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THE LOSS AT MESSRS. IND COOPE'S VJORKS. REPORT OF THE: COMMITTEE. The following observations by the Engineer, were read re the above, at a meeting of the Llandudno Water and Gas Committee This meter, which was fixed on the 6th of May, 1904, is a Bee Meter, sup- plied by Messrs. Ham, Baker and Co .,of London, and is similar in construction to the majority of water meters used by this Council; ith81 only other meters in use beting the Siemen's meters supplied by Messrs. Guest, and Chrimes, of Rother- ham, and 2 or 3 by Messrs. Glenfield and Kennedy. There is a difference, how- ever, in the Meter m the number and description of the dials. All mercers up to and including 1-inch have six dah-the lowest being a "Units" Dial and all the dials are marked in words thus: "Units," "Tens," "Hundreds," Thou- sands," etc. All 2 inch and 3inch meters have 7 dia|ls—the lowest being a "Tens" dial which is marked in "words." All the other dials, however, are marked -in figures, namely:—"100, 1000," 10',000, etc. It is the opinion of the Engineer thait n, -1,,i S ,t,his method of marking the dials is mis- leading. Take for instance, the dial marked "100"—any person reading this and ignoring the "tens" dial for a moment, might easily assume that ,the whole re- volution of this dial would record 100 gallons, whereas as a matter of fact it re- cords 1,000 gallons. In the Engineer's opinion, the d3.t}s should aill he marked in word "Hundreds" or in figures in the plural, "100s" and not as explained. It is his opinion that it is this which misled the late water meter reader who was a man of long experience in reading water and gas meters and was a man in whom implicit trust was placed. By making this mistake, however, the meter has been wrongly read from the time it was fixed—"Tens" being read for "Hun- dreds," "Hundreds" for "Thousands," and so on. A record was also kept by a representative of Messrs. Ind, Goope and 00., but the same mistake was entered all through his book. The mistake was not. observed by any of the officials at the Town Hall, owing to the fact that Messrs. Ind, Coope and Co., were one of the Council's largest consumers, and because the con- sumption for corresponding quarters was inerea.singat a fairly even rate. The enormous quantity of water however, passing through the meter was chiefly being used over a. condenser, and as soon as Messrs. Ind, Coope and Co., realised what the meter was passing, they im- mediately took steps to enable them to re- duce the quantity. This is proved by the fact that on the 3rd of September, 1909, the record for the previous 24 hours was 25,000 gallons, and on the 4th September 6,000 gallons. This amount was increased slightly later, but has never since been over 10,500 for 24 hours, whereas previously it had been over 38,000. The matter was first brought to the knowledge of the Engineer on the 5th of July, and he visited the site on the 6th of July, and several days at different times afterwards. The mat- ter was reported to the Accountant, who looked into it, and prepared figures, and eventually arranged an interview with Mr Dawson, Messrs. Ind, Coope and Co.'s represenitaitiivei, who. met the Accountant and the Engineer, on the 23rd of August. The matter was fully explained, and it was agreed that a further test meter should be fixed. This was done on the 26th August, and the results, wfiith. the whole matter, reported to the Water Committee of the 30th August. The minutes qJ the Council ex- plain the matter since that date. It was decided (a) that this Committee is of opinion that tihe late metier reader made an error in reading the water meter above referred to, but the fact that the dial of the said meter differed from any u other meter in town, minimifses to some extent any blame that might, attach to him. (b) That this Committee are further of opinion that inasmuch as the special characlter of the dial of the said meter was not pointed out to the meter reader by the Engineer, the latter must to this extent share in the responsibility for the error, (c) That this Committee is also of opinion that a more systematic system for checking and comparing water meter readings is desirablle, and that this Committee do at an early date consider the matter and report thereon.

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