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THE LLANDUDNO FREE LIBRARY. ARRANGEMENTS FOR SALE; OF WORK. A representative meeting of ladies was held at the Town Hall last week to con- sider the advisability of getting up a sale of work, tea and entertainment to obtain funds for supplying the new Free Library with new books, etc. The idea (for which credit must be given to Mrs Roberts, Iluyton) was taken up with en- thusiasm, and the following ladies quick- ly promised to assist: — Committee for Tea.—Mrs Conolly, Mrs Williams, The Cambridge; Mrs Stones, Mrs J. Roberts, Bryn Celyn; Mrs R. Thomas, Miss Buckley, and Miss Jones, Brynymor. Committee for evening refreshments and decorations of Hall.—Mrs Walter Wood, Mrs Barrow Williams, and Mrs W. D. Longshaw. Committee for Entertainment.—Mrs James Marks, Mrs Osborne Roberts, Miss Bone, Miss Nell Roberts. Fancy and Useful Stall.—Mrs Roberts, Huyton; Mrs Ei. '0'. Davies, Mrs Reeves Hughes, Mrs Rowlands, Mrs Powell. Plum Ptldding: and Mincemeat, etc. Stall.—Mrs Timms, Miss Doran, Miss Tipper. Toffee and Sweet Stall.—Mrs John Walker, Mrs Llewelyn Hughes. Contributions will be gratefully wel- comed. by any of the above, and addi- tional information may be obtained from Mrs Roberts, Huyton; or Mrs James Marks, hon. sec. The sale will be held in the Town Hall on the 8th of December, and will be open- ed by Mrs John Walker at 3 p.m. The in- clusive price for admission, tea. and even- ings entertainment is one shilling. Seats may be reserved for the, latter at a charge of 6d. each. It is confidently expected that everyone will help to ensure a great success, as all may—if they wisli-benefit by the result.




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