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YULETIDE SALE OF WORK. A Yuletiide sale of work in aid of the funds being raised for the liquidation of the debt on St. Paul's Church, Craigy- don, was held on Wednesday and Thurs- day, in 'the Church House, which had been most tastefully decorated for the oc,ciaSi10n. Col. the Hon. Hj. Lloyd Mostyn pre- sided at the opening ceremony, and in calling upon Mrs Walton Eivans to open the sale, said that in spite of the com- mendable efforts of the 'ladies last autumn—when a sum of £ 850 was raised at the bazaar—there yet remained a debt on the Church. The same ladies had now undertaken the sale of work with the same object in view, and he wished them every success.—(Applause.) He was glad to have Mrs Walton Eivans to open the sale, for she had always been a good friend to St. Paul's and the parish generally.- (Applause.) Apologising for the absence of the Hon. Mrs Henry Mostyn, the Chairman said she would have liked to be present, but had to attend a meeting of the G.F.S. Diocesan Lodge in Bangor. Mrs Walton Evans, who was very cordialjly received, sid she also regretted the absence of-Mrs Henry Mostyn, who was very fond of doing anything for the good of the parish of Lianrh-os and Llan- dudno genewall-y.-(AFplause.) She hoped the sale of work would result in the debt being wiped off. A great deal still remained to be done to St. Paul's in order to bring it up to perfection, and she was sure the worthy vicar (the Rev. J. F. Reece) would not be content until everything was done.—(Applause.) She would advise therefore everyone present to buy, buy, buy, and empty their purses before leaving the room that day. (Laughter and applause.) Mr L. H. Edminson proposing a vote of thanks to Mrs Walton Evans and Col. Mostyn referred to the efforts of the Vicar to clear off the debt. Some people regarded him (the- vicar) as a terror- (laughter)—and otlbers as a magnet which attracted all the money in the neighbour- hood to the Church.—(Laughter.) What struck him very particularly was the amount of good solid work done by the ladile-s,—(Hear, hear.) Only those be- hind -the scenes knew the amount of work entailed by bazaars and sales of work, and he could testify to the goodwill with which the ladies had entered inito their work for St. PallU's.-(Applause.) Council-Ion Henry Wilson, in second- ing, sa(:d they were all very pleased to see Mrs Walton Evans and Col. Mostyn among them, and hoped all had come with full purses, and thev would emptv them before they went away.—(Applause.) Archdeacon Evans, during a short, ad- dress, said he had known their worthy vicar for very many years, and found that he had, one traitJ in his character which he would like to mention, i.e., that it was perfectly useless to say nay to him.-(Liaughter.) His motto was, "So I wish and so I order."—(AppSause.) He had no sooner finished one thing than he began another. With regard to that tirat, he (the speaker) would say that any- thing was better than stagnation.—(Ap- piause.) Stagnant water bred many things, whereas clear running water was always health-giving. It was good there- fore to see the clergy in earnest, for when the laity saw their earnestness they would always assist in the good work.—(Ap- plause.) The vote o-f thanks was then put and heartily seconded, and a brisk sale pro- ceeded with. THE STALLHOLDERS. The different, stalls, etc., were in charge of the following ladi-e-s, and gentlemen The Vicarage Stall.—Mrs Walsh, Mrs Anderson, Miss .Smith, Miss Dreyer, Miss Faweett, Miss Wood, Miss Lilian Jones. Mrs Bones's and Mrs Madan's Stall.—- 1 ) Mrs Bone, Mrs Madan, Miss Evans, the Misses Bone, Miss Madan. Mr Henry Wilson's Stall.—Mr H. Wilson, Mrs Robson, Mrs Mcintosh, Mrs Jennings, Miss Currie. Mrs Hutchings and Mrs Klien's Stall. t, —Mrs Hutchings, Mrs Klien, Mrs Dewe and friendsi. -I -io, Plum Pudding Stall.—Mrs Green- halgh, Miss Kerr, Misses Marston. Tea and Cake Stall.—Mrs Roberts and the Misses Champneys, assisted by Mrs Hamer, Miss C. Roberts., Miss Pember- .n ton, Miss Holt, Miss A. Farnngton, Miss Ettie Roberts, Miss Jessie Forbes. Nurse Lacey. Black and White Artist, Mr Frank Bowyer. During the proceedings songs and other musical items were given by Miss Arnold, Rev. R. Jones, and Mr Clement W. Brown; Mr Frank Bowyer gave black and white delineations. The accom- panists were Miss Wood and Mr Sum- merfield.