illustrating slides, and many other special features. For particulars a pp. y to either of the Secretaries.

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