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LOCAL NEWS. SUNSHINE! RE C OKI). The total number of hours of bright sunshine re- corded at Lilandudno1 for week ending December 11th, was 8 hours 6 minutes. The rainfall for the same week was 0.480 inches. A GENEROUS GIFT'A generous donor who wishes to be anonymous for the present, has promised the Vicar, the Rev. J F. Reece, £1000 for the purchase of a new organ for St. Paul's Church, Lilandudno. POLICE COURT!.—A Speciall Police Court was held on Tuesday morning, when Evan Jones, Piantywendl, Penrhyn- side, iva,s ehar,ged before Messrs. J. Adey Wellis and J. O1. Thomas with being; drunk and; disorderly in Penrhynside on the 9th of December, and also. on the previous evening. Both charges were proved by P.C. Williams, and Jones was sentenced to one month's hard la,bouron each. MAKE: OF GAS.—The total make of gas thits year to November 27th was 58.509,000 cubic fe,eit, an increase of 2,477,000 as compared with the corres- ponding period of last year. From October 30th to November 27th the make was 6,271,000 feet, an increase of 364,000 feet as compared with a similar period of 1908. TO-DAY'S FOOTBALL MATCH.— This afternoon the Amateurs will meet Conway in the second: round of the com- petition, when there is sure to be another hard struggle. The committee have de- cided to make no ,change in the team, whch witH therefore be as follows Goal, Stallard; backs, J. Hi. Jones and J. Lunt; half-backs, Btrown, Johnson, and Pearson; forwards, W. A. Williams, Brook'e,sElvans, J E! Williams, R Davies, and J.. Wlilliams. GOOD TEMPLARS CONCERT.—An entertainment was given in the Town Hall on Monday evening, under the auspices of the St. Tudno Lodge of Good Templars. The Rev. Morgan-Jones, M.A., presided. Addresses were given on temperance matters by the Rev. J. Reece, Holyhead, and Mr A. T. Hughes. The programme was contributed to by Miss Annie1 Higginbottom, Mrs A. Parry (Colwyn Bay), Mr L. A. Cocker, Miss Woodcock, Miss Merchant, Miss Cart- wright, Miss Nora. Thomieson, Mr J. Smith, etc. Mrs J. J. Marks kindly acted as accompanists. The artistes were heartily thanked on the motion of Mr 0. W. Roberts. LANSDOWNE; HOUSE: SCHOOL..— The pupils of the above school gave a per- formance of Vincent's musical play, "The Egyptian Princess," on Wednesday even- ing, before an audience of parents and friends. The performers had expended considerable work and ingenuity on the dresses and accessories, and also showed familiarity with and grasp of their re- spective roles. During' the evening Miss Raw announced that Miss; Bennett (who has been head of the Kindergarten de- partment for some years) has been taken into partnership. At, theCllo,s,e the Rector (the Rev. LI. Ri. Hughes, M.A.) distri- buted the prizes and the certificates of the Royal Drawing Society for the examina- tion held in July. There was also on view the pupils' needlework, drawings, paintings and kindergarten work. THE BOUNDARY QUESTION, The Clerk submitted to. a meeting of the Llandudno- Boundary Committee the case which he had put, before Mr McMorran, K.C., together with Mr MoMorran's opinion, in relation to the overlapping boundaries of the Borough of Conway and the Urban District at West Llan- dudno. It was agreed (a) That in view of the opinion expressed by Counsel, the Council be recommended not to take any further action alt present with a view to an adjustment of the said boundaries, (b) That with regard to the drainage of the houses erected by Mr Parr, into the sewers, of the Llandudno Council, the Council be recommended to instruct the Surveyor to report fully to the Works Committee with a view to an agreement being entered into between Mr Parr and the Council, in accordance with Section 22 of the Public Hiealth Act, 1875. THE LOCAL: UNEMPLOYED.—At a meeting of the Sub-Committee appointed to consider the question of the unemploy- ed, it was resolved that, on Tanybryn Road Surface' Water Drainage Works and everywhere where unemployed are en- gaged, half the gang; be changed every week. That the Works Committee be recommended to take into, consideration (a) The, re-construction of the surface water sewer in Roumania Drive and Queen's Road, and (b) the cleansing of the tank sewer and the surface water barrel sewer in Gioddaeth Avenue. Mr Hugh Davies was (instructed to make a list of all the unemployed caHing at the Council Yard between now and Saturday, with particulars as to the depend ants, etc., on each applicant. The Surveyor submitted a list, of men who had applied for work, from which it was seen that out of 71 applicants, work had been provided for 48 since the 15th November. CHRISTMAS ARRANGEiMENTS. The attention of the pub]ic is called to the earlier closing; of the Letter Boxes at the Head Office in Vaughan Street, Town Sub-offices, at Gioddaeth Street, Craigydon, Alexandra Poad, Great Orme/s Head and Pillar and Wall Boxes throughout the town on the 23rd and 24th of December. The Boxes will be cleared 15 minutes earlier for all the day mails and, 30 minutes earlier for the night mail dispatches. The hours of collection for the night maili at the offices named will be as fallows :—Head Office, 8 p.m.; Gioddaeth Street, 7-45 p.m. Craigydon, 7-15 p.m. Alexandra Road, 7-5 p.m.; Great Orme's Head, 7-15 p.m. The pub- lic is requested to post as early as pos- sible in order to ensure prompt, delivery of parcels, letters, etc. It would be of considerable help if postage stamps could be purchased beforehand, and thus pre- vent congestion at the public counters, I' MARKET. RENTS AND TOLLS,— The Collector of market rents and tolls at L,landudno has reported that during the past month the following: sums had been collected by him namely:—Rents, £13 lIs.; tolls, 25 lis. Id.; total, £,19 21s Id. The sum received! during the correspond- ing period iast year was £ 2.2, 18s. lid, ELECTRICITY GENERATED,- The total number of units generated at the Llandudno' Ell'eltlrÏcLiightiing Works this year to December 1st is 901,511, an in- crease of 95,925 as compared with a, simi- lar period of 1908. From November 4fh to December 1st 91.845 units were generated, a decrease of 1811 as com- pared with the corresponding period of last year. SUCCESS OF THE HEY. T. M ORGAN -JONES.—We have this week the pleasure of: congratulating1 Mr Mor- gan-Jones on his success in the recent ex- amination at St Asaph for Priests' Orders. Mr Morgan-Jones since his coming to the parish has identified himself with ail movements in the town and parish, and We wish him many further successes in his ministerial work. CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND.—The Llandudno Works Committee has had under consideration the letter read at the last Council meeting; with reference to children pllaying on the flat portion over the Fadi Reservoir adjoining, the Happy Yalley, and it was decided to instruct the Inspector not t,o interfere with or pre- vent children playing on the ground re- ferred to. LLANDUDNO FIEILD CLUB.—The monthly meeting1 of the Field Club was held on Monday last at Brigydon, when Mr A. I-ri. Hughes gave a most interesting and instructive paper on "Sand Dunes" in connection wiith the Conway Shore, profusely illustrated by beautiful photo- graphs taken by himself. The paper was much enjoyed by the members, by the members present, and a. short discussion followed. PROPOSED WOMl'LYS TONTINES SOCIETY.—A largely attended meeting was held in the Cocoa House on Tuesday evening to further the movement for establishing a, Tontine Society for women. Mr John Roberts, Bryn Gelyn, presided, and Mr J. R, Evans acted as honorary secretary. The, meeting was a, most en- thusiastic one, and a, strong1 committee appointed to obtain further particulars and present a report. Over fifty names were handed in as willing to join the Society if formed. THE PROPOSED BRIDGE; AT MAESDU.—A.letter was read at. a meet- ing of the Llandudno Works Committee from the Railway Company with refer- ence to a proposed bridge over the leveil crossing at Maesdu. The Committee de- cided that before going into the question, the Railway Company be asked to send a representative over to lilandudno, to enable him to meet the Chairman of the Council, the Chairman of the Committee, and the Surveyor, at. the locus in quo, to consider suggestions which the, Com- mittee have to make in respect to the Crossing. I TIHEi REFjUSE DE!STIR,UCTIO,R, I The Electrical Engineer has, reported on preliminary enquiries which he had made in relation to 'the working of refuse de- structors. He was asked to prepare and submit as soon asi possible a full report in writing containing an account of the enquiries made by him in other towns with regard to improved appliances, to- gether with suggestions; for the improve- ment of the worlciingl conditions; of the destructors, with a, view to the prevention of smoke and objectionatble smell. If necessary, in order that he may make hils report as complete as possible, the Engineer was authorised to visit other towns to witness the practical working1 of the apparatus there in use. PAINTING FOR NEXT SEASON.— The Surveyor submitted to a meeting of the Llandudno Works Committee, a list of painting work required to done before next season, as follows:—Notice boards, tide table, etc., 2 railway notice boards, convenience, Mosltyn Street, ditto, Happy Valley Road, ditto off Clarence Street, fendng" Conway Road, ditto Hill Ter- race, lamp columns,, 7 water vans, 6 carts, shelters". The estimated cost of the work being F,135 10s. The Committee agreed to the work beliing done, and de- cided to engage 2 or 3 qualified painters to do that portion of the work usually done by painters, the work to' be done as speedily as posiS'i.lblle.-At the, monthly meeting of the Oounciil Mr H. Edwards asked that preference, should be given to, married men with familie.s, and was in- formed thajt was the invariable custom. INTERNATIONAL ORDER, OF GOOD TEMPLARS.—The above Order having; made, such great strides during the autumn months, it was felt that a district should be formed, and for this purpose, a meeting was held at Colwyn Bay on Monday last. It, was decided to call the new district Lodge the North Wales Coasf District. The area of the new district takes in from Rhyl to Holy- J head at present. There are five lodges in the district, Rhyl, Old Cbhvyn, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, RJias Colwyn. There is every prospect of lodges being; open- ed in Llandudno Junction and Hblyhead within the next few weeks. The Grand Chief Templar of the English Grand Lodge of Wales, installed ail the officers of the, new district. Bro. S. G. Hughes, G.C.T., addressing; the members of the new Lodge, said that great praise was due to his colleague, Bro. Bfdward Jones, Grand Siecretary. Colwyn Bay, that such great progress: had been brought about, and what was a great loss to Welshpool'—< where Bro. Jones, Liverpool, for many years—had been a, very great gain to the North Wales Coast Lodges. Bro. Rev. J. A. Re-es aJSpo spoke of the work at Rhos Colwyn, Holyhead; Bro. EdAvard Jones also took a, part in responding and proposing a vote of thanks to Bro. S. C. Hughes, G.C.T., and Bro. J. A. Bees, P.C.T. I SUMMARY OF PAYMENTS.—Pay- ment of accounts to the following amounts has been sanctioned by the LlandudiK Finance Cr.,iiimi Lee: -,Gerera,l fund, £ 4699 Is. 5d.; water and gas fund, J54675 Os. 2d.; electric lighting, £12E3 Os. 7d.; toill, £ 10,637 4s. 2d. LEAVIING LLANDUDNO'.—The Rev. Torn Daviesi, pastor of the Deganwy Street Welsh Congregational Church, Llandudno, has accepted a, call to the pastorate of the Bwlchygroes and Horeb Chapels, Llandyssul, and will enter upon his new charge on the second Sunday in March. T.I.A. AND THE BEACH CHAIRS' LEASE.—A letter was read from the Town Improvement, Association asking for a further lease o fthe right to let chairs on the beach. It was resolved that the Council be recommended to grant the required privilege for a period of three years, at a rental of £ 1 per annum, sub- ject to an agreement to be prepared by the Clerk, embodying terms previously discussed. THE: TOWN BAND,B,a,ndmaster Kohl having appeared before the Llan- dudno Bye-laws Committee, and pointed out the difficulty he had in arranging for a band so long as his agreement is only from month to month; it was resolved that the Council be recommended to: re- engage the b,and for a further period of twelve months, subject to an agreement to be prepared by the Clerk, and sub- mitted to this Committee for approval. ELEICTRIC LIGHTING STAFF.— Mr Tylecote, the assistant, electrical en- gineer at Llandudno, having; tendered his resignation, he having obtained another appointment, it was decided (i) that the resignation i1;e accepted. (ii.) That the Council be recommended to adopt the principle of two assistants of equal grade, and to pay them each a salary of £ 90 a year, rising by annual inrcrements of £ 5 a year to a maximum of .211201, subject to approved service. (iiil.) That the Coun- cil be recommended to appoint second assistant. Daniel Hughes to one, of the positions. Application for the post of fitter1 at the Electricity Works were be- fore the Committee, and were deferred tint: the next meeting, the Electric.al Engineer in the meantime to consider same. NEW CLERK WANTED.—The Clerk reported to the Llandudno Finance Com- mittee that a Sub-Committee appointed by the Water and Gas Committee to con- sider the question of the re-arrangement of the Meters and Cookers Department had met on three or four occasions, and thoroughly investigated the books. They were of opinion that it would be economy to appoint a stores clerk, at weekly wage of 27s. per week, to relieve Stansfield from all clerical work and from the col- lection of moneys from slot meters, and thereby enable him to devote his time to the work for which he was originally engaged. The Clerk to be appointed to n zn also assist in the Accountant's Depart- ment. By this arrangement the Sub- committee estimate, from figures which have been submitted to and investigated by them, that a saving, of £ 84 a. year can be effected.—It was resolved that this Committee approve of the proposal. A NEW STEAM R,OLDER,—The Llandudno Works Committee, have had under consideration the report of the Sub-Committee appointed to consider the question of the purchase, hire and sale of road rollers. With regard; to the. recom- mendation of the Sub-Committee to dispose of the 10-t.on steam rojei* now is use by the Council. the Committee after fully considering1 the matter;, decided, to retain the roller in use-, and not to sell it as suggested. With reference to the second recommend.atiiton of the Sub-Coiiimittee, that one of Messrs. Barford, and Perkin's 5-ton (6-ton loaded) motor rollers be pur- chased at the sum of JE364 5s., subject to the makers ,giving guarantee for same for 5 years at 5 days per working week, the 2 Surveyor reported the makers are pre- pared to. give the required guarantee, and that from the several enquiries he had made from towns where similar rollers are in use, he is satisfied that a roller of this type would meet. the requirements of the Council. The, Committee decided to adopt the report of the Sub-Committee on the matter, and to recommend the Council to. purchase a Barford and Per- kin's 5-ton motor roller at the sum of J3564 5s. as suggested. It was resolved that application be made to the Local Governmejit Board for sanction to borrow £.3.64 for the purhase of a Barford and Perkin's 5-ton motor road roller. LLANDUDNO HEALTH COM- MITTEE AND A RECENT ACTION.— The Committee have, discussed the recent action brought by Mr Field against the Executors of the late Emanuel Jones in connection with the outbreak of typhoid al-, Marl, in which action the Inspector of Nuisances 'for this; district was called upon to g|ive evidence as a, result of his having been concerned in an examination having been concerned in an examination of the drains at Mr.1 Field's residence. It was resolved that in future, the In- spector of Nuisances do not without the express ilnstrucition of the Council,, en- gage in any business outside the Urban District of Llandudno. The Clerk to the Council wa,s requested to consider whether a local authority is empowered to remove from the Register of Milk Ven- ders., etc., the name of any person in- fringing the regulations of the Authority, and if not, what steps, should be taken to obtain such power, and if necessary, bring the question before the Urban Dis- trie/. Council's Association with, a view to an alteration of the existing law on the subje.o,t,At the monthly meeting; of the Council on Wednesday the above recom- mendations were adopted, and on the motion of Mr B'one, seconded by Mr T. W. Griffith it was decided the sanitary inspector should not in fuiture give evi- dence in law cases to which the Council was not a, party without the express per- mission of the Council.