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LLANDUDNO AS A RESIDENTIAL RESORT. At this time of the year our local house agents receive numerous applications for particulars of residences to let or for sale suitable for the business man who has arrived at that stage in his career when he can for a portion of the week leave his business to the. care of his sons or heads of departments and reside with his family amildst more, congenial surroundings than afforded by the suburbs of large, cities. It zD is to the interest of Llandudno that this most desirable class of resident should be encouraged. -3f The majority of the houses erected dur- ing the past three or four years have been such as would appeal to this class of resi- dent, and the extending of the Mostyn yn Elstate leases to 999 years did much to encourage the hope that Llandudno—with its great, natural advantages'—would be- come increasingly attractive to the busi- ness men of Lancashire and Cheshire, who wished to retire to the seaside. One of the first questions put to house agents after being furnished with particu- lars of suitaible houses is, "'What about the rates?" How do they compare with ether seaside places. The agent is not always able to supply the> figures for half-a-dozen towns similar in size to Llan- dudno, and would welcome a, handy little statement to produce to his client. Comparisons are saijd to be, odious, but that does not apply when the rates of Llandudno are compared with those of some other resorts. The following ex- tract from a table issued by the Torquay Chamber of Commerce, and prepared -by Mr Wilkinson Cox, F.A.I., shows Llan- dudno to be in a very .favourable position. The compiler of the table has worked out the figures to show the total amount of rates (including water charges), the occupier of a house rented at 2,5,0 a year would have to pay in different towns, Taking a few towns with a population of 16,000, the figures are as below :—■ Total Rates including water Town Population. payable per annum on house rented at £ 50. £ s. d. Bexhill 15,500 16 2 3 Brtoadstaiirs 9000 17 3 4 Buxton 12,000 16 12 11 Cowes (East). 8654 13 3 4 Falmouth 11,789 17 0 10 Fa^xstowe 8300 17 0 0 lifracombe 8550 18 16 8 Llandudno 10,785 14 10 0 M.atlockj 6500 17 10 0 Morecambe 13,000 19 15 7 Ryde 11.043 15 16 8 Ventnor 6000 12 16 8 Whitby 11,748 26 5 0 -x- -x- It will be noticed that in only two towns in the list are the total rates payable less than in Llandudno, i.e., Cowes and Vent- nor. In a few of the larger resorts the figures are Bath, Cllg 9s. 4d. Bourne- mouth, L:12 Cleethorpes, L21 16s. 8d. Eastbourne, 9:13 15s. Lowestoft, 219 3s. 4d. Ramsgate, £ 17 16s. 8d. Scar- borough, £ 18; Torquay, B14 lls. 8d. Tunbridge Wells, C15 14s. 3d., and Yar- mouth, B17 15s. Llandudno is the only North Wales re- sort included in the returns, the total rates being 6s. 2d. in the £ on the gross annual value, to whih must be added the water rent of Is.Id., making 7s. 3d. In Cohvyn Bay the total rate (including water charges) is 9s. 6d. In conclusion, it may be stated that there has been a gradual decrease in the Improvement Rate during1 the last five years.