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LLANDUDNO URBAN COUNCIL. THE NEW ROAD AT CRAIGYDON. PROVIDING WORK FOR, THE UNEMPLOYED. THE COUNCILI AND THE; HAPPY VALLEY. The monthly meeting of the Council was held on Wednesday evening, there being present Messrs. Jas. McMaster (in the chair), E. E:, Bone, David Davies, Hugh Edwards, T'. W. Griffith, Pierce Jonas, W. H. Jones, J. J. Marks, R. Roberts, F. J. Sarson, T. Smith, J. O. Thomas, W. Thomas, W. O. Williams, G. Woodyatt, A, Conolly (clerk), E:. P. Stephenson (engineer), W. Wood (accountant), W. Shadbolt (gas manager), and W. D. Longshaw (deputy clerk). A letter of apology was read from Mr Henry Wilson, who was unable to be present owing to illness. A RESOLUTION RESCINDED. On the recommendation of the Works Committee the Council decided to rescind the resolution passed on the 17th August, 1898, which required the Council to use Penmaenmawr stone on all; new streets, private or othearwise, and empowered the Committee to deal with each case on its merits. PROPOSED ERECTION OF A STABLE. Mr W. Thomas drew the attention of the Council to the proposed erection of a stable and coach house by Mr Thomas Edwards in Back Claremont Road, which would adjoin the public elementary school playground when proposed additions were made. A lengthy discussion ensued., and, eventually it was decided on public grounds to appeal to Lord Mostyn and Mr Thomas Edwards not to proceed with the work. PESNTREFBLIN WIER. With reference to the repairs necessary to the Weir at Pentre Felin Bridge for the protection of the water mains there situate, the Engineer reported that the Mostyn Estate are not now prepared to do the work themselves, but they will pay the proper proportion of the cost of the work if carried out by the Council. The Engineer also stated that the, Con- way Rural District Council would con- tribute a sum of 95, and at the next, meet- ing of the Denbighshire County Council, an application that the Authority should also pay part of the cost would be con- sidered. It was; resolved that the Ei-igii-ieei- be directed to carry out the work, as soon as the water is low enough to permit of this being; done, it being made clear that the Council give no guarantee, or accept more than a fair share of responsibility. GAS METER BOOKS. The Chairman of the Gas Committee reported that he and Mr Councillor Pierce Jones had spent two long even- ings in going through the books apper- taining to the meter, etc., department, but they were not yet in a position to re- port, and they suggesed that two more members of the Committee should be ap- potted to assist them in the, matter and p o', in drawing up a report. It was resolved that Messrs. Councillors W. O. Williams and T. Smith be added to the Sub-Com- mittee for the purpose mentioned. PROTECTING THE BOATMEN AND OTHERS. With reference to a letiter received from Mr W. J. Churchill expressing his willingness to start his performances at Easter and continue until the end of October provided he was permitted to perform in the Valley on three nights a week, and stating his readiness to pay for the privilege, the Bye-laws Committee recommended the Council to agree to the proposal, subject to Mr Churchill pay- ing an additional rent of 212,5 per annum. A letter wa,s, however, read from the boatmen stating that such performances would ruin their already precarious trade, and the Council without more ado deleted the recommendation. It was also decided thai in future no fish brought into the town by rail should be allowed to be sold on the, promenade. BRANCH LIBRARIES. It was also decided that the branch libraries at Craigydon and the Warren, and also the reading room should be opened on Boxing Day. COUNTY SCHOOL GOVERNOR. Mr Rib bit. Roberts was re-appointed the Council's representative for a period of three years on the Board of Governors of the John Bright County School. CONGRATULATIONS. On the motion of Mr J. J. Marks, seconded by Mr EL E. Bone, the' Council heartily congratulated Mr T. W. Griffith on his elevation to t'he magisterial bench, which the proposer and seconder de- scribed as a. well-deserved honour. Mr Griffith briefly thanked the Coun- cil. ) LIGHT RAILWAY BYE-LAWS. A letter from the Board of Trade in respeot to the dra-ft of the proposed Light Railway Bye-laws was referred to the Bye-laws Committee, and a cheque for £ 300 on account of disbursements in connection with the recent- legal pioceed- ings ordered to be drawn out and signed subject to the approval of the Law and Parliamentary Committee. CHESTER, PAGEANT. An offer from the Chester Pageant Committee to give a lecture in Llan- dudno provided the Council, provided a room free and advertised the lecture was referred to the Finance Committee. WORKMEN'S HOLIDAY. It was decided that the Council's em- ployees be given a full clay's holiday on Boxing Day, and that work go on as I usual on New Year's Day. AN INVITATION. The staiidiiigi orders were suspended to enable Mr J. O. Thomas to propose that the Council endorsed an invitation that had been given to the Incorporated Society of Musicians to hold their annual Congress at Llandudno January 1911. The Council heartily supported the ap- plication, and referred the matter to the Finance Committee to take whatever steps necessary. THE: SANITARY INSPECTOR. The Chairman proposed that Mr Wm. Little be re-appointed Inspector of Nuisances for a term of one year from the 24th December, 1909, at a salary of £ 150, subject to the approval of the Local Gov- ernment Board. That Mr Little' be also re-appointed Inspector of Drains of new buildings for the same period, at an annual salary of £ 6," This was unanimously agreed to, Mr David Davies withdrawing his proposal that the period be, three years. THE HAPPY VALLEY. Mr Robt. Roberts proposed that the following of which he had given notice of motion be referred to therécreatiion ground committee: ((Tha,t, Lord Mostyn be approa,ched with a view to the Council acquiring the land surrounding the Happy Valley. This was unanimously agreed to. A BUSINESS-LIKE PROPOSAL. Mr David Davies proposed that im- mediately after the completion of the different, works undertaken from time to time by the Council, and carried out by direct labour, that the Surveyor, En- gineer or Manager, directly concerned and responsible for such works, report to the Council! of their completion, stat- ing the actual cost of such works. In cases where the work has been carried out by contract to give particulars of all extras, if any, and that this rule shall apply to all works amounting to £ 50 and upwards." On the suggestion of the Surveyor the Accountant was added to the resolution, and it was then unanimously agreed to. The Chairman wished the members and press representatives the compliments of the season, and the meeting terminated.