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L G.F.S. CONCERT. I < A vocal and orchestral concert was given in the Town Hall on Monday even- ing, under distinguished patronage, in aid of the funds of the Llandudno Branch of the Girls' Friendly Society. The con- cert had been arranged by Miss Lilian 'Wright, and attracted a. very good at- tendance1. ORCHESTRAL, Miss Wright was cordially received when she appeared to wield the baton. The amateur orchestra, was composed as follows:—First violins. Mr L. Cocker (principal). Miss; Poster. Miss Davies, Miss Brooke, Miss Bone, Mr M. Barnett; second violins, Miss Mai "Williams (prin- cipal), Miss Hicks, Miss Hannaford, Miss E. Hooson violas, Miss Wright (principal). Mr R. J. WiLiams, Mr Sever; Miss E. Davies (principal), Mr B. Fisher, Miss Holme, Mr Pearson Jones, Master A. INIi-lli-ams 1; flutes, Mr W. M. Tipping' (principal), Mr E.clmin- son, Mr Pughe piano, Miss M. "W right a.nd Miss M. Rome. The items set down were "Pomp and Circumstance' (Elligar), "Chantl sans paroles" (Tschiowskv), "Chanson d Nuit" and "Lullaby" (Elgar); the accompani- ment to "'Honour and Arms," "Minuet and Finale" (Haycin) and the march from Scipio" t Handel). Since its last appearance in public, the orchestra has improved wonderfully, the rough edges of it were ground smooth, so that it was a rell, pleasure to listen to the different selections. Special men- tion should be made of the rendering o Havdn's beautiful composition, "Minuet fnd Finale," Elgars "Lullaby" and the accompaniment to "Honour and Aims. It is sincerely to be hoped that coming events willl not mean that the orchestlra j will be dissolved. I-, has a place to fill, in the social life of the town. MISS LILIAN WRIGHT. Miss "Wright herself favoured the audience in the first half with "Swedish Songs and Dances" (Max Bruch). and in the second with a "N octurne" by Chopin and "Polonaise" bv Wjieniawski. Each was deli-ghtfullv played, and after the last there was an emphatic request for more which was complied with. After her firso selection Miss Wright was presented with a bouquet by Mr L. A. Cooker on behalf of the orchestra, and with a basket o. flowers by Miss C. Bone on behalf of the Committee of the G.F.S. One of the most delightful items on the p.'o'Tamme was the tr*io tor violin, fl.ui.-e and°piano by Misses L. and M. Wright and Mr W. M. Tipping.. MR. EMLYN DAVIES. Mr Davies' selections were "Eleanore'^ (Coleridge Taylor) "Honour and Arms" (Hancle- with orchestral accompaniment and an '"Irish Folk Song." The second item called for a well-merited encore, which was responded to with a repetition Mr Davies sang in his usual finished style, and he undoubtedly added to his -Y reputation. Mr Einlvn Davies after the concert ex- pressed great appreciation of the orchestra. and remarked that he had never been betvter accompanied in "Honour and Arms." He wished he always had so good an orchestra for oratorio work. MISS MOLLIS LAW. The thanks of music lovers are due to Miss Wright for introducing a new vocalist in Miss MollieLlaw to L'; a r,- dudno audiences. Miss Law us a pupil of Madame Marches!, and her first contn- bution, Bishop's "Should he upbraid," gained for her an emphatic demand for more. In the second part her renderings of Liza Lehmann's. "The Wren," "The Yellow Hammer," and "The Owl" charmed one and all, and she had perforce to com- plete the quartette by gying "The Cuckoo." Miss Law possesses a very sweet .soprano voice, and it was evident that she has imbibed the lessons of her famous instructress. She wjll always be a welcome artiste on Llandudno plat- forms THE ACCOMPANISTS. Mr L. H, Summeifielcl fulfilled the duties of accompanist to the with his usual finished style. Miss Myra Wright was the accompanist for the in- strumental solos, and materially ass- steel to make the concert a thorough success. The platform had been tastefully de- .eorated with flowersancl plants, kindly lent by Mrs Plait and arranged by her gardener. Colonel Mostyn proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs Lilian Wright and the orchestra, and also to Miss Wright, who had made all the arrangements and sold the tickets. This was seconded by Mr J. Adty Weils, J.P., and .carried with great applause. Mr L. H. Edminson responded, testi- fying to the abilities of their conductor. A FINANCIAL SUCCESS. The gross receipts amounted to over .!n JE32, and after paying- all expenses there will be a balance of over £,20 to hand over to the G.F.S. Committee. DEATH OF LADY FLOEENTIA HUGHES. Lady Floresntia Hughes, who died on Sunday nicht at the residence of her son- in-law. Mr St. John Charlton, at Chol- mondeley, Cheshire, was the wife of Mr H. R. Hughes, of Kinmel, Abergele, and a daughter of the Earl of Ravens- worth. She was 87 years of age, and wa.s a great favourite of the, late Queen Victoria. She was distinguished for generosity and kindly interest in the poor of the and her death will be regretted very widely. She went- to Chol- zl) mo-ndeTey on a visit to her daughter, and there had a stroke. She railed at times, but graduallv sank towards the end of ¡ last week. Mr Hughes was at Ivinmel when her death took place, having left' Che-shire last week, but several of her children were present-.