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LOCAl, NEWS. FIRE PREVENTION. The Surveyor has been authorised to purchase 6 patent fire extinguishers at the price of 5s. each, for use at the Asphalter Works and in con- nection with the tar spreading machine. n WEATHER RECORD.—The total number of hours of bright sunshine re- corded at Llandudno for week; ending October 23rd was 10 hours 30 minutes. The rainfall during same period was 1.710 inches. LE( TI RE.—A lecture was given in the Schoolroom of St. John's English Wesley an Church on Wednesday evening, entitled "Gipsy Life in Mysore Jungles." The lecturer was the Rev. A. Dumbarton, F.R.G.S., and a collection taken for the Wesleyan Foreign Mission Funds. Mr T. W. Griffith, J.P., presided. ADVERTISING .—A letter from the Town Improvement Association asking for a cheque for JB12, the balance of the -contribution of the Council to the North Wales Advertising Board, was read at a meeting of the Finance Committee, but the matter was deferred for a month. WATER SUPPLY TO BOTTLING STORES.—A letter was read at a meet- ing of the. Water and Ga,s Committee from Mr C. Dawson on behalf of the Receiver and Manager of Messrs. Ind Coope and Co.. asking the Committee to consider an alternative proposal which he made in respect of the changes of the Council for supply of water to the Company's Bottling Stores at Craigydon. The Clerk was in- structed to reply that the Committee have given the matter very careful' considera- tion and they regret that they cannot vary their decision. PRINCE'S THEATRE!.—A capital series of pictures are: shewn at the Prince's Theatre this week, and attract good houses nightly. The series inclu de: "O'ver Silent Path" (dramatic), "She wanted a bow-bow" (comic), "Without her father's consent" (comic), "Land of Snakes and Monkeys" (travel), "Car- minella" (dramatic), "Bill's Serenade" (comic), "Does she love me" (comic), "Jemmy" (dramatic) and a, special, en- titled the "Miner's Child" (dramatic). Pictures are changed on Mondays and Thursdays. CHILDREN'S SUNDAY.—On Sunday afternoon at Caersalem Mission Church, a special children's service was held. Several hymns were sungi by the children under the leadership of- Mr Edward Hughes, Trevor -Street, and addresses given by Mr William Davies, Jubilee Street: Mr Thomas Griffith Jones, Coun- cil Street Mr Richard Thomas, Gwyn- llys and Miss Howells, Star Hall, Man- chester. A very large number of children and young: people were present, and the gathering was a very enjoyable1 one. BUILDING! TRADE'S DISPUTE, A number1 of conferences have been held this week between representatives of the T employees engaged in the building trades and the executive of the. Llandudno Builders' Association in reference to a dispute as to the breakfast half-hour. For many years it has been customary for work to commence during the winter months at half-past six, but the employers are now anxious to change the time until seven o'clock. The employees have offer- ed to give way if the employers will grant an increase in wages of three-farthings per hour'. It is expected that an amicable settlement will be made, failing; which the matter will be laid,before the National Conciliation Board. THE CRICKET CLUB DINNER.— The Right Hon. Lord Mostyn will pre- side at the annual dinner of the Cricket Club, which is to be held at the Clarence Hotel on Monday evening next, October 31st. It is expected that his lordship will make an important announcement with regard to the future of the cricket ground, so that unusual interest is attach- ed to this year's gathering. The season having been the most successful in the history of the club there should be a re- cord attendance to congratulate the play- ing members on their achievements dur- ing the summer. A capital musical pro- ;n p gramme is being arranged by the dinner committee. EXTENSION OF ELECTRIC TRAM- WAY.—Mr Thornton Jones, the Conway Town Council's solicitor, has been in- structed to obtain counsel's opinion upon the position of the Council under the agreement with the Llandudno and Col- wyn Electric Railway Company with respect to the extension of the railway from West Llandudno to Deganwy.'—At a meeting of the Council on Wednesday the Deganwy Improvement Association sent a letter expressing the disappoint- ment in the district at the gr,ea,t delay in the matter of the extesnion of the light railway to Deganwy, and hoping that the Council would do all in their power to press it forward. The Clerk was directed to reply, on the motion of Alderman Netherwood, seconded by Mr J. Porter, that the Council were in fact doing all they could in the matter. CAPTURE OF A SHARK IN LLAN- DUDNO1 BAY.—Some time ago a local gentleman interested in Natural History asked one of the boatmen to obtain for him a large specimen of the common dog fish, which at this time of the year is frequent- ly caught in the Bay. On Wednesday morning last the gentleman was informed by the boatman in question (John Lloyd Jcnes) that he had caught on his line a part,* cu'),rly large dog fish. It was taken home for dissection by the gentleman re- ferred to, and proved to be a, fine two- year old female specimen of the. common shark (Carcharias vulgaris). Its length wa.s 4ft. 10s:'n from the point of the snout to the tip of the tail, and it turned the scale at 511bs. Although these waters are sosm-wli removed from the habitat! of the sb ar 1 it occasionally happens (especial v t this period of the year) that a specimen • tu lit in or thrown up by I British wr-o s but so far as Llandudno is conre 1,p writer believes it is the first rel0rr¡ distance of the capture of a shark in own 'ittle Bay. PROPOSE!) C YM M ROD O RI0 N SOCIETY.—The movement to establish a Cvmmrodorion Society in Llandudno promises to receive very hearty support. The Free Library Committee, have granted the use of the, lecture room for the in- augural meeting, which is to he held next Friday evening". AH interested are in- vited to be present. DAMAGE: TO TOLL GATE.—The Surveyor reported to the Works Com- mittee that damage had been done to one of the gates of the Marine Drive by a vehicle belonging to the Coaching Com- pany. The Committee accepted the offer of the Company to repair the gate to the satisfaction of the Surveyor. THE PIER BIOSCOPE.—An excep- tionally good selection of pictures was exhibited on Monday night, when there was a large audience in the Pier Varieties Theatre. The pictures included a new cowboy film, entitled "Brother, sister and cowpuncher," a picture of great dramatic interest; "Scenes in Devon," a most beautiful film, "Tantoline Ballet Girl" (comic) and a score of-other good pictures. The audience testified by their applause that the pictures were appreciated. REIHOBOTH! LITEiRARY SOCIETY. The weekly meeting of the above Society was held on Monday night, the Rev. H. C. Lewis, B.A., B.D. in the chair, The Rev. W. Phillips. M.A., pastor of the English Presbyterian Church, gave a. most interesting address on "Astronomy," from which it was evident that the reverend lecturer was well versed in the science of the skies, and was heartily thanked at the close for his most in- structive lecture. OLD. INHABITANT'S DEATH— The death has taken place at the ripe age of eighty-four of Mr Harry Jones, F'frith- gerrigi. It will he remembered that Mr Jones was baptised by the Rev. Davicl Davies at the Tabernacle Welsh Baptist Chapel during the recent revival when he was eighty years of age. At the time of his death deceased resided with his son, who is employed at the Gas Works. The funeral took place at Llanrhos on Weclnesclav. INDIA AT HOME.—The Andres, who are paying a return visit to Llandudno this week, and are located in the Town Hall, are to be congratulated on provid- ing an entertainment that goes merrily from beginning to end. Madame Victor Andre's Dream Visions have created no little excitement, and are the talk of all who have been present at the entertain- ments. The company includes Miss Florence Ellis, ballad vocalist; Mr Stan- ley Foster, Mdlle. Rene. Mr James Birch and Les Andres in their speciality "National Songs and Dances." HOTEL KEEPER'S CLAIM.—At Llandudno County Court last week, be- fore His Honour Judge Moss, Mr Wil- fred Gauntlett, proprietor c4 the Marine Hotel, claimed £;11 3,s. 6d. for damages to furniture from the executors of the late Rev. Mr Swainson. Forest Row. Mr J. E. Hallmark (Messrs. Henderson and Hallmark) for plaintiff said the claim was for damage caused to bedroom furniture during the late Mr Swainson's illness at the hotel.Miss Jessie Cripps, man- ageress of the hotel, gave evidence as to damage, after which Mr Ef. E'. Bone for defendants submitted that the claim was a preposterous one.—His Honour gave judgment for the 22 which had been paid into court. VALUERS' RETAINING FEES.—At the Carnarvonshire Quartler Sessions on Thursday, Mr Thornton Jones, acting on behalf, of various parishes in the Conway Union, applied to the Court to sanction certain valuers' bills of costs in recent appeals by the parishes against the: county rate basis. The appeals, he said, con- cerned a sum of £ 6,000), and the fees were undoubtedly reasonable and had been paid by the appellants. Mr J. T. Roberts (clerk to the County Council) op- posed, on the ground that a retaining fee of 25 guineas was exorbitant, and that practically all the work charged for had already been done for the union, entirely i apart from the interest which the parishes as such had in the valuation. He ad- mitted that the fees had been paid, but he thought that it. was a public scandal that gentlemen in the position of valuers should take upon themselves to fix what fees they would charge.—Mr Thornton Jones pointed out that the work had to be entered upon for the parties. It did not follow that because valuers had already done work their- services were to be placed at the disposal of any hireling. —The Court disallowed the retaining fees, but sanctioned the remaining costs. SALE OF PROPERTY AT LLAN- DUDNO.—At the Marine Hotel, Llan- dudno, on Friday evening, several im- portant properties were submitted by pub- liction auction. Mr Matthew Ryan offered the site known as Jackson's vinery and garden, prominently situated at the corner of Gloddaeth" Street and Deganwy ZD Street. The land has an area of 2,084 square yards, and is freehold. The bid- ding started at 21, 5,001; and at £ 2,100 the property was declared sold to Mr Jackson, one of the sons of the late proprietor. Mr T. W. Griffith then, to the same com- pany, offered a private residence known as Isbryn, in Abbey Road, Llandudno, the tenancy of which is for 99 years from 1874, at an annual ground rent of £ 5 10s. Commencing at 9950, the bids went up to £1,050, at which figure the lot was with- drawn, the reserve, which was said to be low, not having been reached. Three houses in Madoc Street, Albert House, Worcester House, and Barnsley House, all on leasehold land, were offered, but Were withdrawn, as the reserve was not reached. A bakery and grocery stores in Back Augusta Street, also put up for competition, was at £ 520. The bid- ding commenced at 2300, and went up rapidly to the figure at which the prem- ises were knocked down. The purchaser was Mr Jones, of The Bakery, Llan- dudno. The site is leasehold for 99 years from 1877 at JB.2 a. year ground rent. Messrs. Chamberlain and Johnson were th solicitors for the vendors.

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