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LOCAL NEWS. SU.N,SHINE REICOIPD.-The total number of hours of bright sunshine recorded- at Llan- dudno far week ending July 17Lh was 64 hours 24 minutes,. No rain fell during the week. TRANSFER.—At the monthly Police Court on Monday a temporary transfer of the George, and Dragon, Conway, was granted from Mr J. G. Graham to Mr Hugh Meggitt, Lancaster. LLANDUDNO & OOLWYN BAY ELECTRIC TRAMWAY SHARES.—As will be observed from an advert., in our advertising columns, Messrs.. Edwin FOx. Bousfield Burnetts and Baddeley will sell by auction ait the Mart, London. B.C. on Wednesday, July 27th, 725 £ 1 shares. DEATH OF MR. MARRINER BRIGG.W; regret to anno-unce the death of Mr William Mamrinec Brigg, BMdlalaw!. which took place on Friday morning after an illness extending over a. period of several yeans. Mr Brigg, who came to Llandudno in 1,898, from Keighley, J Yorkshire, wais a broUher of Sir John Brigg, M.P. for Keighley, and a member of a, well- known woollen manufacturing firm. Mr Brigg, who was. 70 years of age, w-ais a liberal supporter of Ohnrist Church (Congregational), Llandudno. Much sympathy will be felt with Mrs Brigg in her bereavement. The funeral will take place :a;t :-it, Tudno Churchyard on Friday. AN OLD OFFENDER.-Maria Griffith, Back Caroline Street, was- charged at Llandudno Police Court on Monday with being drunk and disorderly in Madoc Street on July llth. She pleaded guilty, and had nothing to say.- Deputy Chief Constable Rees proved twenty- one previous convictions, the last being twelve months ago.—A fine lof 2s. 6d. and costs was imposed. THE DOGS ACT.—At Llandudno Police Court .on Monday Edward Arch, Sparkhill, Old Road. was fined 2s. 6d. and costs for allowing his dog to be at large between the hours, of 5 p.m. and 6 a.m. on July 4th contrary to the regulations of the OarnarvOlIlshire County Council. The defence was that the animal was not six months old. THE! BETTING CIASES.-We, requested to state by Mr John Williams, of Brook Cottage, Bofdafon Blow, Llandudno, that he denies he pleaded in .connection with the recent betting cases in iftie Llandudno Police Court "that he was poor and had a. wife and family to keep; otherwise he would have had nothing to. do with the business." NOT THE FIRST TIME—John C'assidy, Vardre View, was at Llandudno Police Court on Monday charged with being drunk at the Pier Hotel on the 11th July.—P.O. Evans (22) said he went into the Pier Hotel, but he was refused drink by the barman. Defendant pleaded guilt,y.-In reply to; the Chairman, Deputy Chief Constable Rees said it was Cassidy's first appearance in court, although not by any means the first time he had been drunk.—He was fined la. and costs. LANSDOWNE HOUSE SCHOOL.—In conse^ quence of the increase in the number of pupils lit has been founds desirable to have more accommodation. The principals, Miss Raw and Miss Bennett, have therefore taken the adjoin- ing (house (York House in York Road) which gtves them so, much extra space that it has been decided bo open a boys' preparatory school. It wtill be conducted quite apart from the girls' school, with separate entrance, play- ground. etc. This department will be under the personal supervision of the principals, assisted by fully qualified mistresses. CONCERT.—A very interesting evening was spent last Tuesday at the "One Ash" Boarding Residence, in Gloddaeth Street, the occasion being a concert organised by the visitors. The large dining room was transformed. into' a con- cert hall, with a roomy platform prefttily de- corated with plants. Much amusement was caused by the' eccentric nature of the wording of the programme, which were eagerly sought after by those present, to be retained as amus- ing souvenirs of the occasion. Amolngsit those who so kindly contributed to the success of the eveiiing were, Miss E. Rogers, who- sang "The Lost Chord," with much feeling:. Miss, G. Gregory gave pretty renderings of "Who'll buy my Lavender and Roses." Mr H. Hyde played and sang in fine style. Mr A. H. Gib- son held his hearers, and was loudly applauded for two excellent violin solos. Other items were' a lecture by Mr W,. G. Hoopetr, F.R.A.S., on the "Evolution of the Universe," a clever recitation by Mr A. M. Dickins. and a terribly real ghost impersonation by Mr Henderson. At the close of the evening a hearty vote of thanks was given to the entertaineil's and to Mrs Chas. Richardson and Mr Frank A. Kovachi, the former for her kindness in giving every facility for the holding of so pleasant, an even- ing, and to the latter for hi; endeavours to make the entertainment a real success.—Coon-' municated. MALICIOUS DAMAGE.—At Llandudno- Police Court on Monday, Thomas Williams and Wil- liam Williams, Penihynside, brothers, were charged with doiag malicious damage iïo. notice boards, the' property of Lady Augusta 1 Mostyn. Mar Thornton Jonesi prosecuted, but < defendants did mot appear.-Alfred Draper,, und,erkeeper in the employ of Lady Augusta Mostyn, said that on Sunday morning, June 26th, he heard the smashing of wood in Glod- daeth Woods, and proceeding cautiously in the direction of the sound saw defendants smash- ing the notice boards. He remonstrated with them, and was told by Thomas Williams that a man like himself would have, been shot in South Africa. They also pulled) up some barbed wire fencing and attempted to uproot a seat placed in the woods for the convenience of the public. In company with P.G. Williams, stationed at Penrhynsidei, he identified Thomas Williams in a public house at Penrhynside and William Williams in RhoisrionSe.a.-P.C. Wil- liams corroborated, the latter part of the evi- dence. and ,stated that one of the defendants admitted that they had done the damage, say- ing, "It's all through drink again. Do you know how much drink we had. We had a big jar of beer and a pint of whisky. We drank the whisky raw and the, beeir. We were like mad- men and did, not know what we were doing.- Deputy Chief Constable Rees proved ten con- victions, fOil" larceny, etc., .against Thomas Wil- lifims, and,s,-ai,d nothing was known against his brother.—Thomas Williams was, fined, 10s. and CÚSIS and William Williams 5s. and oosts on each of the two charges preferred against them, the Chairman observing that; if they had not been drunk at the time and 4id not know what they were. doing they would have been sent to prison without the option of a fine.