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KEEP THIS AT HAND. TELLS HOW TO DEAL WITH ALL CASES OF ACCIDENT. HOW TO PREVENT BLOOD POISONING FROM CUTS, BURNS, SORES, WOUNDS, &c. EVERY HOUSE ITS OWN HOSPITAL. I To know exactly what to do when a case of accident arises is knowledge that I is valuable. It may mean the saving of hours of pain, it may indeed mean the saving of life. Considering, that at I practically any moment of the day an acciden may arise in the home, at busi- ness, or when indulging, in some inno- cent pastime, the advice given here should prove of great importance. When it has been oaretully read through this article should be cut out and placed ready for immediate reference when needed. Imagine losing a finger, a hand, or a whole limb, just through not knowing what to do in cases of accident. Day by day there are cases reported in the papers where such a matter as the scratching of a fiuger with a rusty nail,, tjhe cutting of the hand or the faulty treatment of a burn or scald has resulted in acute Blood Poisoning, or that most terrible of all ends Tetanus or Lock Jaw. Every mother, every wife should realise the necessity of this knowledge which tells how to deal wiifti cases of accident so that should cuts, burns, bruises, sores, scalds, wounds and other forms of acci- dent arise, timely intervention will pre- vent such complication. "It took bad ways" is a well-known expression, de- scribing a serious result from a very slight beginning. These are points to remember. When the person is injured so that the skin of any part is broken it is absolutely neces- sary to prevent any dust or dirt coming near the exposed part. A wound or cut into which dirt has crept may result in blood-poisoning. The way to treat Wounds or cuts is to carefully wash with cold clean water as soon as possible after they are inflicted. In the case of bruises, burns, or scalds, it is not advisable to wash the part injured but to immediately apply a soothing cooling and healing. operation. In cases of sores, boils, abscesses and such like troubles which can hardly be called accidents it is necessary as quickly as possible tb draw out all the bad mat- ter present and thus to take away the chief danger of blood-poisoning. An old-fashioned idea for this purpose is to apply hot water or linseed poultices, but as these are painful and may lead to serious inflammation and not always accomplish their object, the process is attended with some danger. When the wound or cut has been wash- ed and when the bad matter from the sore or abscess has been removed it is necessary to apply some healing prepara- tion which will make the flesh once more healthy and cause the skin to grow over the part affected in a perfectly natural manner. It is obvious then from these remarks if there is a preparation that will not only perform the cleansing and drawing operation but the healing operation as well. such preparation, having a three- fold value, will form a home hospital whereby a Motiher may treat her little one herself or her husband in cases where sudden accident arises, without having to recollect the above various forms of treatment, recommended by experience and usage. JUST LIKE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE. There are manv ointment like pre- parations placed before 'he public which are all guaanteed to heal. n-nd heal quickly, but there is a danger in most of these, in that whilst they heal the outer skin, they do not draw away ihe bad matter underneath so that whilst to all inteniis and purposes a cure has been effected in'a few clays a further eruption might take p!ace and blood poisoning re- sult. It has proved no easy matter to secure such a preparation as is desired, that is to say, one tthat will draw out the bad matter in the part affected and heal quickly- and permanently at the same time. We are now, however, able to announce the splendid fact that for all homes such a preparation is offered. For 7.5 years there has been in the possession of a family of independent means, knowledge of a preparation that has proved wonder- fully successful in healing oases of Whitlows, abscesses, wounds, cuts, bruises, scalds, skin diseases, and blood poisoning. During this long period numerous cases have been dealt wilth gratuitously, and the cureseffuct.edby this prepara- tion have indeed been marvellous. It is owing to the generosity of a well-known gentleman whose name must for the presen be kept private, that a wonderful recipe has been given to an old establish- ed firm in order that they may make up such a preparation as is desired. A GREAT POULTICE OINTMENT. "Marabaz" is the name of the prepara- tion referred to, and it is pleasing to think that at last a recipe for this pre- paration has been divulged, so that the public may obtain any supplies of this wonderful Poultice Ointment that they desire. There is no qestion that in this wonderful preparation now placed before the public there is a safe and reliable method of dealing with all cases of accident likely to result in blood poisoning, abscesses and suchlike. A CURATIVE OINTMENT OF THREE-FOLD POWER. "Marabaz" placed upon cuts, scalds, boils, wounds, abscesses, whitlow, or any fostering skin trouble will FIRISTLY draw all poisoning matter away, cleanse the wound thoroughly, and eventually heal it perfectly. Wherever poisonous or foreign matter is present, in whatever form or however virulent "Marabaz" will draw it, out, leaving the flesh as clear and healthy as before. "Marabaz" drains like a Poultice, and will be found invaluable in all cases where splinters and broken needles have entered the skin deeply, for its apipli'ca- tion draws the foreign matter right away without any pain and without any possi- bility of festering. BANDAGES THAT DO NOT TEAR AWAY THE FLESH. An important point in connection with "Marabaz" is thati it will not adhere to the wound and may be applied to the most tender wound and subsequently bandaged up without any fear that when the bandages are removed the raw flesh or the freshly healing skin will be torn away. In order to show the practical value of this wonderful Poultice Oint- ment, the proprietors have many testi- monials, and will be pleased to forward these on to all who are interested. All those cases are absolutely genuine, and are vouched upon tihe authority of the Proprietors of this wonderful healing specific. It is sold in specially decorated tin boxes at Is. 11 d. and 2s. 9d. It 2 surely seems wonderful that for such a, small sum as Is. I d. a Mother is able to provide in her home a, complete hospital for the treatment of all acci- dents, and consequent complications. "Marabar," is not a modern remedy suggested on the spur of the moment. The 75 years of experience have proved its power to heal, and wherever it has been introduced itis wonderful powers have been fully appreciated. It is on sale at all chemists throughout North Wales, or can be obtained from the Marahaz Co.. REDDITCII.



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