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LOCAL NEWS. BRIGHT SUNSHINE!.—The total number of hours of bright sunshine, re- corded at Llandudno for week ending December 5th was 8 hours 48 minutes. The rainfall for the same period was 1.730 inches. ENGLISH PRiEISBYjTIERilAN BAND OF' HOPE,.—On Monday a lantern lec- ture wa given by Mr Win. Williams, Myrtle' House. The subject, of the first part being "Sabbath Bells." The second part, "By forest and desert," being the travels by Livingstone and Stanley. The third part, "Portraits of well-known characters. Mr John Owen, Sit, Mary's Road, was the chairman. DR. BARNARDO'Si HOME!—The following kindi giftis are most gratefully acknowledged by the Home: —Mr Sum- ner, the usual bountiful supply of pastry, et,c.; Mr Newman, vegetables and, ftowers; Mr, Gledhill, vegetabtles; Mr. Thomas, Oakville, Bi'us'se'l! sprouts, etc. LOCAL -SUCCEBS.—We congratulate Mr Edward Ernest RiiddeilL, of Queen's Road, one of the 25 successful candi- dates, who at a recent examination held at Manchester, were certined as regards their sanitary knowledge, competent to discharge the duties of Sanitary In- spectors under the Public Health Act 1875. AGED PEOPLE'S TREAT.—The ladies of the Committee for the Aged People's Annual Treat, Mrs LI. Hughes, Mrs Dawson, Mrs Raymond, Mrs Bar- row Williams, Mrs Ham, Mrs Roberts, (Huyton), Mrs Shed Roberts, Mrs Roberts (Bryn Celyn), Mrs, Reeves Hughes, Mrs T'. W. Griffith, Miss Roberts (London House) and the Misses Hindle, will be much obliged if' the kind people who generously give to this worthy object, will send in their subscriptions or donations to any of them as so-on as possible. They will be acknowledged weekly in the local newspapers.—I. Hindie, hon. seic. LOCAL WiEiDDINIG.—The marriage of Miss El. A. Thomas, second daughter of Mrs Thomas, Russell House, Augusta Street, to Mr Rowland Edward Parry, 15, Mostyn Street, took pllace at, Llan- rhos Church on Friday last, the vicar, the Rev. J. F. Reece, B.A., officiating. The btid-ei was attended by her snifter, Miss M. E. Thomas, as bridesmaid; and Mr John Roberts, Ash Grove, carried out the duties of beat man. The happy pair were the recipients of many valuable gjifts from their numerous friends and relatives. They left by the afternoon train for Southporfc. CONCElRiT.—A grand miscellaneous concert will be held under the auspices of the iSt. Tudnoi Lodge of the International Order of Good Tlemplars in the Town Hall, on Monday, December 13th, com- mencing at 7-45 p.m., to give a hearty welcome to. the, respected Grand Lodge officers, Bros. B. C. Hughes, G.C.T., Rev. Rees, P.G.C.T. and Edwardl Jones, G.S. The following artistes have kindly promised their services to. make the event a success:: —Miss Sally Parry and Mr Llewelyn DaviHs (Oolwyn Bay), Miss Rowlands, Bodnant; Miss A. Higgin- bottom, Miss Woodcock, and Mr Lewis Cocker. Mrs J. Marks has kindly con- sented to be accompanist, and the Rev. Morgan-Jones, chairman. Tickets may be had from any member of the Order, or by applying to Bro. James Renshaw, secretary, The Mount, Clifton Road. MEMORIAL TO THE LATE MR. RICHARD CONWAY.—In accordance with a resolution passel at the special Vestry meeting) on July 1st, at which a committee was elected with reference to -the, above object a meeting1 in further- ance of the scheme was held on Friday evening, December 3rd, ati St. George's Church House. The rector, Rev. LI. R. Hughes, was appointed chairman, with Dr. D alt on and Mr Nathan Jones, churchwardens ex-officio; Mr J. W. Gardiner, National Provincial Bank, hon, treasurer, and Mr W. Ellis Jones., hon. secretary. It was decided to make an appeal to the Parishioners for sub- criptions, the form of the: Memorial to be finally settled when it is known the amount available and after considering the wishes and yiews of the subscribers. In the meantime donations will be re- ceived and acknowledged by the hon. treasurer, and members of the com- mittee. ST. PAUnSI LITERARY AND DE'- BATING SOCIETY.—Oh Tuesday, December 7th, Mir1 H. Thoma.s gave a lecture, entitled "Some specimens of our Marine Fauna." The lecture, was illus- trated by a number of exceedingly in- teresting and beautiful slides and en- larged drawing's; many of these repre- sented the results of microscopic- exam- ination of objects collected by himself on this coast, which is a happy hunting ground for those who are. interested in marine fauna. Starting from the Foraminifera, Mr Thomas described with great, dealrness the salient, features of the different forms of life as they increase in complexity of form and functions, through the noctilucae, the medusae., sponges, anemones and sea-worms to such highly developed forms as the cuttle fish and the skate. His account of the fascinating phenomenon of phosphorescence and. his pictures of its source, the noctilucae miliaris the various forms of jelly fish, some all too. familiar to the bather, others harmless and of great beauty but. more seldom seen; the exquisite forms and collours of the sea, anemones, including the snow-white speoiels occasionally found near the Great Orme, were amongst the facts1 and) views wMch most appealed to. the audiencei. The. enlarged drawings were executed with. great care and artistic skill, and deserved a closer inspection than was possible, in the aircumsbances. A hearty vote of thanks (to the lecturer and to Mr Owen, who manipulated the lantern, was proposed by Dr. Lockhart .Mure, and carried by acclaim. PANTOMIME.—Mr: Charles Felix has secured the pantomime, "Cinderella," for January 3rd and following five nights. The company will be a very strong one, full particulars of which win be an- nounced in a few clays. JUMBLEl :SALEi.—Under the. auspices of the Llandudno Y.M.C.A. a Jumble Sale is announced to take place at the Cocoa Rooms, Mostyn Street., on Satur- day next, December lltlh, commencing at four o'clock. "JOHN CALVIN."—A very interest- ing lecture was given in the Ehglish Presbyterian School on Monday, by Rev. D. J. Lewis, formerly pastor of the Rehoboth C.M. Chapel, Llandudno, and now in charge of the church at Waen- fawr. The title of the lecture was "John Calvin." The Reiv. W. PhtliUiips, M.A., co-pastor of the church, presided. LLANDUDNO COTTAGE HOSPITAL, T'he following gifts have been received at the Sarah Nicoil Memorial Cottage Hos- pital during the past month, for which the Board of Management return their best thanks:—Flowers (weekly), Mrs P'latt; grapes, Mrs Woodhouse; papers, Mrs Wareham; 3 brace of pheasants, Sir Charges McLaren; papers and book, Mr Holden; 21bs. of tea, "A grateful patient" brace of pheasants, Lady Augusta Mostyn; illustrated papers, Mrs Sibley; the Little Orme Quarry collec- tion, £1 6s,—A, M. Felton, secretary. WHIST DRIVE.—A very successful whist drive was held at the Oraigydon Boarding1 Establishment, on Wednesday, arranged by the Craigydon Mutual Im- provement Society. The M.G.'s were Mr A. J. Peacock and Mr Vollam. The prize winners were:—Ladies: 1, Miss Tipper (200); 2, Mrs J. E. W&lliams (194); 3, Nurse A. Jones (141). Gentlemen: 1, Mr Moss (197); 2, Mr J. J. Knight (197); 3, Mr Dan Hughes (149). Mrs Vollam presented the prizes. MISIS RATHBONIE TO VISIT' LLAN- DUDNO.—(Miss Eleanor Rathbone, of Liverpool, will address a meeting of the Lllandudlrw branch of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, at the Cambridge Restaurant, at 8 p.m., on Tuesday, December 14th. Miss Rath- bone is a daughter of the late Mr Wil- liam Rathbone, formerly member for this division, and herself the first lady mem- ber of the Liverpool City Council, and is well-known as an active worker for the Liberal cause and as an eloquent ex- ponent of woman's claim to the franchise. The Committee cordially invite the at- tendance of anyone who is interested in the subject. NORTH WALES WEDNESDAY LIEIAGUE:.A meeting of the above League took place on Monday evening last, at the North-Western Hotel, LJan- dudno Junction, Mr R. Greenfield pre- siding. There were also present Messrs. G. Mason, H, Hayden, W. Owen, T. Griffiths, Ri. J. Hughes, A. Wilson, J. E. Morgan, C. J. Windsor, J. E. Jones, and F'. W. Jones:, hon. sec. The: minutes of the previous meeting were passed.I The protest of Conway ,aga,inst the match v. Corinthians standing as a. league match wasl upiho-d.-LIandudiio Corinthians protesfted against. Œjanf'atid'eichan, alleg;- fing breach of the rules by playing an ineligible man. After a lengthy discus- sion it was decided to deduct points from Llanfairfechan. Other matters of minor importance were dealt. with. The follow- ing was the draw for the handsomei trophy presented by Mr W. Duncan, jeweller:- Colwyn, Bye; Celts v. Llanfairfechan; Conway v. Corinthians; Deganwy v. Bangor. To be pilayed on the 5th January next. HOT POT BENEFIT AT THE PIER BIOSCOPE.- With his usual generosity Mr S. Hughes, junr., arranged a per- formance at the Pjier Bioscope in aid, of the Christmas Hot Pot Funds. A capital programme was! presented, the turns in- cluding Oi'Boye and Oiliien. and Happy M'cik Trainer, Hibernian artistes of no mean ,ability, who were so successful that, they have been especially engaged to ap- pear at the Bioscope -on the. 20th. The local artistes included Mr J. Roberts, junr., who is rapidly coming to the front; Mr George Snow, well-known to Happy Valley habitues; Miiss Florrie Luther, another very promising young artiste), Mr Dick Bond, and the Glan- wydden Choir. A duet competition proved very exciting, the first prize of £ 1 being! awarded to Misses Bunt and May, and the second of 10s. to "Two friends," members of Glanwydden Choir. A s,peciloll set of pictures were exhibited, and altogether a very enjoyable evening was spent by the, very large number present, The hot pot fund will be augmented by a, sum of ;i;lU, LLANDUDNO COOKERY CENTRE. —The elder girls of Bodafon School hav- ing; completed a, course, of lessons in cookery at the Llandudno, Centre, County School, underwent a written and practical teslt, in the work done last Friiclay. In the morning the written test was given, which was done very satisfactorily. The afternoon test consisted of each girl pre- paring and cooking a certain, dish. These, dishes consisted, of Scotch broth, milk pudding, sua,sages or potatoes with toast, friied fish, etc. The work was so well, done that it was difficult, to point out any dish as being superior to others. At the close of the examination the girls were O addressed by the headmaster of their school, Mr J. H. S1. Stevens, who CiÛn- graliulatecl them in their attention, to the lessons given, and in the re,sults of that day's work. Prizes were then distributed by Mrs iSltevens to the two girls who had obtained top marks—Evelyn Garrett and Diinah Williams. The prizes consisted! of two beautiful books kindly presented by Mrs Williams, of the Cambridge Re- staurant. The cooker)- mistress, Miss Jones, is to be congratulated on the success- of her teaching in this most im- portant branch of the education of our g|irls. j ST. GEDRGEi'S LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY.—The Siociety held a meeting on Thursday evening with readings by members from their favourite authors, which proved very successful, the readings being varied and interesting. After the interval for refreshments the officers ujdgecl the answers in a com- petition, in which about 30 of the mem- bers entered. The object being to guess the titles of books; from miniature illus- traitlibns worn by the members depicting the titles. Considerable ingenuity had been displayed in the devices resorted to in the illustrations, but Miss B. Roberts succeeded in guessing the names of 12 titles correctly, and was awarded a prize. On Thursday next the Rev. W. E. Jones, B.A., will give a lecture under the auspices of the Church Defence1 Associa- tion on "The Church in Wales," illus- trated with lantern slides, to which the members of the Association are invited to bring their friends. THE CHRISTMAS HOT POT1.—The members of the Committee of this popu- lar institution are working hard to secure sufficient funds to ensure a, good Christ- mas dinner for the poor of the town. A benent performance in aid of the funds wffll be given on Wednesday in the Prince's Theatre, when members of the Edward VII. Lodge (headquarters., the St. T'udno Hotel) of the R.A.O.B, will attend in full regalia, and also, the mem- bers of Conway Castile Lodge, whose head- quarters is the North Western Hotel, Llandudno Junction. The chairman of the Holt Pot Committee, Mr John Kitts, is the oldest knight of the order in the district, and the members are determined to assist his efforts to. the utmost of their ability. The entertainment will be aiven almost entirely by juveniles, the following among others having promised to give iurns: Charle Bray, Rhyl; Miss Mamie Evans, Rhyl; Miss Hubbard, Rhyl; Miss Nellie Hill, Llandudno; C. Brown, Llandudno, etc. In addition, Messrs. Gaumont have promised 'o s^nd a special set of pictures. CRAIGYDON INFANT SCHOOL— In order to provide funds to pay for the. school pianoi an entertainment was given in Sit. Paul's Church House on Friday evening by the children attending the Craigydon Infant School, Councillor E. E. Bone presiding. The, programme was opened with a "Greeting!" by Gladys Dayies and Lawrence Kay, after which the pupills rendered the song "Old Mother Pussy Cat." Griff Hope recited "Sammy and the geese," and was loudly applauded. "Babies' game," by the Babies-, was delightful. Thei Welsh nursery rhymes, "Myn'd tua'r ysgol," "EbojL meiyn," "Lili Lion," "Can y Ceiliogv" and "Y ddafadi gorniog," were rendered by the Babies in a manner that elject-rified all present, :"T'he Babies' Tloys" by B. Vollam, El. Cotton, Cer Hughes, E. Hughes, E. Williams, N. Hewitt, El. Axtè,1, G. Evans, and N. Law was splendidly gone through, and the same remark will apiply to "My precious Teddy Bear," by J. Hewitt, O1. Plritchard, M. Williams1, M. A. Hughes, Eiva H. Eivans, L. Hughesi, O. Evans, C. Law, Eileen Day, G. Davies, Hilda, Boylin, Cer. Roberts, Liena Rowe and E. Pearson. The second part of the pro- gramme included: "Daffodils," "Boys' Drill," songl, "Little Somebody," Clara Law; "Dollies to selll," C. Law, J Hewitt, O. Evans, C. Roberts, Li. Hughes and M. A. Hiughes; "Lttitle Drummer," David T. Lewi's; and Ehglish nursery rhymes. Mrs Berry gave her services as accompanist. Mr Axtell, on behalf of Miss Owen, the headmistress, thanked the chairman for presiding, and to Mrs Berry (pianist), for rendering her ser- vices free; Mr Norrie for decorating the Church House; Councillor Henry Wil- son and other friends for lending the toys. It should also be added that Mr Axtell and Mr C. W. Brown rendered valuable services to Miss Owen and staff. The proceeds were devoted! towards pay- ing for the school piano.