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STREET BETTING AT LLANDUDNO. SMART CAPTURE AND PUNISHMENT. A special sitting of the Llandudno, Polioe Court was held on Saturday afternoon to deaJ with four persons who had been arrested1 under the Betting Acts. Dr. T. Daltoui and Mr Robt. Roberts were the justices on the bench. Fredrick WSlliam Saunders. of Oxford Street, Blackpool and James Edward Keegan, of 7, Eaiey Street, Backpool, were first charged by Inspector Oweto, with loitering in Augusta Street' and Vaughan Street. Llandudino, in the vicinity of the railway station, for the purpose of betting, on Friday and on Saturday. Inspector Owen said that -in ,c.onsequence of several ,complaints received by the police with. respect to the two defendant^, they were secret- ly watched, as well as two other defendants. Sergt. Williams and Police Constable Wil- liams (29) observed their movements on Friday, and the defendants were seen accosting several cabmen,, men of the betting claiss and receiving betting slips.. On Saturday they were watched by Sergeant Williams and the Inspector him- self. when they saw betting slips received by them on two occasion. They were then arrest- ed by the two officers, who also, took into cus- tody two local' men, John Williams and John Hughes, who had been seen tendering betting slcps to the defendants in the present case. The four were taken to the police station, and searched. On Saunders were found two PS notes, a threepenny piece, and 2. in copper, as well' as 20 betting slips and upon Keegan were found Pl 12s. 6d. in cash and 11 betting slips, all produced. Evidence was given by Sergeant Williams and Police Constable John Williams (29) with respect to the' case on Faiijay. and. defendants pleaded guilty, after evidence had been given by the Inspector and Sergeant Williams. John Hughes, 15, Atexandra Road. Llan- dudno, street inewsvendor, and John Williams, Brook Cottage, Bodafon Row, stableman, were also charged with lodtefdng with the same ob- ject, and they too plead'ed guilty. Williams pleaded that he was poor and had a wife and family to keep; otherwise he would have. bad nothing to do with the business. 'The Chairman: We hope you will Aop it. Keegan and Saunders were fined: each iEl and costs for the offence with respect to Friday, and £ 3 each and costs for the ease, with respect to Saturday. The former said he had not suffi- cient money to pay and asked that he might have an opportunity to see Mends in the town from whom he hoped to, borrow thoe money. He was allowed to go out with a plain clothes officer for this purpose, and remarked' that if he succeeded in time he would return by train or steamer to Blackpool. The Chairman said the bench would on this occasion treat the two dfacali defendants vety leniently in the hope that they would take warning, and keep out of trouble in the future. They were fined 5s. each including costs.


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