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COWLYD WATER BOARD. EXTRAVAGANT USE OF WATER. The annual meeting of the Conway and. Col- wyn Bay Water Supply Board was held on Fri- day at Conway, when Mr HughOwen, Llan- dudno Junction, was elected chairman fotr the ensuing year, and Mir D. Gamble, of Colwyn Bay, ithe vice chairman. Mr T. B. Farrington, the Board's engineer, presented a report, which showed the amount of water supplied through the Board's mains to the district during the past three months. In April the average daily quantity of watete registered! for the whale district was 1,331,800 gallons, as coiiipared wiith 1,192,700 gallons in rthe corresponding month of last year. In May the total was 1,390,000 gallons, as compared with 1,246,000, and in June it was 1,415,100 gallons, as compared with 2,331,800 gallons in the cor- responding three months of lost year. The Engineer stated that 'the quantity now supplied to the district was equal to 50 gallons per head per day for a p(ipulat-,oii of 28,300. This was very excessive and ought to be re- duced. He suggested again that proper service reservoirs should be constructed, whidh would not only provide for a supply of water during any interruption in the trunk main, but would also enable arrangements to be made for re- ducing the pressure both on the trunk main and in the different districts. Unless some- thing was done and the excessive quantity of water now being supplied was considerably re duoed, the Board would have to consider the quest-Jon of extending the cast-iron pipes from the overflow ,chamber at Ardciia to Lake Oow- lyd, and thus preventing any overflow except at the liake. THE ALUMINIUM CORPORATION. Mr Farrngton stated the Aluminium Cor- poration had practically completed the leet from their works to the Gowlyd stream, and might at any time Ciall for the, discharge of the compensation water, 1,552,500 gallons per day, to which they were entitled by the Act of Par- liament. Seeing that the quantity now being delivered into the district daily amounted to 1,415,100 igaluons per day, he thought it was de- sirable that the Board should consider the question of securing additional gathering ground for watex. The rainfall ot Oowlyd Lake. from the com- mencement of the year until the end of June was 44.29 inches, against 31.18 inches for 1909, an .increase of 13.11 inches for the half year. Rain fell on 61 days during the six months, as compared with 43 days in the first six months of last year. DOLGARROG LIGHT RAILWAY. The Board of Trade order for the construc- tion of a light railway from the London and North-Western line between Llanrwst and Taly- cafn across the Vale of Conway to Trefrlw, via the Dolgarrog works of the Aluminium. Cor- poration, has now been issued. Mr Fairrington reported thait he had succeeded in getting a clause inserted in the order in which the pro- moters agree to allow the OowTyd Board to lay two water mains over the bridge by which the railway will cross the Conway river near Dolgarrog. 'The queiston of ithe waste water raised by Mr Farringtan was discussed by the Board, who finally decided to appoint a committee, representing the three oonstituent districts, to consider the matter fully, and to report at the nextt meeting. The Committee was constituted as foil/lows:—Messrs. Gamble and J. Dicken, re- presenting Colwyn Bay; Dr R. A. Pricliard and Mr J. E. Conway Jones, representing Conway; and Mr Hugh Owen and the Rev. William Phillips, representing the Rural District Coun- cil of Conway, with the surveyors for the three authorities. NO CHANGE. FOR 5 YEARS. CONWAY INCIDENT. For years the Conway opinion repeated here has remained unchanged. Indeed, a five year. test-has served but to' render it more full of encouragement than ever. Mr William. Marshall, who lives at 6, Wind Street, Conway, writes:—"Some months ago I began to suffer with pajiiis 'in the small of my back. My friends advised me to use different remedies, whidh I did,'but I grew wK>rce instead of better. The pains were* as bad when I got up in the micttnirug as they were when I got- home at night. "At last I mode up my mind to try Doan's backache kidney pj', and am glad to say that an a week or so they had driven away the pains from my back—the pills cured me, in fact. If I should get a return of the trouble I shall use only Ddaii's pillq; and. any who care to enquire about my experience with the medicine may do 'so, for it lis the truth. (Sign- ed) William Marshall. Over 5 years after writing the above letter, Mr Marshall1 said: I am convinced that Doan's backache kidney pails are a splendid remedy for kidney trouble. They made, me well and have kept me well. I cannot heup recommend- ing them." Doan's backache kidney pills are two shil- ling's and ninepenca per box,, or aix boxes for thirteen shillings and ninepence. Of all chemists and stores, or post free direct from the Fokster-McClellan Co., 8, Wells-street, Oxford-street, LondloL, W. Be sure you get the same kind of pills aL Mr Marshall had. WEiLSH BARDS INVITED TO BRITTANY. A number of the leading members of the Goxsjdd of the. Bards of the National Eistedd- fod of Wales have recol'ved invitations to the Eisteddfod, and Gorsedtd of Brittany, to be held at Nantes under the direction of Caledfwch, the Ch'-ei' Druid of Brittany. The representative of the Breton Gorsedd in Wales is Mr T. Matthews, of Llandebie. The meetings have been fixed; for the 30th of this month and the been fixed; for the 30th of this month an-d the two fo/l&pwing days. Arrangements are being made for Welsh music. The Archdruid. the Rev. Evan Rees (Dyfed), of Cardiff, is expected to be one of the representatives from Wales. WHAT LABOUR BUREAUS HAVE DONE. There has of late been a steady increase in the number of tramps in North Wales, and, according to the report for the fortnight pre- sented to the mooting of the iSt. Asaph Board of Guatidians, the decrease as compared with the corresponding period ast year was 84, a state of things which. Mr Ellis Jonos (Denbigh) said was believed to be due to the establish- I ment of labour bureaus.