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LLANDUDNO AS IT WAS, A BRIEF REVIEW OF THE HISTORY OF LLANDUDNO. (By Mr John Roberts, Bryn Celyn). It is interesting from our position to- day to survey the time when the town was in the process of developing, and the fol- lowing record of the proceedings of the Town Commissioners to the younger generation, will undoubtedly prove some- what like a dream. We find that in June 1857 the Commissioners declared the fol- lowing public highways repairable by the Commissioners, viz. Conway Road from Bartley's library to the turning to Bryniau Farm. Bartley's library was situated in the premises now occupied by Messrs. Stead and Simpson, Lower Mos- tyn Street. This was the library and stationer's shop which Mr Bridge, of Con- way, opened in the first instance, and sub- sequently kept by the late Mr Samuel Bartley, who was apprenticed to Mr Bridge, and after serving as an assistant for some time took the business over for himself. Llovd Street and Clonmel Street from the Parade to Mostyn Street. .¡ Mostyn Street from Church Walks to the north side of Glocklaeth Street. North Parade from Tygwyn to the St. George's Hotel. Church Walks from North Parade to the Old Road. It will be observed from the foregoing that hardly any streets had been adopted on the west5 side of Mostyn Street, and the Parade from St. George's Hotel east- wards was unadopted Church Walks from the Old Road westwards was also unadopted. In October 1857 the Commissioners felt that they and the town were growing in importance, for we read in the record of their meeting of October 26th:—"That it was decided to ask the Chief Constable of the County if the town was not entitled to an additional police officer as the popula- tion had advanced to be over 2,000 in number." We find that the amounts collected for licences for the season of 1857 was as follows:—30 donkeys at Is., Pl 10-s. 11 ponies at 2s., £1 2s. 14 boats at 2.5. 6d., j51 15s. 50 bathing machines, at 2s. 6d., £ 6 5s. fines for impounding, £ 1 Is. 6cl. The rateable value of L- andudno in 1857 was Y,7023 9s. 4cl.. The rates were levied as follows:—2s. 6d. in the pound for houses and 7 c1. in the pound on land 2 total, £ 990 8s. lJd, Total amount col- 42 lected, JE888 15s. 4^-cl., leaving arrears to 2 the amount of P,10,1 13s. 6d. Some items of account are as below. May 4th, 1857. Paid accounts as follows — Samuel Lloyd for last year's public pump, JE1 2s. 7d. Edward Polin, police officer, one month's pay, R3 4s. paid to the two auditors, £ 2 2s. expense of elee- tion, R3 19s. Id. The Samuel Lloyd mentioned above was an ironmonger, plumber and painter. He married Elizabeth Brookes, one of the daughters of Mr Geo. Brookes, Victoria, Inn. Hiis first shop was in Church Walks, Burleigh House, now kept as a green- grocer's shop. In a short period his bus: ness extended, and he erected those exteii- sive premises, Vardre View and shop, Mostyn Street, which in those days were in the best position in the town. We be- lieve that as an assistant, to Mr Lloyd that the late Mr Wm. Bevan first settled in our town. Looking at the above figures it will be observed that the expense of an election in these tiines was a very nominal affa'r. Of course the i'n come was small, therefore the outgoing expenses had. to be so accord- iugly. It is m,-th some interest that we observe the appointment of the first town porters. The record runs as follows: I Commissioners meeting held July llth, 1857 :—"The following persons were ap- pointed to act as town porters Thomas Jones, Bodavon Row; John Jones; Maesyfachre-lllj and Francis, late hair- dresser." It was also directed to procure one dozen badges for porters of brass with straps with "Llandudno Commissioners Porter" engraved. The first named was a well-known man to the old residents and visitors, and was known as Thomas Jones, "Sun," probably some one may remember that he was run over by a butcher's cart many years ago and killed. Mr Jones was a very good- natured man and was greatly respected. The John Jones named was the late John Jones, King's Head. Mr Jones act- ed as caretaker of the Market Hall for many years; he was also the town crier. The early visitors of Llandudno always enjoyed listening to Mr Jones, He pro- bably announced ¡"The steam yacht Fairy will make an excursion trip to Beaumaris, Bangor and Menai Bridge" many thousand times. Who Francis, the late hairdresser was, we are at a loss, and also why his surname was left out. How- ever, that is a correct copy of the record.


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