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COLWYN BAY COUNCIL. ELECTRICITY AND GAS CONCERNS. At the monthly meeting on Tuesday. Mr i David Gamble, the chairman, presiding, it was reported that the health of the district was quite satisfactory, and that the infectious diseases hospital was empty. CASE OF LLYSFAEN. The Council decided to support the petition of the Denbighshire County Council for the transfer to Denbighshire of the Carnarvon- shire parisl of Llysfaen, and appointed mem- bers to give evidence at the inquiry. THE LIGHTING CONCERNS. The electricity engineer reported that a steady increase was taking place in the output of electricity; 40 new consumers having been added in the past month. There was also an increase of 354,000 cubic feet in the quantity of gas made during the same period. The amount or gas unaccounted for during the quarter ended on September 30 out of a total make of close upon twenty million cubic feet was 946,700 cubic feet. Mr. G. Clare said he was pleased to note that in the last quarter something less than 5 per cent was unaccounted for, but for the half year the leakage was practically 14 per cent, or nearly a seventh of the gas made. Mr. William Davies said it was an extrava- gant leakage. Mr. Heenan said that the gas seemed de- ficient in calorific value. The Rev. W. Hughes moved that the atten- tion of the Gas Committee be called to the matter. Mr. Dicken (Chairman of the Committee): What is the good of: doing that ? We have known it for some tirne,-(Langhter.) GAS MANAGER RESIGNS A letter from the gas engineer and manager, Mr. Pennington, was read resigning his ap- pointment, in view of the friction which had existed between himself and eertain members of the Committee in the past The resolution passed at th last meeting for reduction of Mr. Pennington's salary will therefore not take effect. zn SUB-POST-MASTERS' HALF-HOLIDAY Letters from the postal authorities were read to the effect that the Postmaster General had decided to allow to sub-postmasters a weekly half-holiday where the private business which be conducted was also closed. He wished to know whether the Council was of opinion that any public inconveLience would be caused if the sub-post-offices in the Colwyn Bay district were closed from one o'clock on Wednesday afternoons. The Council unanimously approved of the Postmaster General's proposal. A further letter from the Postmaster Gen- eral intimated that the maximum attendance required at sub-post-offices was twelve honrs, and that the office at Old Colwyn would for the future he closed at 8 p.m. ELECTRIC LIGHT AT OLD COLWYN. r. Hammersley Heenan asked that a cable should be laid to Old Colwyn. Mr. D. 0. Williams said he was equally in- terested with Mr Heenan in that matter, but Old Colwyn had been canvassed twice and sufficient consumers to justify the outlay could not be obtained. Mr. Heenan: You bring the electricity and people will take it. The people in Old Colwyn never saw an electric lamp and don't know what it is.—(Laughter.) Mr. Dicken: We have been anxious to take the electricity to Old Colwyn for four years. If Mr. Heenan will put his guarantee down- Mr. Heenan You can put me down all right. I make my own now. Mr Dicken: You must guarantee the cost of that cable at Old Colwyn before you can have it. ELECTRIC CARS TO COLWYN. OOLTesplJndence was submitted as to the ad- journed inquiry of the Light Railway Com- missioners respecting the proposed extension of the electric light railway to Old Colwyn. The inquiry will be held on Saturday morning next, and will relate to the nature and extent of the road widening, &c. which the Council propose to insist upon before assenting to the issue of an order authorising the construction of the line. It was decided to make preparations for presenting the case for the Council at the inquiry. THE ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION. It was decided to grant to the Advertising Association the privileges of the foreshore during the season (with the exception of the licences alreadv issued) for a period of years, subject to an agreement which will provide for all sub-letting being subject to the approval of the Council, the Association to pay a sum of 160 per aunum. Mr. W. Davies protested against the scheme, and Mr. T. E. Purdy urged that it should be tried for one year only, but the general sense of the Council was in favour of the experi- ment extending over a term of years. The Association will sublet the right to hire chairs and bathing l ents and to grant the privilege of erecting a bandstand and providing music, &c., the revenue being devoted to advertising purposee locally and in connection with the North Wales Advertising Board. THE TREASURERS HIP Mr. T. Rowland Hughes, general manager of the North and South Wales Bank, Liver- pool, who is the treasurer of the Council, sent his resignation in view of his approaching retirement, and the Council appointed Mr. William Jones, the local manager of the bank, to the position at a salary of X100 a year. This, it was explained to Mr. T. E. Purdy by the clerk (Mr. Amphlett) will be merged in the commission charged by the bank for the overdraft allowed. A BRAVE YOUTH. Superintendent T. Beresford, of Colwyn Bay, attended at the Council meeting with Mr. Morris T .Roberts, a young man residing at Colwyn Bay, and requested that th chair- man should publicly present to Mr. Roberts the certificate of the Royal Humane Society for his bravery in rescuing a drowning person in the sea at the great risk of losing his own life. The Chairman, amid applause, preseuted the certificate to Mr. Roberts, and expressed ap- preciation of his bravery.