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WITH THE ENTERTAINERS. CHURCHILL'S MINSTRELS. The fine weather has proved'mlost acceptable to Mr W. J. Churchill, proprietor of the Happy Valley Minstrels, for it has enabled him and his troupe. to give of their best. The J<arge ,auidici-iceis in the Happy Valley have proved that the popularity of Itjhe nlinetmls1 has in no way fallen off, which is not at alt surprising when the quality .of the entertainment given by Uncle WWie .and his merry troupe, is taken into consideration. The present troupe is one of the best ever controlled, by Mir Churchill. THE PIER BIOSCOPE Always to the fronit with best of animated pictures, MT S, Hughes, junr., has this week she.wn a masterpiece of the art in a picture. entitled "Thou ShaH Not." The subject dealt with is the prob"em of the marriage of con- sumptives now so much discussed, by the medical profession and health authorities. In addition a varied selection of humorous, dramatic and travel pictures are shewn, which are changed completely twice weekly. GRAND THEATRE. The Grand Theatre will be opened for the season on Monday night, when the well-known play, "Diana of Dobson's," will he given by Miss Lena Ashwell's Company. Of the p-ay it was reported in the "Llandudno Advertiser" of July 24th last year: "Diana, of Dobson's" came to Llandudno with the reputation, that it was a play ito see., and' the many hundreds of pea-sons who visited the Grand Theatre during the first three nights of this week agreed that it I thoroughly deserved the reputation it had gained as. a play which not only amused but pro- vided food for thought." Diana will be played by Miss Eva Leonard Boyne, daughter of Mr Leonard Boyne, the well-known actor (of "Raffles" Fame): "Clapt. Biretberton" will be played by Mr Briscoe Owen, and the caste generally has been strengthened1 since the last visit of the company to Llandudno,. For the Iseüoud half of the week the plays will be "A Pair of Spectacles" and "In the. Soup." MISS HORNIMAN'S COMPANY 10 VISIT THE; GRAND. On Thursday, July 28th (for three nights) we are to have a visit of the Company presented by Mr1 Edwin T. Heys, business manager of the. Gaiety Theatre, Manchester, in one of Bernard Shaw's most famous plays, "Oandida," "Candida" is one of rtihei teiries of three pleasant plays that includes "You Never Can Tell," and "Arms and the Man." It is de- scribed as a mystery and is concerned mainly with the contest between a level-headed, parson and an idealistic poet for the lOve of a beauti- ful woman..Such a theme. handle. with the originality of Bernard Shaw cannot fail to be entertaining. Throughout, the play scintillates with wit, the brilliancy of the diak'gu-e being absolutely dazzling. The humour is of a most refreshing 'kind, whilst, 'the touches of tender- nesis and love heighten the ihteirest very con- siderably. 'The .characterisation is drawn and the piquant situations are developed1 with un- erring skill. ,Such a play requires all-round excellence in interpretation, and it is with that end in view 'that the present. Company has been specially engaged, drawn in the main from. Miss Horni- man's .distinguished Company, with the addi- tion of the lovely young Irish actress, Miss Maire O'Neill. REVILL HALL & COMPANY. These capable entertainers make theia: home in a pavilion erected in the Hippodrome Gor- dens, and twice daily give amusing and in- teresting vaudeville entertainments. The artistes include Fred Nettleton (quaint comedian), Rosie Rae (dainty soubrette and dancer), Theo. Reed Penand (coon singer, dancer and speciality artiste), James Wilkinson (a baritone who has successfully appeared at many Scot,ch, Welsh and North of England concerts), Lucie Wilson, L.C.M., R.C.M. (pianist and accompanist) and the proprietor, Mr RevilD Hall. < < ROLLER SKATING. The management have arranged a, series of Cindearellas, masked seaside and farmyard car- nivals to take place on Wednesday nights until the end of the season. For these occasions an extension has been granted untiij eleven o'clock. Particulars of these will be given week by week in our advertising pages. The IHfippocljrome is open for three sessions daily, and the rink will be found one of the best appointed in the Kingdom. SEA TRIPS. The full service of steamers belongang to the fleet of the Liverpool ,and North Wales Steam- ship Company is now in ope rati* in for the sea- son,, and residents tin North Wales may under- take day excursions to Biackpo- Dougsllas, Liverpool, Carnarvon, and Holyhead., to which places a steamer proceeds for their conven- ience once a week or oftener. These, trips are in addition to. the regular daily ,service from Liverpooll to, Alenai Bridge and back by the principal vessel of the fie8!. La Marguerite. The ,coalst service lils exceptionally good this season, and the simaller steamers .-are run in such a way ,as to give connection at Llandudno with thie boats for the Isfje of Man a,iad, Black- pool. A. development of the travel facilitates in c.onnecton with the Company's steamers is the issuing of through pickets from Menai Bridge, Bangor, Beaumaris, and Llandhdinjo to Belfast at cheap rates. The passengers travel to Liver- pool by La Marguerite, aiitl from. Liverpool to Belfast by the Belfast Steamship Company's boat from the) Prince's LandSng: .Stage the same night, iretui-iting from Belfast at S p.m., and transferring .into the North Wales steamer at Liverpool the fallowing morning. Circular tour tickets are also issued to the Isle of Man and Liverpool in eo'-opefrati m wtth the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. RIVER TRIPS. Large numbers of visitors have availed them- selves of the opportunity afforded by the steamers of the St. George Steamship Company to make a trip up the Conway River to Trefniw. The company is the oldest plying on the river, and thelir .steamers are most commodious and comfortable. L7iianduidno visitors travel by train 11" walk to Deganwy rto join the steamer. Tickets are only sold on board. Times of starting change to the state of the tide, the sailings this week being all in the afternoon. COACH TOURS. But very few resorts if any are so well pro- vided as Llandudno with touring facilities. The old-established Coaching Company has done much to make the town the centre for tourists, and the Company still holds its own against faster means of locomotion. The tours of the Company are are, arranged atc,onvenient times, morning, afternoon and evening, par- ticulars, of which may be obtained at the Com- pany's offices, Queen's Hotel Gardens. The places visited include Colwyn Bay, Bodnant Hall, Bettwsycoed, in addition to the longer loop tours round Snowdon. etc. MOTOR TOURS. The introduction of motor driven vehicles has opened out to Llandudno visitors the whole of North Wales. By means of the touring coaches of the Motor and Garage Company a vast expanse of delightful country may be covered in a atingle day. Pwlllheli, Criccieth, Llangollen, Abetrglaslyn, Beaumaris, Llanbeiis, Bethesda and St. Asaph, are among the towns visited, the longest tours being 115 miles and the shortest 50. Full particulars of each may be obtained at the Company's booking office, next dbior to the General Post Office, Vaughan Street, or at the Pier Gates.

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