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PROPOSED ROAD FROM CRAIGYDON TO MAESDU. i A PUBLIC SPIRITED ACTION. The proposed] new road at Craigydon was again the subject of much discus- sion at the monthly meeting! of the Coun- cil on Wednesday. Included in the minutes of the Works Committee was the following letter which had been received from Mr G. A. Huinphre;ys: I notice in the local press that the Works Committee recommend the Coun- cil to approve plan of a road, and with this condition :—• "That Lord Mostyn "riU give all facilities to the Council for doing the work, and dedicate the land for the pur- poses of a public highway, and that the Council shall not, be required or called upon to pay any compensation to tenants for disturbance or otherwise." In the first place, I would say that no plan of any kind has, so' far, been re- ceived to submit to Lord Mostyn; and secondly, the condition aforesaid is one tihat.Lord Mostyn c,annot entertain. The. proposedi road is initiated by y6ur Council, and its. in no. way wanted by this Estate. One would have thought that if an owner was prepared to give land for a road through his property, which he did not require, the people who wanted the rOllidl would bear the expense connected with such scheme. The con- dition is most unreasonable, and is one that no landgiver ought to be asked to accept. I would point out that Lord Mostyn has always been prepared to favourably consider proposals having for their ob- ject the incr easting of the facilities of get- n ting from place to place, and during re- cent years has given free for road iin- provement purposes large quantities of land, and the Town Authorities have on no occasion had to purchase any land. At a later meeting of the Council in Com- mittee it was decided that the Council be recommended to adopt the proposals of the Works Committee as set out, subject to the words "free of cost" being inserted after the. word "facilities" in the first line of resolution (a), also, to the words "free of cost to the Council" befing inserted after the word "highway" of the same resolution. Mr W. H. Jones ,called the special at- tention of: the Counciii to the matter in view of (tihe need of providjing work for the unemployed. The work m hand would be practically fishe.d.this week, and it would be necessary to provide further for the men, unless they were to suffer ex- treme privation. He suggested that as not more than from JE8 to £ 10 would be required by the tenants by way of com- pensation,, the Council should agree; to pay that amount in order that the work could be put in hand at once. This led to a long discussion, during which Mr Bone stated that Mr Henry WVlson had received promises from several residents in Craigydon to contri- bute to a, compensation fund in order that the work might proceed. Four or five amendments were proposed and seconded and discussed, but eventual- ly it was unanimously decided on the motion of Mr Marks, seconded by Mr H. Edwards, that. the recommendaions be passed, subject to the condition that, the Council pay to the landowner the amount of compensation received from sub- scribers in Craigydon through Mr Wil- son. NEW SURFACE WATrEIR SEWER, The construction of the road during the next few weeks being still problem- atical, it became necessary to arrange an alternative. Fortunately the sub-com- mittee appointed to consider the question of finding work had suggested the laying down of a surface water drain in Rou- mania Drive andl Queen's Rio ad, which the Surveyor was of opinion would be neces- sary next year. The estimated cost of the work was £ 420. On the motion of Mr W. Thomas, the Council unanimously agreed to put the work in hand at once if it was not pos- sible to proceed with the road. The Surveyor stated that he could pro- ceed as soon as the papers were delivered. It was further decided that the work of cleansin.g the tank sewer and surface water barrel sewer in Giljodclaeth Avenue be proceeded with at. once. -H_-

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