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THE ADVERTISER SAYS That owing to pressure on our space we have been obliged to hold over several articles until our next issue. That we note that the service in the evening at St. Tudno's Church on the Great Orrne will again commence at six. That this is a more convenient time tilian 5 30, the time of service earlier in, the year. That we hear rumours of a possible resuscita- tion of the half-rater yachts in Llandudno. That such a movement' would1 have the warmest support of a. large number of amateur yachts- men in our midst. That no class of boats, either before or since have been ,8,0 popular as the 'half-raters. That in view of this possible revival we should like to hear the views of those interested. That, as in the past, we should give the project every possible suppoirt and the widest pub- licity in these ciolui-nna. That the Great Oirme Scouts, unattached, are in the command of Col. John M, Chesnut. That the search for the £ 60,.000 lost treasure, recorded elsewhere in our columns, caused considerable stir in Llandudno,. That the visit of one of H.M. torpedoes on Wed- nesday and Thursday mornings to our bay. it was rumoured., was in connection with the search for gold. That the most, likely conclusion is the torpedo was in search of the enemy in connection with the annual naval manoeuvres. That we can assure the officer in charge that when any of the battleships visit Llandudno Bay, it is public property for weeks before- hand,, and That only twice in its history has Llandudno been favoured by such a visit. That the new motor-boat which plies for hire in the Bay has ,alTeady established its popu- larity among visitors. That it will accommodate comfortably Ibout a dozen pasisengers. That it was in great demand, particularly dur- ing the spell of warm weather. That the Grand Theatre open on M-ondiy w'th that popular play, "Diana of D,obson's, I pre- sented by Miss Lena Ashwell's principal Clompaiay. That this will be succeeded by an excellent programme of other popular plays. That like the rest of Llandudnoites we have visited the Pierrots this week. That the great attraction has been Mona Vivian, .still spoken of as "Wiele Mona." That she is "Wee" in name only. That her magnetic power is great, and we notieeda wonderful all round improvement, which could only come with experience such as she has had. That it is difficult to know which we most enjoy, her dancing, singing, patter, or recita- tion. That it is a charming trait in her character to note That notwithstanding the fact that she is such a general favourite, she has not been spoilt by the public's praise. That) there is still many doubts as to her real age. That some authorities have decided she is at least 25, That they are judging from her capabilities, and not appearance. That we can authoritively state they can sub- tract at least ten years to arrive at the cor- rect figure. Thf it is interesting to quote from our notes written on the .occasion of Mona. Vivian's first visit to Llandudno. That we then wrote: "Wee Mona has a most brilliant future before her, and will some day become one) of the leading lights of tihe stage." That as a child she excelled, but as a woman she will make an even greater mark, and we shall follow her career with added interest. That the second, Cinderella will take place at the Hippodrome Skating Rink on Wednesday next. That a most successful masked fancy dress carnival was held on Wednesday last, full de- tails appear in another column. That we hope to announce in our next issue an item of news of very considerable and weighty importance to Tinkers. That those suffering from "Sunburn" should try the ideal remedy, Mercer's Carnation Cream. That lady motorists find it invaluable and wend their way to 101, Mostyn Stfreet for this well-known specific. That the Gloucester Hairdreissing Saloons are undoubtedly the most up-to-date in the country. That every known improvement is in use. and the remark is frequently heard am-ongs, the patrons, "You are right up to date. here!" Tha,t even the Americans who patronise the Gloucester are agreeably .surprised and most eulogistic in their terms. That the latest addition is a hair-drying machine, and the,, result is as speedy as it is effective. That a convincing prdof awaitls all those who pay the Gloucester a visit. That the man who recently todid lifts friends he was out on a liatrk was reaillv out on a swaUow. That some local school children who attempted to play hide and seek instead. of going to school found they had been seeking a hiding. That "Just keeping it lighted for another boy" was the excuse made to a local policeman, who pounced upon a juvenile offender. That a contemporary advertised recently as follows: "Board wanted for man and wife with gas." Thai it must have been a temperance advocate who stated the dinop-curtain at a theatre was so-called because the gentlemen go out for a drop, That they were fishing off the coast, when the fair one of the party pointed to a distance and asked, "George, what kind of ,a. vessel is ¡ that ?" I That he leaned, over, stole a kiss, from her lips, and calmly answered, "That's a fishing smack!" That there is a difference in milk-maids; the milk made in the country is net, the same as tihe milk made in the town. That housekeepers should know That a small piece of paper or linen, moistened with spirits of turpentine, and put into a cheat of drawers or wardrobe for a single day, two or three times a, year, is a preventa- tive against moths. That, a dressmaker can always boasft I That she is engaged to isew and sew.



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