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WRECKED CONSTITUTIONS How to restore them and create STRENGTH AND NERVE FORCE. I (1) Are you suffering from nerve and physical breakdown ? I (2) Are you looking old before your time ? (3) Are you- sensitive and irritable? (4) Do you feel weak after exertion? (5) Have you kidney and digestive troubles? (6) Are you losing flesh? (7) Are you pallid, thin and wrinkled ? (8) Do you lack organic energy'? or Are you iin any respect feeling worn out, run down, or ailing? If so, a trial of Dr. Caswell's Tablets will speedily convince you of their wonderful restorative powers iisn aill cases of nerve, bodilly and organic weakness. Dr. Cass ell's Tablets are guaranteed safe. for even the young-eat or most delicate, and. wiiliL ab- solute'y curiel loss of flesh, nervous prostration, debility anaemia, spinal- and nGlive paralysis, nenepains, rrickeits, weakness in children, heart depression, stomach, and kidney troubles, and all diseases arising from nerve and physical exhaustion. PÜce lOd., Is. ljd., and 2 2s. 9d., sold by all chemists. Send'two stamps to-day to Dr. Ca:<seli's Co., Ltd., King St., VV., Manchester, for a free trial box. TATOOED BY LIGHTNING. Two men named Caspian and Smith were killed by lightnngan another badly injured who were fishing were sheltering from the- storm under a large bush, when they were struck. Caspian and Smith were killed instantlly, and another main was much burnt, but was revived with the aid of artificial respiration. The men killed were marked on the bodies with the exact capreaentation of the bush under which they were sheltering, and a boy with them had imprinted on his back a repre- sentation of a tree near by. He was uninjured, except for shock. The vVofent rainstorms during the last few days have done incalculab e damage to the crops throughout the kingdom. C'orn, hay, hops. fruit and vegetables have suffered alike, and memory has to go back neaily a quarter of a century to find a para-lei for the present condition of affairs. All the Russian railway stations keep com- plain; books;, where passengers may enter various piotest: