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FOOTBALL NOTES. (By Veteran). WELSH AMATEUR CUP. LLANDUDNO AMATEiURS v. LLANLIWST. (1st Round Re-played Tie). DEFEAT OF THE 'ROOSTERS These teams met for the third time on Saturday to decide which should enter the second round of the Welsh Amateur Cup Competition. The first meeting took place at LJandudno a fortnight pre- viously, when the turf was in such a slushy condition that anything like good football was out of the question. The next meeting was at Llanrwst, and again the weather was of the vilest description. The score on that occasion was also one goal each, and for a consideration the ',RioOister'S agreed to play again at LJan- dudno. In accordance with cup-tie rules the club's were instructed to play to a finish, consequently the kick-off was fixed at the early hour of 2-15. This was a very fortunate precaution, for extra time was necessary before a decision could be arrived at. Both clubs were fully represented, the inclusion of Jack Lunt for Wynne in the ranks of the homesters not making a material differ- ence in its defensive qualities. The referee was Mr Richards, of Bangor, who acquitted himself well, and! immediately checked any tendency to undesirable play. < < The game proved to be one of the most exciting I have seen on the Council Field, and the fortunes of war fluctuated in a most tantalising manner. At one time it l'ook)edl like a Lombard Streeti to a China orange on the Amateurs; but in less than five minutes the visitors had drawn level, and were playing like veritable demons for the winning goal'. The Amateurs started in the most pro- mising fashion, and within five minutes of the kick-off Brookes Evans had covered himself with glory by scoring one of the finest goals seen on the ground. Getting the ball just outside the twelve yards line, he tricked a couple of opponents, round Trevor like a flash and left- fly, 'Gillett not even seeing the balil let alone having a chance of diverting its course. A few minutes later Davies saw his op- portunity, and dashing in just at, the right moment popped on number two. It must not he inferred that the 'Roosters had been by any means idle, for they were remarkably sharp on the ball and five times out of six secured it, from a throw in or goal kick. They were not quite so dangerous in front of goal, how- ever, and it is doubtful whether they would have scored in the first half, had not J. H. Jones tripped Dennis Jones just within (if it was within) the penalty area. Carter made no mistake with the penalty, and reduced the lead to one goal. The Roosters were seen at their best after this, but could not find a weak spot in the home defence. At the other end Grillett was called upon time after time. Almost every member of the home team tested him at one time or another. High shots or low shots were all alike to him. He account- ed for all. Stall ard did not have half the amount of work to do. The interval arrived with the score Llandudno Amateurs 2 Llanrwst 1 Very early in the second half Davies found the net for the second time, and the game, appeared to be as good as won. The Roosters were, however, not, done with, and playing a most determined game vi 9 made fierce rushes down the field, Cleave their tall centre rorwarrdi and Dennis Jones being always prominent. Their tactics were successful, for one of the rushes resulted in a goal. A minute later they were granted a comer kick, and greatly to his own chagrin and to the consternation of the spectators, Harold Pearson kicked through his own govill and the scores were level. » It was after this reverse, about a quar- ter of an hour from the re-start, that the one incident happened which marred the pleasure of a hard fought game, and re- sulted in one of the usually quietest of players being ordered off the field. It happened thus. 'Jack Lunt and Richards went for the ball together, and Lunt was kicked on the thigh. Under the impres- sion that he was kicked purposely Lunt struck his opponent a terrific, blow on the head which knocked him off his feet and into the mud. Of course Lunt im- mediately received marching orders and rightly so. As the pros and cons of the matter are to be investigated by the Asso- ciation on the report of the referee, no more need be sa¡id here, except to express regret that Lunt should stain his reputa- tion in such a manner, for hitherto he has been known as the most good-temper- ed and cleanest player on the Welsh coast. • • | With Lunt off and W. A. Williams j limping the hopes of the supporters of j the Amateurs descended to zero. From I being almost certain winners they had I become probable losers. With nine men and a cripple, however, they rallied in a surprising manner.. The 'Roosters were outplayed at every point except in goal. Once only did they appear like scoring, and then Stallard brought off a fine save. Giilett in the visitors' goal was hotly peppered, and it was simply wonderful how the he kept his charge intact. The Amateurs had a glorious opportunity to settle the issue when awarded a penalty kick, which was entrusted to J. H. Jones, I who sent the ball behind. Twenty minutes' bombardment failed to capture J ,the stronghold, and time was called with the score: Llandudno Amateurs 3 Llanrwst 3 » The referee ordered a further ten minutes each, and Pearson applied to have Lunt back, but the referee would not consent. During the first ten minutes J. EL Williams scored a fine goal for the Amateurs, which proved the winning point. The 'Roosters had died game, but they were quite done up, whereas with the exception of W. A. Wil- liams, who ljimped bady, the Amateurs appeared quite fresh. The home team thoroughly deserved the victory, but although beaten the visitors have con- siderably Enhanced their local reputa- tion.




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