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MOSTYN AVENUE. ABE It HOUSE—Mrs Griffiths. Mr and Mrs Bush, London Mrs and Miss Mason, Birkenhead CLARENCE HOUSE—Miss H. Hobson. Mr H. Beilamy and family,, Manchester Mr J. W. Rush worth, children and nurse, Manchester Mrs and Evans, West Kirby Mr and Mrs Owens, do Mrs Parkington. Oxton Mr Paul Bridson, South Africa Mr -and Mrs W. A. Shepherd and family, Miss Read, London Miss Haywood, do Mr W. A. Horne. do •CYNLAS—Miss L, Pritelhard. Mr Herbert Grey, Bi- 'rmin-gham Mrs WSnram, Southport Miss D. Winram, do Miss Hind, Manchester Miss Davies 1 Mrs Burns and family, Manchester CJE.LAMERE—Miss Shaw, j Mr L. Barber, London I Mrs Barbfer, baby and maid, do j AN urse Richards." Birmingham ISLWYN—Mrs Roberts, Mr, Mrs and Miss Thomson, Leicester Miss Bolton, Birmingham LAUREL BANK—Mrs John Jarvis Mr and Mrs Roberts, Birkenhead Park Misses Roberts, do ¡ 7, MOSTYN AVENUE—Misses Morris. Mr and Mrs Jones, Bristol Mr J. P. JOOéS, do, Miss E. M. Jones, do NORTH MADOC STREET. ASH GROVE—Mrs Roberts. Mr arid Mrs White, Bishop Auckland Mr and Mrs Johnson and son. Birmingham BODHYFRYD—Mrs Parry. Mr and Mrs R-owe,, Chorlton-cum-Hardy Mrs Wood, Otley Mr and Mrs Fox. do GOLEUFRYN—Mrs E. C. Taykor. Mr Sutcliffe and son, Bradford Mr W. J. Williams, Carnarvon Mr O. W. R. Williams, do Mr TimperleyT Sparkhill, Birmingham. I Mr H. Timperley, do Mr Gardiner, Preston Mr Corker, Manchester Mrs Bray and son, Rhyl Miss Lupton, Preston ( Misses Haycliock, do Miss Taylor, Leicester Misses Coulto-n, Tamworth HAZELDENE—Mrs Armstrong- and Miss Leslie Misses Dawson. Ru-shiolme, Manchester Miss Prince, do Mrs Green. Sheffield Miss Wardrobe, do Mr and Mrs MilMgan and family, Otley Mr and Mrs Ormrod, Manchester Mr Ormrod, junr.. do RAVENSCOURT—Mrs Twilton. M.-s Ewens, Street Somerset Miss Jeffreys, do Mr and Mrs Houlton. Trowbridge Mr and Mrs Heild, Sheffield Misses M. aind J. Heild, do Mr and, Mrs Walton, babv and nurse, Hyde THE CLJFFE-Mrs J. Owen. Mrs John Newsom. 22. Mostvn Avenue, West Kirby Miss Brmon.ha. Bidston Road, Birkenhead Mr and Mrs Bourne and childrn, Wilmslow Mrs Stirrett, Shrewsbury Miss Bache, do Mr and Mrs Leach and family, Liverpool THE AVENUE—Mrs Ben Edwards. Mr. Mrs and Miss Wielev, Richmon Mrs Will iams, Ch ester Mr F. Williams, do Misses Whittaker. Nelson Mr and Mrs Shaw. Urmston Master Shaw, do Rev, and Mrs Poole, Trenbury Mrs Turton, Oxton Mrs Jones, do Miiss Wharton THE PALMS—Mr and Mrs Siinglieton. Misses Gearev. Birmingham Mr and Mrs H. Dixon and family. Lytham Mr and Mrs Knowles and family, Darwen Mr and Mrs Bassett. Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Vcs and family, South Africa ST. MARY'S ROAD. BEECH GROVE—Mrs J. R. Evans. Mrs Farrish and children, Northwich Miss Lightfoot, do BRO ALUN-M",s Griffiths. Mr Line, Stockport Misses Line (3). do CAMBLOT—Mrs J. Owen. PLAS MAELOR—Mrs E. Williams. Mrs and Miss Finmemore, Stafford Miss Finnemore. London TRINITY SQUARE. OAKHURST—Mr: Harrison. Mr and Mrs Fred Wilkinson, Bradford Misses L, and J. HildCck, Birmingham lVIirand Mrs Turner. Earby Mr and Mrs King. dio Mr and Mrs Fairfield and baby. Nuneaton TRINITY VILLA—Mirs Fortnum. I Mr and. Mrs Clarke and nurse. Birmingham Mr and Mrs Winter, Lincoln Dr. and Mrs Sproull. Withernsea Mr and Mrs Niven and party, do Mr Griffith?,. London Mr and Mrs Beard,. Manchester Mr and Mrs Beard, Birmingham TRINITY STREET. BIRKDALE—Mrs Lawtotn. Mr and Mrs Youll, Reading Master Gordon Youll, do Mrs Turner, London Mr ance Mrs Potts Nevastle-on-Tyne Mrs and Miss Hart, Le-eds Mr and. Mra T. E. Taylor, Leicester Miss Maggie Taylcf. do Master Raymond Tavlor, do DINORWIC VILLA—Mrs R. Hughes. Mr and Mrs Hodgetts and baby, Harbourne Mrs Hodgetts, senior an dson, do Mr and Mrs Hodgetts and daughter, Shellialhall Mr and Mrs J. Simms and baby. Wabali Mr F. Simms, do Miss Auliff, do DURHAM VILLA—Mrs Sullivan. Mir and Mrs Jubb, Leeds Mrs Be est, on and baby, do Mr and Mrs Young, do Mr Nick&lson. Berlin Mr Ellis London ISLWYN—Mrs Levis. Houston, L'scard Mr D. Houston, do Mrs and Miss Groates London Mr and Mrs Parks,, Wolverhampton Miss Parks, do Mr and Mrs Hopcutt, do Mrs Hewitt, dto Mr and Mrs Warburton, Crewe Miss Warburton, do Mr Warburton, do Mirs Baker, do LINCOLN VILLtA-Mre Ed. Roberts. Mr and Mrs Knott. Norwich. Mr and Mrs Allan. Birmingham Mr Round, do Mrs Rippon, Manchester Miss Mabel RobertQ, Southport PARK VILLA—Mrs D. Evans Mr and Mrs S. Wita-grove, London Mr and Mrs Fielden. Todm-orden Mr and Mrs Pearson, Birkenheadi Mr and Mrs Stockton, do Mrs T'hieaker, Manchester Miss L. Theaker, do Miss Theaker, do Mrs Buxton. Derbv THE ELMS—Mrs Roberts, Mrs and Miss Cusaack, Dublin Mrs Lynees, do Mr and Mrs StoeirrML. Boston Mr and Mrs Liviery, Bolton Mr Shaw, Leeds Master Shaw, do Mr and Miss Shaw, do Mrs and Miss Frv. Bath TUDNO STREET. GvYALOHMAI-Mrs WilnianXS. Mr and Mrs Goodman, Derby Misses Goodman and nurse, do Mr and Mrs Ward, Bolton Miss Ward, do Mr and Mrs Bird, Birkenhead Misses WilMams, Farnworth LUDLOW HOUSE—Mrs Wm. Roberts. Mr and Mrs Harvey, Parkfleld Koad, Wolver- I Miss H. Wilfcoek, 20. Mather Lane, Leigh 1 Mr Ramsdale, 55. Brunswick Street, Leigfa. Mr and Mrs A. J. OoithiiH and family, Stoke- on-Trent Mr and Mrs Deveit, Stockport Mass Guncltfff, Leigh Miss Leigh. Leigh MELBOURNE HOUSE—Mrs Higginbottom. Mr and Mrs Lane, Newport Mon Mr and Mrs Ban well and family, Bir'bam Misses Armstrong. Litbetrland Mr and Mrs Parkinson and family, Ycik VAUGHAN STREET. EGERTON HOUSE— Mr and! Mrs W. Coates and daughters, St. Petersburg Captain Baker, Hawkhurst, Kent Mrs and Miss Baker, do rLENDALOUGH—Mrs G. Evans. Mr and Mrs Lord, Darwen Misses Lord (2), do Mr Woods and friend, do Mr and Mrs Clayton, Saltley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Freeman, Oldham Master John Freeman, do Mr and Mrs Cocker, Darwen Miss Clocker, do PLAS EIDAL—Misses (Hughes. Mr and Mrs Potter (senr.), Birmingham Mr and Mrs Potter (junr.), do Mr and Mrs Luck, Liverpool Misses Johnson, Mancheste a Iír and Mrs Simpson, Burnley Misses Simpson, do Mr and Mrs Jackson, do Mr and Mrs Walton, do Mr and Mrs Walton, junr., do Misses Walton. do Mr Jackson, do Mrs Griffiths, Birmingham Miss Griffith!?!, dio Miss Briggs,, Burnley Mr and Mrs Kershaw, Manchester Mr and Mrs Dickinson, do SEA VIEW—Mrs G. Roberts. Mr Oldham, Liverpool Mrs and Miss Oidhaim, do STUDLEY—Mrs B. Ackerman. "T-L Mr and Mrs Mendelson. nurse and family, Manchester Mrs M. Mendelson, do Mrs Bernstein and daughter, do Mr M. Ney. do Mr and Mrs, S. Swerling nurse, and family. Mr and Mrs D. Harris,, Birmingham Mrs Sin-ermbn and children Miss E. Goldman and sister, Hull VAUGHAN HOUSE-Miss Micali. Mr and Mrs Gibson, family and nurse, L'pl. Mr and MrJ Worswick and family, Wigan Rev. J. Clarke, Cardiff GOLF.