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LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD INQUIRY. THE COST OF UNEMPLOYED LABOUR. An inquiry was held at the Town Hall on Wednesday morning into the appli- cation of Llandudno Urban District Council for sanction to borrow the sums of £ 270 for the purposes of sea, defence, £ 371 for the provision of shelters, and £ 220 for surface water drainage. Mr W. O. E. Meade-King M.Inst.C.EL, presided. The Council. was represented by Mr A. Conolly (clerk), Mr E. P..Stephenson (engineer), Mr Walter Wood (account- ant), and Mr R. D. Elvans of the sur- veyors office. There were also present Messrs. S. Chant,rey, B. Edwards, and Robt. Roberts'. STATISTICS. The following statement representing the financial posiklon of the town which had been prepared by Mr Walter Wood, the accountant, was handed in: — 4 Population last census, 9279; present estimate, 11,328; -annual assessable value, £ 102,277; annual .ratealbE-e value, £ 104,917; balance of outstanding loans (a) under the sanitary aClts (including R,35,8,32 fbr electric lighting", JE109,110, under all other acts £ 108,108; amount of present application, £ -861; general dis- trict rate this year, 3,s. 2d. lasb year, 3s. 3d. poor raite this year, 3s. last year, 2s. 7d. a penny rate: produces £ 405-; area, 2686 acres.; number of in- habited houses, 2054, period for which loan is asked for twenty years. 'SEA DEFENCE.' Replying to the inspector, Mr E:. P. Stephenson gave full particulars of the groynes eirelclted, and explained his rea,- sons for placing them at right angles to the shore. The inspector commented upon the-fact- that the progress had already been erect- ed, and said the Council were anticipating everybody, including! the Local Govern- ment Board and the Board of Trade. The Surveyor replied that their erec- tion was. an urgent matter, and that the cost was included by the offiøiaIs in the estimates for the year. Subsequently, however, the Council thought a loan should be applied for, and the item was struck out. INVALID SHELTERS. The recently erected invalid shelters were next inquired into, the Surveyor again stating that the work had been done. In reply to. the inspector, Mr Stephen- son said thait the pajliicy of the Council was to gradually increase the number of shelters and that of the seven already erected one had been paid for out- of re- venue. Ht was generally agreed that more shelters were. Wanted. THE COST. OF UNEMPLOYED LABOUR. With regard to the proposed loan, for the new surface water drain the Surveyor said the work had been commenced on Oeito-beir 20th, and that an average of atbout twenty men had been at work upon it since that tjime. The Clerk: The work was -started for the unemployed, and we have a letter from the President of the Local Govern- ment Board which auithor&sed such work. The Inspector How is the work being done. The Surveyor: By direct labour. The Inspector Do you find the work costs more with unemployed labour. The Surveyor: I have, not worked it out that way, but prepared liberal esti- mates. The Inspector But how much do you estimate. The 'Surveyor: I shoulld say five per cenft. I know in other places, it is as much as twelve. The Inspector: It is 33 per cent. Mr Chantrey pointed out that if the work had been let by contract the men would in all prob-abiliy be employed. Mr Robrt. Roberts said the Council, was anxious that only men residing' in the Urban District Area, should be employed, and that, they were, mostly cab-drivers, hoaltmen and others who were accustomed to work as labourers in the winter. The Council got as good value from them as from any other labourers. The Inspector said it did not very much matter for the difference, according to the Surveyor would scarcely amount to £ 10-. Mr S. Chantrey supported the applica- tion for ar loan for invalid shelters, which he said were a very necessary equipment for a. town like Llandudno. Mr Robt. Roberts concurred, and with reference to the cost of unemployed labour mentioned works which had been completed under the estimated cost. On the motion of Mr Chantrey, second- ed by Mr Robt. Roberts, a vote of thanks was accorded to Mr Meade-King, and the inquiry was closed. ARCHITECT AND RHYL COMPANY. Mr Muir Mackenzie, Official Referee, gave judgment in London on Tuesday on the claém for service rendered by Mr James, Thomas Landless1, 'architect, of Colne, against the Rhyl Palace Arcade and Hotel Company, which he tried in Manchester last week. The Official Referee said the plaintiff was entitled to JE152 5s. 6cl. The defendants had paid £ 155 in court, more than sufficient to satisfy the amount awarded, and as the defendants had succeeded on the issue, going to the whole cause of action there would be judgment for them with costs. The plaintiff would have the payment out of -court, of £.152, 5s. 6d. and costs up to the elate of the, payment into court. "A motor-hearse, which is almost noise- less," says one of the papers, "has been introduced by a Coventry undertaker." We understand that his customers are dying to try it.