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LOCAL NEWS. ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN: CHURCH.—At the English Presbyterian Church on Sunday next, July 17th, the Rev. W. Phillips, M.A. pastor, will preach in the morning at 11, and the Rev. David Baines Griffiths, M.A., New York, will preach in the evening at 6 30. ST. PAUL'S CHURCH.—The special preach- ers at this Church next Sunday will be the Rev. F S. Guy Warman, Principal of St. Aidan's College in the morning1, and the Rev. G. D. Oakley. Vicar of Birkenhead in the evening. The latter will preach at1 All Saints, Deganwy, in (he ing, and the Rev, Ptrincipal War- man in the evening. At Llaiurbos Church the Recta" of Llandudno preaches at 11 a,iii. The collectiolls.atall the Churches in the parish will be given to the Church Pastoral Aid Society. UNITED MUSICAL FESTIV ALi.-lt has been delCÍded to hold! the United Musical Festival of te Nonconfomist Sunday Schools on May 10th next,, in Shiloh 'Chapel. The officers appointed are Conductor, Mtr Robert Owen, Penrhynside treasurer. Mr Wm. Williams, Myrtle House; secretaries, Messrs. J. R. Evans, B-eech Grove. and D. R.. Evans, Llinos; accompanist, Miss Jennie Williams, St. George's Crescent. WEDNESDAY FOOTBALL SHIELD.—A movementl has been set on foot, initiated by the president of the League, Mr R. Greenfield, to secure a shield for the Wednesday Football League Competition. A fairly substantial amount has already been subscribed, and the organisers hope to be in a position at the open- ing of the .season to .offer a really handsome trophy to encourage mid-week football. The treasurea' is Mr J. W. Gardiner, of the National and Provincial Bank. LANSDOWNE HOUSE SCHOOL.-In conse- quence of the increase in the number of -pupils lit has been found desirable to have more accommodation. The principal's, Miss Raw and Miss Bennett, have therefore taken the adjoin- ing Ihcmse (York House in York Road) which giives them so much extra space that it has been decided to open a boys' preparatory school. It wtill be conducted quite apart from the school, with separate entrance,, play- ground, etc. Tihis department wilHi be under the personal supervision of the principals, THE REGATTA.—It has been decided to hold the annual regatta on August 22nd, the date being three weeks latetr than usual. At a meet- ing of the committee held on Monday evening a provisional programme was arranged. One important innovation has been introduced, i.e., a race for motor boats, which the committee hope will prove a very popular item. The officers atre:—Commodore, the, Right Hon. Lord Mostyn; vice commodore, Mr R. S. Cham- bexlain, chairman of committee and treasurer. Mr E. E Bone; vioo chairman, Mr J. Roberts, Bryn Celyn; hon. secretary, Mr J. D Longshaw, Town Hall. The committee will be pleased to receivel subscriptions towards the prize fund. assisted by fully qualified mistresses. BOTANICAL RAMBLE.—On Saturday last, July 9th the Llandudno and District Field Club had a most enjoyable ramble, under the leadership of Messrs. A. C. Axtelil, and R. W. Jones. The weather was ail: fchat could be de- sired. but only a small number availed them- selves of the opportunity of spending a pleasant and instructive ramble among the bounteous Flora of our local hills and vales. Several un- common arud interesting plants were met with, a few olf which is given below. The route taken was, up Nantygarner Road, over the mountain to Glodldaeith Woods, thence by Gloddaeth Isa, to Penxhyn Farm, by Penrhyn Old Hall to Pentre Isa,, where the party halted and attend- ed toi the inner man, a very good tea being pro- vided for us. Then we made our way past Ty U cha, to Colwyn Road and, back home along the shore, having thoroughly enjoyed the out- ing. The following are a list of plants:- Chlora peir.foliata (perfoliate yellow-wort),, genista. soparius (dyers greenweed), erodium maritimum (sea storksi-bill), hyocyamus niger (henbane), hypericum montanum (mountain St. Johns-womt), juniperis communis (common juniper), orchis pyramidalis (pyramidal orchis), prunella, vulgaris alba (white self-heal), sedum forsterianum (forsters stone-crop), ditto. dasyphgllam (thick-leaved stone crop), ditto telephium (orpine), ranunculus parviflorus (small-fiowerd crowfoolt), veronica, spicata (spiked speedwell). MR. MARTIN (HARVEY'S TOUR.—Mr Mar- tin Hiarvey, whotse London season at the Lyceum Theatre has proved a remarkable success, concludes his stay in the Metropolis with a performance of "The Btreed of the Treshams" on .Saturday evening, July 16th. The success o-f "Richard III." and of "The Breed of the Tieshams" had been so conspicuous that. Mr Harvey's stay at the Lyceum could with advantage have been indefinitely oontinuedL However, it is necessary that the chief actor, Mass N. de Sti'lTa and the company supporting tlie popular players should have some respite ere the arduous toutr arranged far the autumn opens. Thus, Mr Harvey proposes to spend the latter portion of July and the earlier part of August "on leave," and will commence his tour at the Opera Houses, Harrogate, on the 22nd August, appearing subsequently at Llan- dudno August 29th, Buxton, Nottingham, Glas- gow, Newcastle, Leeds,, Liverpool, Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol, Bir- mingham, Hull, condlu^ing at the Coronet Theatre, London, on December 10th. During the tour, Mr Harvey will place main reliance upon his important revival of "Richard III." which, with the exception of a, few perform- ances given liast spring, has not yet been seen im the provinces. He will also have in his repertoire "The Only Way," "A Cigarette- Maker's Romance," and will occasionally emr ploy "Hlamlet" and "The Breed of the Tres/hamsi" LLANDUDNO AUTUMN CONCERTS. ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Mrs E. Mee, Stanmore, Abbey Rd. 0 7 0 Mrs S. A. Balfry, Finchley House 0 4 0 Mrs Owen, Ferncliff, Abbey Road 0 12 0 Mr J. Petrie, Rockwardina, Carolinei St 0 4 0 Miss Elphiek, Lady For/Tester's Home 0 7 0


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