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FIRE BENEATH THE PRINCE'S THEATRE. PROMPT ACTION OF THE LESSEE. The performance at the Prince's Theatre on Thursday night had to be stopped on account of an outbreak of fire which had been discovered in the premises im- mediately beneath. The theatre had been used by the Llovd Street Schoolboys in the afternoon for a rehearsal of the operetta they intend giv- ing next Wednesday. When tl-iev depart- ed between half-past four and five o'clock everything was apparently all; right, and the theatre was locked up. Soon after seven o'clock the theatre was opened in readiness for the evening per- formance, and it wa,s then noticed that there was a slight smell of burning. A search was made, but nothing, could be found to account for it, and it was de- cided to admit people as usual, and a good number paid for admission. Not satisfied with the first search Mr Felix made a further investigation, and found that the beam beneath a stove in the Art Gallery below the theatre was burning. Wiillaikn Smith, the assistant manager, was sent with a "Minimax" to extinguish the fire. The one minirax was not sufficient), but to get another would mean going into the theatre and perhaps causing a panic. Mr Felix stepped before the curtain, and said that he thought it advisable to stop the per- formance, and that tickets of admission for the following night would be given at the doors. The audience then went out quietly. Mr Felix and members of the staff then broke open a. door at the, back of the stage, and were met by a thick volume ol smoke, through which Smith made his way with another Minimax to the seat of the fire and extinguished the outbreak. In the meantime the front door of Mr Cooling's Art Gallery had been broken open and a third Minimax brought into use round the stove. Members of the fire brigade had also arrived with hose, etc.. and played on the beam in order to avoid any possible danger that might still lurk. There is no doubt but that the fire originated from the stove in the Art Gallery, and it was most fortuna:e that it was discovered so early, for had it. not the probability is that the whole theatre would have been ablaze. HOT POT BENEFIT.—The hot-pot benefit at the Prince's Theatre on Wed- nesday evening was a great success, and there will be a substantial amount to hand over to the committee. The pro- gramme was a lengthy one, the principal contributor being the Juvnile Pierrots, under the directcion of the Misses Roberts, Huyton; C. W. Brown, Miss Nellie Hill, Miss Mamie Elvans (Rhyl), Miss Louie Hubbard (Rhyl), and Little Claud (Rhyl). Special pictures were also shewn and member of the local Buffalo Lodges at- tended in their regalia, C.Ei.T.S.—-An interesting miscellaneous lantern, entertainment was iheld at, the National Schools iast Monday week, under the auspices of the Junior Branch of the C.E.T.S. The entertainment was arranged by the Rev. E, Lunaley, and was presided over by Mr D. Llwj-ndeii Jones. Excallent slides were shown by Mr Richard Robert, who also mani- pulated the lantern, assisted by Mr F'. ion Brown (verger). Songs and recitation were gpven by Max Leister, Nancy Roberts,, Myfanwy Salisbury, Nellie Brown, Kitty Salisbury, Carey Bray, and Edith Davies.