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ST. PAUL,'Si LITEIRARY AND DEiBATIING SOCIETY. # There was a very pleasant gathering of the members of this Society and their friends at the Craigydon Boarding House on Tuesday laSlt, the occasion being one of the "Social" evenings which are held; each session. The Committee had arranged an interesting programme, which was fully appreciated by all present. The first part consisted of a Spelling Bee, that good old hardy annual which appears never to grow stai-e or old, and which always produces exciting and pleasurable anticipations, followed by hearty laughter or sympathetic murmurs on occasion of each discomfited candi- date. In this competition several ladies and gentlemen took part., and after a keen contest the last lady left in was Mrs Rolbson, the winning1 gentleman being Mr Axtell. After this a, novel competition took place, something: entirety new we believe to Llandudno., modelling1 in plasticine, each aspirant for fame, and they number- ed over a score, being supplied with the material at a cost of one penny and being allowed fifteen minutes for his or her work. The resultis were, both diverse and pleasing, some of them exhibiting a 91 zn happy taiient. and (tasteful skill. Here again Mr Axtell came out, on top, his contribution being a, beautiful rose in full hloom, and the, second, prize, was awarded to Miss Winter for her very cleanly modelled mushroom; as one of the mem- bers very pointedly remarked,, there really was not, "mush-room" for improve- ment. Other competjtors sent in well- designed work, and the judging was not an easy matter. After an interval for refreshments, sup- plied and catered for by Miss' Middleton, in that lady's excellent style, the final portion of the evening was taken up with a performance of that taking little play, Ware Wire," by Mrs Barry Pain. The characters were ably ipourtrayed by Miss Currie, Miss. Margettsi, Milss King. Mr Bowyer, Mr Montfgiomery and Mr Winter, who elicited loud applause, for their capital impersonations. We do not re- member having attended a, more enjoyable, "solcial" of his iSotciety, and we must congratuflate the Committee upon its suc- cess and the increasing sociability which such evenings, as these are. intended to foster.