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Family Notices





LLANDUDNO BANDMAN'S ELOPEMENT. WIFE; AND CHILDRiEiN DESERTED. At Conway on Tuesday Percy Boyce was charged with having! deserted his wife and two children, leaving them chargeable to the Guardians of the Con- way Union. Mr J W. Post, the deputy clerk to the Guardians, deposed that the defendant's wife and children, who were living- in Alexandra Rioa,d, Llandudno, were found a fortnight ago to be destitute, and were removed by the relieving officer, Mr R. H. Jones, to the workhouse at Conway. A warrant for the arrest of the husband was issued, a,nd he was taken into cus- tody in Manchester. Mr Post went on to say that he had had a. conversation with Boyce who was wilding to take his wife and family out of the workhouse, and if he would do that, the Guardians, who had no wish to be vindictive, de- sired that the case should be adjourned for a month to see how the defendant car- ried out his promise. Dr RI. A. Prichard, the chairman of the Bench, asked Boyce whether he would be willing to take his wife and family out of the house, and the man replied that he would do so, and would do h(is best to make up for the mistake he had made. He was a musician, and his intention was to go to Manchester, where his prospects would be much better. Deputy Chief Constable Rees said that the defendant deserved all he got, as he ran away with a, married woman who left two .children behind her, the result of his ,action being a, good deal, of unhappine.s.s in the other family. He was a member of the Llandudno town band. The Chairman said that if the defen- dant did not carry out the condition he would be severely dealt with, but if he did what was right to his wife and family he need not report himself at all. Deputy Chief Constable Rees stated that the costs of the pohce in connection with the arrest and his being- brought to Conway by Police Constable Charles Ross (Capel Curig) came to 19s. 8d., in addition to which there would be the cost of maintaining Mrs Boyce and the chil- dren in the workhouse. Mr Post: They have only been in the workhouse a, few days. The Deputy Chief Constable: The Guardians are very good. Mr Post: Of course we shall keep an eye on the man. The defendant was then set at liberty, and the case against him was adjourned for a month


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